sdum mkhan - conciliator, pacifier, peacemaker [JV]

sdum mkhan - mediator, peace maker, conciliator [IW]

sdum pa po - conciliator, pacifier, peacemaker [JV]

sdum pa po - mediator, peace maker, conciliator [IW]

sdum byed - mediator, peace maker, conciliator [IW]

zhi ba’i tshig - good words, (mild, polite) expression, mild language, conciliatory [JV]

Possible symbols for use by the Conciliator (and by extension, Senfal).

This one is messier because I don’t know! I had more ideas. I liked the idea of a drop of blood being involved somehow, because the Conciliator rose on the platform of uniting the castes, but maybe it’s tacky. The six lined emblem seems cool but it’s also really super basic too I guess.

The R was just me being lazy I guess. I thought it looked neat.

The “Triangle” kinda thing stems from me thinking that something involving threes or sixes should be involved somehow. And the final one is a more complicated idea, basically representing the religion (with the Sufferer’s symbol at the center, representing the catalyst that allowed the Conciliator to introduce his revolution, five circles and one triangle, i.e., five dead gods and one alive god).

What do you guys think?

edit: these are all rough drafts, so, they can be touched up and made nicer if any get picked I guess

Transformation, Transfiguration, Transcendence, & Transmogrification of consciousness are a composite of states summarizing the middle stages of ascension where opposition within the aspiring mind is manifest. Memory streams of simultaneous incarnations and probability twins interface with the embodied seeker, all personality & sub-personality creations in all times and worlds must be made resonate to a level of quantum coherence that is compatible with the unified structure of the oversoul or monadic mind.

It is there, the zero point of perfect balance, where the male and female, father-mother-son personas become the simplified one. Until such time, dimensions of unrealized self and the beings that populate those dimensions will effectively attack and psychically hijack all that is not claimed in the divine right of the one christiac-buddhic-nirvanic avatar self.

The pure intention & hope of the incarnate being is tested by all the might that exists in all the densities that exist. He or she who cannot come to conciliation is another consciousness stream unready to be a co-creator within the higher realms and subtle states of the Illuminous cosmic mind.

We have come such a long, long way, we have. We have elected a black man president of the United States, and forget that the political opposition has treated him like an unruly footman despite his best efforts to be a conciliator, a living witness to a country absolved. But, from a distance, that is not the conclusion the honest person can draw from what is going on in Missouri now. The honest conclusion to be drawn from what is going on in Missouri now is that we may have reached the limits of the American idea, of the American dream, of the American experiment. This country, it is fair to conclude, cannot exist without some manifestation of its fundamental racial divide. Slavery, followed by Reconstruction, followed by American apartheid, followed by the Civil Rights movement, followed by Wallace and white backlash, followed by the election of Barack Obama followed by the shooting of Trayvon Martin, followed by the acquittal of George Zimmerman, followed by the strangulation of Eric Garner — where’d he go, by the way? — and the shooting of Michael Brown. Maybe we should admit it to ourselves, we of the dwindling white majority, that the racial divide is something essential to holding our idea of the country together. It may be that we cannot unify ourselves without fashioning every 50 years or so, a new suit of clothes for old Jim Crow. White people will be a minority in this country, and very soon. Maybe the racial divide is all we have left.
For all the Jewish Potterheads.

My friend debfinite seemed to think that some of you wouldn’t mind taking a look at this. By this I mean some of my own fanfiction, centered around Anthony Goldstein. I don’t know about you all, but I squealed like a fangirl that I am the first time I read his name (because representation is a fabulous thing.) I was determined in giving him some life sooner or later.

The following stories take place all in the same universe and are all canon-compliant. One of the main themes that prevails in them is how he tries to conciliate his religious views with the magical world that surrounds him. That being said, that is not all that makes or breaks Anthony Goldstein and while some of these feature religion heavily, some others barely mention it.

Notice, before reading, that Anthony’s views -or other characters’s views- on any subject don’t necessarily correspond to my own.

Here they are, in the order they were written:

  • Resistance - Anthony Goldstein is the leader of Ravenclaw’s resistance against the evil forces that run the school. While he’s giving everyone hope, he can’t really find it in himself. But when battle knocks at the front door, will he be able to find not only hope, but strength and courage?
  • Trustworthy - Anthony Goldstein is punished with the Cruciatus curse. Morag MacDougal is the only one left to pick up the pieces. He’s quiet and calm; she’s brash and reckless. But maybe her insensitivity is exactly what he needs, and maybe -just maybe- they’re not that different after all.
  • Fool - Maybe Becky Mayer is a fool for having loved him, but after she dies in the Battle of Hogwarts, Anthony Goldstein realizes that maybe he’s a fool for never loving her back.
  • The Strength of the Few - In which Anthony Goldstein writes to Terry Boot about his experience in Israel. (Probably the worst one to share with tumblr’s anti-Israel sentiment. But hear this - this is the sound of me not giving a flying fuck.)
  • Duty and Responsibility - In which Anthony Goldstein refuses to let his little sister and their Muggle father become victims of Voldemort’s regime - even as he must stay and fight.
  • Stones - Tragedy was too fresh for Anthony Goldstein to find any solace in God, who had refused to hear his prayers. Instead, he found comfort in stones on a grave, a freshly-written epitaph, and Morag MacDougal’s hand on his shoulder.

Drag City (2009)

Glasgow possède une longue histoire liée au folk. Dans les sixties Clive Palmer y avait monté un club, depuis entré dans la légende, l’Incredible Folk Club où Robin Williamson, Mike Heron et Bert Jansch se sont faits les dents. A l’aube des années 2000, la scène locale, très sensible aux pollinisations croisées, demeure fertile en nouveaux talents : Ben Reynolds, Trembling Bells, Nalle, The Family Elan et nombre des projets auxquels est associé Alasdair Roberts, l’une des principales figures locales, en constituent les principaux. Tous ces gens, et ce dernier probablement plus encore que tout autre, œuvrent à la réconciliation de la tradition et de la modernité, et cherchent à libérer le folk de tout esprit de chapelle. Car tous ont certes beaucoup écouté la musique traditionnelle, mais pas seulement. Curieusement Alasdair Roberts a commencé de se faire remarquer dans les parages de l’americana, au sein d’Appendix Out, formation sur laquelle l’empreinte de Gastr Del Sol et des Palace Brothers se révèle évidente, Bonnie « Prince » Billy des derniers ayant même produit No Earthly Man d’Alasdair Roberts. De cette influence, et en solo, ne subsiste cependant qu’un léger voile, commun aux voix de « Prince » Billy et Roberts. Mais l’énonciation par contre est tout autre, typiquement écossaise chez le second, tant les toniques rappelleraient plutôt le bourdon des cornemuses. Bien qu’il soit un moderne, c’est incontestable, son travail prolonge toutefois, et de manière délicate, l’intonation ornementée des anciens. En fait une certaine articulation demeure profondément ancrée en lui, incisive, ancestrale et très locale, portée par une guitare aux open tunings hérités d’un Martin Carthy, et au diapason de textes centrés sur les superstitions inhérentes au folklore celte. Bien que l’identité écossaise ne soit pas mise en avant, Spoils dégage de forts relents de bruyère et de tourbe, à partir de récits racontant, entre autres, d’horribles forfaits, mis en paroles au fil de mètres d’une extrême sophistication, parfois versifiés, mais n’excluant pas non plus quelques archaïsmes délibérés en matière de vocabulaire. Ici les paroles déterminent la forme des chansons et non l’inverse ; des chansons dont l’imagerie et le poids du mythe évoquent par ailleurs le Scott Walker de Tilt et Drift.

Une minute
De recommencement suffit
Une minute

Cachée dans les lourdeurs et le déjà vu

(Rayez les mentions inutiles
Les monuments humains
Les cartes d’État major
L’imposture des faux rebelles)

Je ne vous connais pas
On se rencontre
Par le truchement de cette croyance
Dans l’instant
Et le sens des mots
Qui déboussolent

“Hier et déjà se suivent”

Un sang d’encre
Qui mène au sang véritable
Une chose dont le sens libère
Des embrasements soudains

Qui réconcilient

Faire les beaux diseurs sur des planches
Faire le tour du domaine en compagnie
Le temps qu’il faut pour trouver
Se retrouver

Enfin le corps à découvert

Nous sommes existants
Voilà tout

Une minute
De finitude suffira
Une minute

Cachée dans les planeurs et les rêves remis à neuf

(Ne rayez pas les mentions utiles
Les places désertes
Les lignes de fuite
La politesse des vraies douleurs…)

Je ne vous connais pas
On se rencontre
Nous sommes existants

Voilà Tout

jacques dor
Trente courts textes qui n’ont l’air de rien (2001)

throezandhoez said:

If the endgame is for Sansa, Bran and Arya to help pull Westeros back together after winter is done, do you think GRRM is setting up any parallels between the Stark siblings and Aegon and his sisters?

No, not really. I think it’s highly unlikely Bran will even meet his sisters again, much less marry them, though you’re probably not intending that question be interpreted so literally. But that’s my point, in a way: they happen to be a brother and two sisters about that’s about all they have in common. At any rate I don’t really think that’s an accurate description of the endgame for them. Sansa, maybe — the idea that she’ll wind up a ruler of some sort has been a popular one for a long time, with good reason — but Bran’s great purpose is to defeat the Others, not help patch things up afterwards, and even the most optimistic appraisals of Arya’s path don’t cast her as a conciliator. 

They are all more or less disguised imperialists. The trait of these minds, always longing for the absolute, is a vivid centralism. They loathe varieties, cannot conciliate dissonances - such things dull their will and imagination to the extent that they cannot combine varieties into one whole; they reject even the idea of conscious social organizations.
—  Jozef Pilsudski on Communism

this has been such a goofy ass summer. i didn’t write a single riff. listened to the first five grateful dead records maybe 20 times each, smoked weed and watched curb your enthusiasm, watched mike jones music vids sober, was welcomed into another’s bed, made full moon water, discovered the power of hermann hesse and moldavite, was faded a lot but not too much, played hella shows. but something weird happened i don’t remember when but i started being more genuine with people and dropped a lot of the sarcastic bullshit that kinda polluted my interactions with others and i found a new energy and i think im at peace with a lot of things now and i feel myself existing positively for once. idk it’s tite

also i was high and wrote down the lamest shit like “contentedness is glorified existential conciliation” lol uhh ok dork see ya next summer


My Excitement over the Libertines new music is beyond explanation, because I can’t wait to hear what they’re going to tell each other through lyrics and how do they feel towards each other and towards the outside world after all they’ve been through .. 

is it love? is it remorse? is it passion? is it conciliation? is it about the past or the present or the futures? will the old dreams be revived? or there will be new ones? 

and on top of that .. do they want to stay together and sail on the albion for so many other records? 

P.S. .. what I love about this picture is how Carl is trying to play it cool but can’t hold a gorgeous genuine smile of happiness and satisfaction, and how Pete, as forever, looking at the camera when everyone else isn’t ..

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Putain y a un clip du Naheulband pour A l’aventure, compagnons.

De quoi me réconcilier avec ce vendredi pourrave.

Janie et autre passions

La librairie des inconnus

 Voici une jeune femme (Janie) dont l’histoire commence comme celle de nombre de jeunes filles d’aujourd’hui. Ses parents, des bourgeois bordelais, ne rêvent que de la voir un jour en robe d’avocate. Deux passions hantent les jours et les nuits de Janie : Paris et la création artistique. Arrive l’heure de la confrontation entre ses projets et ceux des parents. Très vite, les positions s’avèrent irréconciliables. Un inconnu, soudain, entre dans la danse. Un inconnu de taille qui a pour nom “Amour”. Janie n’a que dix huit ans : l’âge de la majorité. Elle peut décider seule de ce qu’elle désire faire de son existence.

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