Io vi odio tutte persone bellissime e mezze svestite con la pelle liscissima e le gambe lunghe sparite dalla mia dashboard che domani ho lezione e non è che mi conciliate il sonno eh con i vostri piercing in posti carini.


Manchester City Women FC

The blue shirts danced in jubilation at the final whistle, a sense that this could be the beginning of a new era for the club, the first trophy will be treasured following a debut campaign in the top flight.

After Maegor’s suicide, Jaehaerys, the only nephew he hadn’t killed, ascended to the throne. Also known as “the Conciliator,” “the Wise,” and “the Old King,” his reign lasted longer than any other. He married his sister (there’s a lot of this) Alysanne who was called “the Good Queen.” These two were beloved by everybody and were probably as good as it ever got in Westeros.

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redglare + self-doubt

She likes legislacerators because they’re so… self-assured. Arrogant, some people say, and there’s always the casteist rumblings of paid too much for sorting out an argument, the jokes of being a paid ashen partner - but she has a dragon for a lusus and for all Pyralspite tells her she’s dragon-hearted, it doesn’t feel like it when she’s chatted up by a subjugglator who likes how she looks with a sword in hand and obsesses over her polite refusal for hours afterward - maybe she should have said yes, she’s got her collection date coming up soon, but she didn’t feel anything - and she wishes she was certain enough of herself to be joked about as a paid conciliator.

She aces her schoolfeeding, because problems are easy when they’re not your own. The subjugglator runs a close second, and her collection date hasn’t gotten any further away.

She applies to the legislacerator ranks afterwards before she can convince herself not to, turning in paperwork she’s had filled in for seasons. (She spends the day curled up in Pyralspite’s shadow, her lusus flooding her with calm assurance even as she’s unable to sleep.) The uniform feels like armour, like authority, and she isn’t herself when she wears it. She’s a legislacerator, and people listen to her.

The habit of talking around herself, second-guessing her every statement, gets beaten out of her pretty quick. Nobody has faith in a legislacerator that doesn’t have faith in herself.

(She spends an hour after her first solo case in the ablutionsblock, sitting on a shut loadgaper and trembling because she lost, she lost, all she’s learned and how far she’s come don’t even matter-)

Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, larger-than-life Mindfang, I-rode-in-on-a-flaming-ship-and-casually-sauntered-off-the-docks Mindfang rolls her eyes the first time Redglare challenges her. She lets her dice drop and doesn’t even bother staying to watch, to see if she’ll win.

She doesn’t say a single word, and Redglare hates her. It’s easy: you’re good or you’re bad, and Mindfang is Bad, and it’s Redglare’s job to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone else.

(She learns about the Church of the Signless, the iron shackles, spies on them from Pyralspite’s back and-

-shreds every report she drafts for her superiors. There’s Right and there’s Wrong, she decides, self-assured, she has to be self-assured; she’ll never get another case if she annoys her superiors into beheading her, and this isn’t a big deal anyway.)

She sees the iron symbol around Mindfang’s neck too late, the fear under her contempt far too late, and never even has a chance to say me, too

Maybe she didn’t have to.


sdum mkhan - conciliator, pacifier, peacemaker [JV]

sdum mkhan - mediator, peace maker, conciliator [IW]

sdum pa po - conciliator, pacifier, peacemaker [JV]

sdum pa po - mediator, peace maker, conciliator [IW]

sdum byed - mediator, peace maker, conciliator [IW]

zhi ba’i tshig - good words, (mild, polite) expression, mild language, conciliatory [JV]

Barthes suggests that science differs from poetry not because of any disparity between them in format, content, method, or intent but because of a disparity between them in status – a prestige of pedagogy. Whereas poetry has always offered an egalitarian regime, destabilizing the signifier within a generalized economy of polysemic enunciation, science has only offered a totalitarian regime, stabilizing the signified within a restricted economy of monosemic enunciation. For Barthes, science must begin to acknowledge its ideological investments, radicalizing itself by poeticizing itself. If ideology is the unreal conciliation of a real contradiction, is it not fair to say that ideology is itself an imaginary solution—and therefore ‘pataphysical? If metaphysics must study the ontology of truth, must not ‘pataphysics study the ideology of power?
—  Christian Bök, 'Pataphysics: The Poetics of an Imaginary Science

Possible symbols for use by the Conciliator (and by extension, Senfal).

This one is messier because I don’t know! I had more ideas. I liked the idea of a drop of blood being involved somehow, because the Conciliator rose on the platform of uniting the castes, but maybe it’s tacky. The six lined emblem seems cool but it’s also really super basic too I guess.

The R was just me being lazy I guess. I thought it looked neat.

The “Triangle” kinda thing stems from me thinking that something involving threes or sixes should be involved somehow. And the final one is a more complicated idea, basically representing the religion (with the Sufferer’s symbol at the center, representing the catalyst that allowed the Conciliator to introduce his revolution, five circles and one triangle, i.e., five dead gods and one alive god).

What do you guys think?

edit: these are all rough drafts, so, they can be touched up and made nicer if any get picked I guess


Zlatan vs journalistes : la réconciliation !

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i can't believe i have to do this but apparently em wants you to do this meme for her, also, because she is ""too lazy to get her phone""

1. First impression: i can’t believe someone is actually writing a good period fanadventure with rose/kanaya (and vriska/kanaya) that i want to put in my mouth
2. Truth is: THEY AREn’T ANYMORE. no um. a—person—with enviably precise interests, whose bodily extrusions are… almost? as diverting as my own. and who is just judgmental enough
3. How old do you look: 25-27?? that’s too reasonable a range huh. 10-30 imo
4. Have you ever made me laugh: every time nancy mitford has made me laugh i secretly attribute it to you instead
5. Have you ever made me mad: shall our nations ever know conciliation, at that bitter white-foaming fjord called “cat valente”—no that wasn’t anger it was more like. intrigue.
6. Best feature: how you’ve replaced your fists with birds
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: as a hand swats a grape
8. You’re my: book friend
9. Name in my phone: amazingly i am even lazier about “getting my phone” than you are and it works on several metaphorical levels
10. Should you post this too? ye

The Truth

Things like ridiculing others for their opinions or habits are NOT ok. Judging people overall and belittling them is NEVER ok. Especially if it’s out of sheer jealously or just plain ridiculing someone to make them feel small.
If you are so ignorant that you feel you need to beat people down and spew out negativity, you have no reason to think you’re high and mighty for doing so. Thriving on hatred and darkness is the absolute worst characteristic a person can have. Never EVER comment on or bash someone for their own habits; because believe it or not, the ones who are different and actually fight and work hard for what they want, no matter what that may be, are the greatest people and no one has ANY right ever to tell someone they’re not amazing because anyone reading this, you maybe found my account randomly or for my pictures or recipes or to look into my vegetarian lifestyle etc and the fact that you TRY to shape yourself into who you want to be and you change and really strive to be who YOU want to be is amazing. Keep up with the great habits of changing small things for the better in your life.
Never take any amount of shaming from anyone. Be smart. Be kind. And fight back with intelligence and knowledge and I guarantee you’ll go further than anyone who told you otherwise or tried to shape you into someone you’re not. Do what makes you the happiest, do what makes you comfortable and live YOUR life how YOU want to. And live for the moment. We all need to take advantage of the short amount of time we have on this beautiful earth, and I know for a fact that one day on your death bed, you’d rather look back on happiness, positivity and the love and kindness you shared in your life, not a negative lifestyle you got pushed into or pushed yourself into to conform to what others want of you or by dwelling on the past.
You’re perfect. And I promise if you stay positive, love, be compassionate, be kind and give only happiness to the world, you’ll know your life was as fruitful, and beautiful as you could ever want. Follow what you want, and do what you must to achieve. Do not stop fighting. You will have an amazing, memorable and happy life that you will look back on and be fully, and throughly satisfied with. Negativity can only have a bad ripple effect that will eat at you for a lifetime. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve, and don’t settle for a life you hate. Make the best of every day, be productive and take steps, no matter how small towards your goals and you will reach them. And then anyone who told you you can’t out of jealousy for your drive will see how successful and how much you were really worth. Absolutely nothing is impossible if you try and put time and effort and passion into it. If it were impossible, it wouldn’t have been thought up in the first place. If someone else can do something, you can too. And you can do it YOUR way.
Everyone is unique, and everyone has a different way of living, now let your true self go and start REALLY living.

Be the person you want to be. Not the person others want you to be.

Niagara Movement Founders, 1905. Top row (left to right): H. A. Thompson, Alonzo F. Herndon, John Hope, James R. L. Diggs (?). Second row (left to right): Frederick McGhee, Norris B. Herndon (boy), J. Max Barber, W. E. B. Du Bois, Robert Bonner. Bottom row (left to right): Henry L. Bailey, Clement G. Morgan, W. H. H. Hart, B. S. Smith. Reproduction.

In July 1905, W.E. B. Du Bois and William Monroe Trotter assembled a conference of black leaders to renounce Booker T. Washington’s policies of conciliation and accommodationism (“the Tuskegee Machine,”). They met at Niagara Falls, in Ontario, Canada— because hotels on the American side of the falls barred blacks. The group’s platform called for freedom of speech and criticism; free press; manhood suffrage; and abolition of discrimination based on race or color.

They became known as the Niagara Movement. It was the first organization to seek full political and economic rights for Afro-Americans at a national level. By 1910, the organization led to the founding of the NAACP.

- Photo via W.E.B. Du Bois Library, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

By Fred Goldstein

Feb. 24 — The leftist Syriza government in Greece has accepted a negotiated retreat from its election promises after a faceoff with the European bankers, led by German finance capital. This ends the latest phase of the struggle of the Greek people against austerity. But this struggle, while it may be paused, must not be allowed to die.

What has ended is the idea of getting out of debt slavery to the predatory bankers of Europe through negotiations, without breaking with the euro currency zone altogether.

The phase of conciliation — of trying to placate the financial powers in Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Amsterdam through negotiations and appeals to reason in order to get their consent to lift the chains of debt slavery imposed on the Greek masses — has proven illusory. While the negotiations may go on for a while, this strategy can never be taken seriously again by the Greek population. …

This latest agreement with the “institutions” is unstable. It could be upset by either a rebellion among the Greek masses or even harsher intervention by the bankers, or both.

But at the moment there is a temporary break in the struggle. And it is necessary to  assess what happened in order to go forward. There are many aspects of the struggle to review. …

Marxists should know that such a vast and sudden shift in the political orientation of the broad population indicated the Greek masses were reaching the point where they could not go on in the old way and were willing to shift their allegiance to a party they thought could relieve their suffering. The fact that the people were mistaken about Syriza should not cause other left forces to ignore this dramatic signal. On the contrary, they should take advantage of it.


2015 Geneva Motor Show: Touring Superleggera has come up with the Berlinetta Lusso

Many people are not really conviced about the F12 styling, but now this Berlinetta Lusso from Touring Superleggera should conciliate everything: it looks simple, sharp and elegant, as a proper Ferrari GT should do.

We still don’t know if there have been changes underkniefe and not even the price, but considered the 5000 hours of man work to build one, it won’t be really cheap…


Pour tout vous dire, ces cinq dernières années, Clare Maguire était au fond du trou, entre problèmes professionnels et privés dont on se contrebat, mais qui expliquent sans doute pourquoi c’est avec un couteau entre les ratiches que la belle Anglaise, qui sut concilier pop, rock, goth et électro sur un premier jet unanimement encensé, développe sur un nouvel EP  (Don’t Mess Me Around, 23/02) une soul-blues féroce, qui sied à merveille à sa voix brute, et sonne comme une pleine revanche sur la vie.