The 2nd Law: The 2nd Law Tour Stageporn [2]

The 2nd Law World Tour has quickly become known for its extravagant and unique stage show… Unlike the stadiums, the arena stage was designed with an enormous pyramid of LED screens above, that gradually descends and “consumes” the band during the show, and proyecting the visuals of the songs as well.

I couldn’t afford tickets to the newest Fleetwood Mac tour because they are so expensive and no one would go with me for the price. And then, a friend texted that she has an extra ticket and my family said they’d give it to me as an early Christmas present. WIN for best adult Christmas present EVER.

Ahhhhhhh…now please play “Silver Springs” so I can die happy.

Giant follow spree

I will be following all blogs back all month!! Any style it doesn’t matter. I hope you guys love my blog ❤️❤️

I GOT A TICKET. I GOT A TICKET. It was a lot of waiting and i paid more than the set price because i actually had to buy a resale ticket if i didn’t want a nosebleed seat with limited view behind the stage, but it wasn’t terribly more expensive than the rate for those seats…AND I’M GOING TO SEE STEVIE WONDER.