Some enemy ideas that I’ve been working on.

Updated the colors of the main character too. The blue seemed a bit popular here and within our group, but we’re still a little up in the air about the cloak color. Going with a kinda 50% gray for now. Can always nudge it into another color when we’re more settled.


Helmed Horror - Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual - Redesign - © 2014 Wizards of the Coast

As part of the redesign team for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual I was tasked to work on a lot on monsters. One of which was the Helmed Horror! More about this one my BLOG! RAWR!


I forgot to post these a while back, but here are some more images from the Eliza brainstorm. Specifically, here are some Sekhmet concepts.

After working with the rather complicated design of Eliza, drawing stuff for Sekhmet always ended up being pretty fun haha.

A few unused ideas in here too.

My mind is whirling.
My body shaking.
Thoughts, too many thoughts, swirling.
I have a galaxy in my head, ideas and concepts whizz past, they are shooting stars, meteors, moving so fast that sometimes I am unable to reach out and grasp them between my fingertips.
How is our mind, soul, body, spirit connected?
How are we as humans, as different societies and groups and cultures connected?
How our ides and stories and myths and beliefs and religions connected?
How as a collective species living on a floating ball of earth in one galaxy amongst so many, how are we connected to the utter vastness of the entire universe?
I believe whole heartedly that we are all connected, that anything that can be perceived is somehow within everything.
I have too many questions, I seek too many answers.
I want to write theses and travel the world and study humans and study the mind and study culture and study the stars and study the universe.
I wish to know, I wish to understand completely, but I know that I never will, that I never could.
Sometimes when thinking of all this I feel so small, not small in a bad way, not insignificant, just as if can see myself in relation to everything else, and I just feel small.
And that’s ok.
I am small.
I’m small, and the universe is so vast, and I am so small, I am important because I am a part of everything, I feed into everything, but I am small.
I would be nothing without everything else because we are all connected.
My mind is still whirling and I’m still asking and still seeking, but I’m sure that I will be for the rest of my life.
My life, life in general, is one big mystery yet to be solved.
I will never solve it though.
Nobody can.
Nobody ever will.
—  I am small - (EC)