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anonymous asked:

I'm stating that it seems strange that he didnt have her (Estella) in his grip for personal gain. How was Audrey concieved? and would you be afraid of Rumplestiltskin/Gold getting to her?

     “—I see. Well, I still went after Snow, something he seemed concerned with. Estella was a dark knight, as dark as I was as Queen she fueled me often further rather than lessen my anger, rather than stopping me. Estella was — is an exceptional knight, always has been but she never was good, which perhaps is why he let her be.”

     “Audrey ——— she was conceived outside of Storybrooke, in a land without magic which is why Estella had such a hard time accepting my pregnancy, which is why she kept questioning me, kept wondering whether or not I had cheated on her which I never had. Estella and now our little girl is all I need. Turns out, there is some magic in this realm after all.”


NAME: Georgina ‘George’ Sinclair
DOB: November 12, 1995 (19)
HOMETOWN: Albuquerque, NM
Major: Education Teaching of Individuals w/ Emotional Disturbances/Psychology 
LIVING: Boarder
FACECLAIM: Barbara Palvin


Georgina Alexandria Sinclair, such an opulent name for a girl with so little to begin with. Georgina—”George” as most people call her—lived a life of hardships and sacrifices. It all started even before she was conceived. The girl had a hippie mother with a bit of a screw loose. Her birth father was a wealthy, care-free, European heir who did nothing but waste his money on drugs, alcohol and women. The man was indeed abusive and had the cruelest intentions; whatever he wanted, he got it, and if anyone refused he would always find a way no matter what the consequences would be. George’s mother wasn’t one to “ask for it”; she was beautiful, yes, but it was never her forethought to get sexually assaulted and impregnated at such a young age by a man who never cared.

At age 6 she was placed in a foster home after her depressed and unhinged mother performed numerous attempts of killing herself. When George reached the tender age of 9 she was old enough to understand about the life she was brought into and her mother’s past; after school, George would visit her constantly at the rehabilitation hospital. Then came the time when she turned 13 and was already “too old” to be fostered or adopted. It was a difficult time for her—well, more difficult than usual—and she had to bring her last resort into consideration.

George’s father was flat-broke when she met him for the first time in 13 years. However, he seemed to live off by bank loans and loans from his rich colleagues and relatives who aren’t gambling halfwits like him. The man had nothing to offer to her but he had a sinister idea right up his sleeve to return to the lavish life that he once had through George’s help.

The blue-eyed beauty learned about Atticus University and what it had to offer through an old teacher who she had run into one bustling Sunday afternoon. The moment she reached home she went online to look it up and found that it is exactly miles away from where she was. It was the great escape; and perfect for bigger, much brighter opportunities, at least that’s what she hoped for. With enough wads of cash in her duffel, the clothes on her back and the few belongings that she owned in a suitcase she hopped in a car and left for Ithaca.


Since George was the only one paying off her college education, she had managed to both excel in her academics as well as her job as a student assistant at the University. Now at her second year at the U, she felt like a whole new person. She fell absolutely in love with Atticus, in fact, she loved it so much that she couldn’t bear leaving in the summer or during semester breaks or even on short holidays like Thanksgiving. However, she knew that a “wannabe” like her could never belong so she lied, and she lied, and she lied, telling her peers that her rich daddy pays for her tuition and gets her everything that she needs. Georgina had always been a good liar, a good actress, so nobody could ever tell, until the Tinder trend began. One lonely night she ended up spilling her secrets to her match on Tinder and the next thing she knew, Sinking Ships surfaced. It gave her quite the fright knowing that one person, knows all her dirty details and has yet to catch her out in the open.

Recently George had poured all her concentration on her studies and has been working on those extra curricular to boost her grades up. From the get-go of her sophomore year she tried out for theater club, ironically enough, to develop her skills, it could be useful after all. She tried so hard to ignore the fact that Atticus has become a hunting ground for gossip and the like. Almost frequently, she checks on Sinking Ships with the fear of seeing whether if her secrets had emerged yet, although, that was the very least of her worries. Her father was still in search of her and she still has a college degree to finish.


It was either black or white for Georgina, she never knew what gray was, she never will. Because she willed to fit in, she was friendly to most strangers (at least the ones who aren’t hitting on her straight off the bat). When she isn’t in her quiet, introverted mood she’s usually bubbly and full of life but that was as far as everyone could see, after all, she was quite the drama student. At times she can get sassy, but only when necessary, it was like a defense mechanism for her. Then there are times when she can get caring and would be the first person any friend would approach to talk with about their problems. She never knew what gray was, she might never will.


  • @its_miss_sinclair: Some wanker just asked me if I considered modelling, pretty sure he was a porn star recruiter.
  • @its_miss_sinclair: The tinder dates I get remind me that I shouldn’t be on tinder.
  • @its_miss_sinclair: I may die young but at least I’ll die smart.

❝ I survived the death of my entire family and five hundred years of running from an immortal hybrid. you’re gonna have to do better than that! 


  • Name: Katherine Pierce  
  • Age: Seventeen / 538 +
  • Species: Vampire
  • Occupation: None
  • Faceclaim: Nina Dobrev
  • Status: Open for auditions


Malicious, vindictive and out for number one — these are just a few prominent personality traits of the female vampire named Katerina Petrova. She was born mid-year 1473 in south-eastern Europe Bulgaria and at the tender age of sixteen the young girl conceived and had a child out of wedlock. Tarnishing the family name she was forced to give the baby girl up for adoption shortly after delivery by her father. Disgraced by their daughter Katerina was disowned by her family and exiled to England. It was there she caught the eye and affections of a noble man, Elijah Mikaelson and the attention of his brother Niklaus. It was not until later on that Katerina learnt of why Niklaus truly desired her and that she was a Petrova Doppelganger, her blood and life sacrifice was needed to break the binding curse placed on the original hybrid, one that bound his werewolf side, forcing it to remain dormant. Fearing for her life Katerina ran with the moonstone and aid of Trevor, then found refuge with him and another vampire named Rose-Marie. Katerina, who was exceedingly good at manipulating people, even in her human form tricked Rose into feeding her vampire blood before hanging herself and completing the transformation into a vampire herself. No longer human Katerina believed that she was free from the hybrid, however Niklaus was furious and swore to repay the newly turned vampires betrayal.  Forced into hiding Katerina ran for over two centuries before eventually settling in Galway Ireland. 1753 she met a young man named Liam in a Tavern, rebellious and arrogant he captivated her completely and in return she offered to transform him into a immortal monster.

Taking on the aliases Katherine Pierce and Angelus the savage pair traveled Europe and earned themselves notoriety in being two of the most vicious vampires recorded in history. During their stint in England Katherine met William, a pitiful excuse for a man and struggling poet, critically mocked by his peers for his bloody awful poems, though William had seemingly nothing to offer the bewitching vampire, she could not pass up the opportunity or challenge of transforming him into a ferocious creature—despite the protests of her elder prodigy. Together the trio ripped their way through the small english town, William earning the respect of Angelus and seemingly the affections of his sire due to his newly found despicable nature. The fanged three were unstoppable, however towards the turn of the century they made the foolish mistake of capturing and murdering a favored daughter of the Kalderash clan, gypsies who responded by cursing Angelus with a soul. As punishment Katherine and William {Spike} slaughtered the clan’s encampment killing every gypsy, or so she thought before parting ways with her ensouled companion and Spike whom no longer proved to be of any use to her. Over the following century Katherine befriends a Bennett witch Emily and a elder vampire known as Pearl. In the late 19th Century they move to West Virginia, to a small town known as Mystic Falls, there is where she meets the handsome Stefan and Damon Salvatore while they hosted her at their large family estate. In a short period of time Katherine’s affections grew for both the men and they in turn loved her despite knowing her true nature. Over the months that followed Katherine secretly fed both Salvatore brothers her blood, intending on turning them and spending eternity with them. However the town council, a mixture of wise men and hunters learnt of the vampire population in town and scuppers her plans. Poisoning the vampires with a herb known as vervain they captured each of them, including Katherine. While trying to save the woman they loved from death, Damon and Stefan were shot, killed by their own father while her blood was still in their system. In true Katherine Pierce form she managed to escape with the aid of another man she had been compelling, George Lockwood, faking her death she fled the town, leaving everyone to believe she was trapped in a mythical tomb under Fells church.


Katherine has heard hushed rumours of the upcoming harvest ritual and awakening of the original hybrid in Mystic Falls, tired of running for her life she has sought out the one thing that may be worth her freedom, the mystical oak dagger. Returning to Mystic Falls Katherine has come out of hiding in hopes of making a trade with the infamous Niklaus Mikaleson, the Moonstone and mystical Oak dagger in return for her life and freedom. After arriving in Virginia she was shocked to learn that the three men she had betrayed during her life time were alive and currently residing in the quaint town. Petty and jealous by nature when Katherine learnt of the human Petrova doppelganger Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore’s relationship she vowed to rip her world apart, starting with her best friend, the head-cheerleader Caroline Forbes.


Katherine is the vindictive bitch that everyone loves to hate, she is driven by the strong sense of self preservation and cares for no one other than herself, her selfish nature often causes her to be malicious and cruel. Katherine has her ways of always getting what she wants by being very charming and provocative and isn’t afraid manipulate the people around her for any means necessary to achieve her goals and if they don’t work she is known to be strategic in her planning to ensure that she doesn’t fail.


  • Niklaus Mikaelson: enemy.
  • Angelus and Spike: Former lovers and companions.
  • Stefan + Damon Salvatore : former lover and companion.
  • Elena Gilbert: doppelganger, enemy.
  • Caroline Forbes: acquaintance.

So I decided to watch the new Noah movie because it was the only big budget movie on Netflix I hadn’t seen.

Given all the liberties they took, I really can’t excuse the unbelievable misoginy throughout.

God is referred to as “He” in the movie. I really have to wonder whether it was a “She” whether things would be different.

So here’s the deal. God sees women being raped by men, and so to punish them for their wickedness, decides to kill every rape victim on Earth. That and for not being vegetarians. And the men too.

Later on the Ark, Noah decides that if his pregnant daughter has a girl, he will kill the baby. But not if it’s a boy. Because if a girl and a boy were to conceive, his real fear, the girl would be to blame.

There’s also his son wanting a wife like he would want an object. This desire is for his satisfaction, hers doesn’t even enter the equation. His dad goes to fetch a wife the same way you’d expect to fetch an apple from an apple tree.

Any characters that do anything are men. Women are only there to be things to be acted upon. The women don’t do anything except wait at home for a man, be led by a man, or get raped.

The one time Noah’s wife does anything, which is to make her daughter be able to be magically pregnant following infertility, her actions are portrayed as being wrong. When Noah decided to murder her grand child (because its a girl and remember what we think of girls), her reaction is not “wtf - fuck off” but “punish me.” His daughter is equally removed of agency and are just like “I’ll cry but okay.”

I don’t believe that the sexism that is pervasive in this speaks so much to the original source material as the creators of this movie. They had no qualms with giving misogyny the big screen treatment and deliver to an audience that let’s not kid ourselves have similar views on women.

The earth was kindly
Birthing crude clutching beams
For she who might be wary
Of gravity’s capabilities
An occurring idea
Conceived years before
The girl would come to be
What would appear frivolous to logic
Is deemed a requisite
For extricating those of fearful thinking
This is benevolence
Forbearance sown solicitously
—  A. M. W.

pet peeve #3562: when i tell ppl that i do karate and they’re like “ooh that’s great for self-defense!” like. bro. i’ve been at this for nearly a decade. i know so much more tha just “self defence~”. why is that the only conceivable reason a girl has for learning a martial art?

Well, that was unexpected!

Is it laundry day and your only pale bras are in the wash, and are you pretty sure the zits on your jawline and neck are becoming sentient? Is this happening when you have a job interview in half an hour? Throw on a trench coat, some lip balm and your biggest smile - it worked for me! JOB TRIAL MONDAY! :D Hello, celebratory Pop-Tarts :) expanded my prayer all the way there: “I will get this job at Bojangles, and I will easily conceive a baby girl this month. And so it is, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.” Good vibes about this one! :D (13 March 2015)

  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Dreaming of concoction's that can't be conceived, a girl can dream.<p/><b></b> Hoping all that you say is all that you mean, leave me be I can dream.<p/></p><p/><b></b> Ignoring love from the next face with endearing eyes only because my heart belongs to a heart that belongs to anothers skin.<p/></p> tell me I'm wrong, I know I'm wrong, I'm never going to win. Got my hopes to high and my patience so thin.<p/><b></b> I won't survive in the skin I'm in<p/><b></b> I won't make it in this life I didn't intend. <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
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Writing a presentation...

Mum’s reaction to the first paragraph: “FUCK! Who lit a fire under you?”

Modelling it on Taylor Mali’s slam poem “What Teachers Make” - one of my favourites <3

Dropping off my resume tonight at one of the local pizza places - the ad said it’d be good for entry level and high school leavers, just taking orders and answering phones. I *will* get this job, I *will* conceive a healthy baby girl this month, and juggle aforementioned job and pregnancy while studying full time and doing a placement session, plus a volunteer position, while sustaining a reasonably healthy diet and a great relationship with my husband :) Watch me.