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The number one thing that I had hated about all my high school classes and even some college classes, is that the teachers were very good at spouting off facts and dates but none of them ever really dove very deep into what ever it was being taught, high school history was sadly never very exciting. And I was too often left with the feeling of being incomplete in the understanding of a particular lesson. If you hated your history text books for lack of substance but still love history then you will love this book. It is exciting and full of really integrating facts. It also really gives a feel for how the ideology of classical liberalism found fertile ground in America. If you want to understand the mood of the revolutionary war than you need to get a feel for the earlier colonial era. There are so many thrilling acts of rebellion, defiance and conflict in the history of the colonies, its like reading an action / adventure novel. Yet this is real unembellished  American history, not some watered down text-book or some attempt at twisting history to serve as fodder for some political theatrics, but rather a true account of how an ideology built upon the foundations of liberty and individuality and born in England, became so strongly rooted in the new world. 

If your a fan of  hetalia this book is a blast to read. 

  • Howe's Expedition in Pennsylvania
  • Read by Dr. Floy Lilley
  • The Military History of the Revolution, 1776-1778

"It’s the question everyone in America and England is asking! Who can lose the war faster Howe or Washington?" 

Conceived in Liberty, Volume IV

I love Rothbard as a historian, he’s absolutely scathing of Washington something you really do not find in other American historians who fawn over our general and romanticize his leadership far beyond a realistic interpretation of it. Rothbard is so sass, he absolutely has no time for putting the founders on a pedestal out of the reach of criticism. 

The Merchants of the Staple proceeded to use their monopoly privilege in the time-honored manner of monopoly: by moving to jack up their selling prices and to lower their buying prices. Such procedure ensured their profit, but also eventually crippled the great English wool trade by reducing the demand for wool and by discouraging the production of wool at home. But the free market also has a time-honored way of fighting back against restrictions: by evading them. Despite the restrictions, the free trade in wool persisted in the form of smuggling, which the government policy had forced upon the merchants. From the late Middle Ages through the eighteenth century, England was not so much a nation of seafarers and shopkeepers as a nation of smugglers.
—  Murray N. Rothbard

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We have fought for the democratic principles of equality under the law, equality of opportunity, equality at the ballot box, for the guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have fought to preserve one nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Yes, we have fought for America with all her imperfections, not so much for what she is, but for what we know she can be.

-Mary McLeod Bethune