Finncon at Kaapelitehdas: Friday and some new programs

Here… we… go.

Have fun folks, and don’t forget to go and see our latest film production, Season of the Villain sizzling new at Finncon in Käämi (SAT 17-19, SUN 13-15) for free. You can’t see the timetables on the printed program, but the online one seems to be fine. And do visit our table at Taidekuja, we’ll be there throughout the entire event :)


I just have to say, the Danaerys is my friend Ally, who made my Last Unicorn cosplay in the last photo set (the purple dress) anyway she had her son Harrison dress as a little dragon and IT WAS SOOOO CUTE!!!! OMG I CAN’T HANDLE IT!

Mr Cameron up against it to prove Google Tax Avoidance is a global issue @ #con2013

So, we’re onto the Tory party conference.  After Labour wowed the media last week, the last thing Mr Cameron will want is divisions rising in his own ranks.

But is he too late to stop any rot? 

Andrea Leadsome MP has already started, suggesting that it’s through “our own incompetence” that Google and others like the search giant get away with paying so little #corporationtax .

At the same fringe event, Ms Leadsome suggests that hiding behind #taxavoidance as a global issue is “no excuse” for how ineffectual #hmrc seems to be at recouping tax from international corporations.

Should Google offer more taxes as part of a moral obligation, as suggested by Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee?

Or is Eric Schmidt right?  Should Google only pay what is necessary by law, hence seemingly underlining that UK tax law is in some way bent to accommodate big business?

Full article from Imagine Financial Security, below: