pros of dating me

  • i will p much just want to make out with u like… always…
  • i have a bomb ass taste in music. 10/10 amazing
  • i am environmentally conscious. i always recycle and ill want 2 shower with u to save water
  • my butt is really nice and like u can touch it whenever u want. like go for it dude
  •  i make literally THE BEST mr. noodles i mean like i know its pretty straight forward to make but like u will not be disappointed 
  • pls

 cons of dating me

  • i say sorry in just abt every sentence 
  • i will probably steal all ur hoodies and wear them 24/7
  • ???
  • i need constant reassurance that u actually like me 
  • u thought this was gonna be another con of dating me but nah i got no more flaws. im angelic and amazin
Hello followers

Here’s the deal. Due to unforseen circumstances, two in my room for otakon cannot make it. Ergo, we have one or two spots open. you’ll have to pay your share of the room, naturally, but if we can get back up to 6, it’ll only be about 108 if i recall right.

you have to be able to get along with me, Sango, Ardent, and yuugiohs, no exceptions

any takers?

Basically, if you’re going to a con and you’re gonna dress up, you shouldn’t worry about “obscure” so much since first of all, what you like probably isn’t that obscure. This is fuckin’ 2013 and the internet is a thing. Whatever anime/comic book/movie/tv series/whatever you enjoy is probably not going to be so obscure under the lens of a convention full of losers. Enforcing standards for cosplay that are far beyond common decency, basic quality, and good manners toward others is practically elitist and has no place with something that is glorified Halloween costumes.

I have a lot of thoughts on “nerd culture”, it’s connections with pop culture, elitism, and what comes out of that, but I ain’t bringing that up here. What I’m saying is that even if you don’t know what the fuck its from, if it’s a good cosplay, you can appreciate it.

Good example: I know next to nothing about Umineko except that my friend Bateman and his friends really like the series. It’s a visual novel thing I THINK and it’s about witches. Maybe. But I saw a really, really, REALLY good cosplay of like, Beatrice or something the last con I was at. If she wasn’t waiting in line for a big con event and I wasn’t on my way to something else I would’ve asked her for a picture because that was a good costume. I know vaguely what it’s from, I know next to nothing about the series or character, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating it. If you are so far up your ass that you need to know everything about what every cosplay you see is from, then you don’t belong at a convention.



Friday phonecam shots of ConnectiCon 2014.

Reblog, tag yourselves, you’re beautiful. I’ll also be uploading a complete facebook album with every crummy shot of your beautiful selves and linking it on the forum, as per usual.

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Come stop by my table at CPAC tomorrow! :D The convention is in Hoboken, NJ!

If you come to my table and say the magic words…

“No time for rhymes, no time for puns, get your hands on those sweet buns!”

Then you’ll get a free button or keychain!

So these are the cosplays i have for Detour this year! a terrible closet-cosplay Tomoko and my outdated Team Magma grunt cosplay! tbh i’ll probably just be walking around in street clothes because i get very anxious in cosplay, but if you see my face or recognize me don’t be afraid to say hello! i’m very friendly :)