AllyCharms’ Winter Soldier Arm Cosplay Tutorial! And

So you want to be the Winter Soldier at the next con. You have everything planned out from the jacket to the boots, but one thing on your list terrifies you: the metal arm. You want to make something perfect, but scared that you’ll mess it up somehow. You are on a budget and you don’t want to do just tin foil or duct tape. What can you do?!

Well fear not! This tutorial is here to help you. This Winter Soldier arm can be made on a (somewhat?) budget and will get you compliments. My arm took me a week and a half to two weeks total to physically make and much longer to plan how to do it. I suggest taking as long as I did, maybe even more. Patience is key here!

So how is this arm made and how can you do it? Click on the read more and find out everything (this is a long and detailed tutorial so bear with me)

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anonymous asked:

La chica que comentó tiene razón y, admin F, ya me caes bien. Como ángel aún puede ser badass. Pero pensando en ángeles, se me forma una duda, ¿Evan o Grant Gustin? Opiniones, pls *anónimo indeciso* *también tiene que preguntarle a la amiga traerá* *pide paciencia*

Sí, no todos los ángeles deben ser muy cupcake, sin embargo, debe tener conocimiento de que debe proteger al humano asignado, así lo odie, o no este completamente de acuerdo con el plan. Adoro en exceso, personalmente, a Evan, pero eso ya depende de con quién te sientas más cómodo/a. Mucho amor para ti, bc yes.

Mis amores, ayuden aquí a este anónimo a decidirse.

—Admin F.

Ayyy, it’s that time of year again! Con season is upon us and, somehow, I’ll be at Anime Central in a week.

ACen was my first con ever, and I’ve gone every year since, except last year because of time conflicts. But it’s a really special con to me and I’m so excited to go back.

So this is my lineup, which as you can see is not set in stone yet. I didn’t anticipate getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh recently and desperately wanting to fix up a retired cosplay…hahaa. OTL
But I’ll be hangin’ with my sister/cosplay partner fire-rhapsody: she’ll be my Kaneki on Friday and my swimmer/Arabian Haru on Saturday, plus I’ll be in a Samezuka group on Saturday with neko-oujisama, senpaifriendzonedme, and goufish-thatmatsuokagirl. For updates on my super special awesome Facebook page \o/. GET HYPE!

Definitely come say hi if you see me!! Hit me up if you’re going and want to meet up for pics or just to hang. ^u^ Have a great con, everybody!

Okay, gonna throw myself at everyone’s mercy.

At Connecticon this coming weekend, a certain troublemaker and her plans for world domination will be present.  For this reason, the other table runners (myself included) might well be in the guise of SHIELD agents.  Because it’s a thing. 8)

I’m trying to find a template for a SHIELD badge.  I am lousy with the photoshop, but I just want the basic SHIELD badge that we could put our names and the AB logo on.  My attempts at searching the web  have turned up nothing.

Can anyone help me out?  I’d appreciate it!


Thanks so much, I think I’ve got something I can work with! 8)

Trying to decide on PHXCC attendance this year. I’ve been thinking that I’d only go Saturday (since that’s when the Masquerade is…), but now I kind of want to wear Maria one day, which pretty much means the whole weekend. Really wembling over this right now…

But I am going to SLCC again this year!!! Hands down the best Comic Con experience I’ve ever had- and I’ve been going to cons off and on for fifteen years. Sooooo much fun! If you have the opportunity to go to this one, take it, seriously. *Points all followers to SLCC tickets*.

Finally got this done! Alrighty, here’s my solidified lineup for Katsucon. Look for me as these cool people.

Please come say hi to me, I love making new friends at cons and meeting internet friends IRL! Join me for ghoul and swimming related shenanigans. I’ll probably bring the Brosuke sign.

Friday morning: Astronaut Nagisa Hazuki (Free! Eternal Summer)
Friday night: Tsukiyama Shuu, with kagune (Tokyo Ghoul)

Saturday: Arabian Rin Matsuoka (Free!)

Sunday: Swimmer Rin Matsuoka (Free!)

…and possibly Armin Arlert from SnK at some point.


I am 99.99% positive I will be going to Tanoshiicon tomorrow!! I’ll be going as some AU Strider, probably Dave and then later I’m going to change into my Kaneki Cosplay probably, my friend will be more than likely be Attack on Titan! Roxy and my other friend will probably just be herself. So look for us!

Con Schedule

My convention schedule, at this point, can be summed up as “I’ll probably go to Fanime”–nothing’s planned before or after that.

I think I’ll be shelving RDV Eridan, and Mr. Egbert/Crocker is getting a bit old (though I never wore that costume when he might be called Mr. Crocker). Unless something really compelling comes up, I’ll probably be putting aside Homestuck cosplay altogether for now–which is just as well, since the Fanime gathering is guaranteed to be enormous and I’m not a fan of crowds.

Not sure what other cosplay plans I may try to work out in the next four and a half months. Apparently there’s a Tiger & Bunny group, and I may try to be their Kotetsu. Any other groups going on for Fanime that seem interesting?

Otakon Bound!

All right then.

I’m staffing Otakon this weekend, so wish me luck.  I will need it.  Updates, if any, will be sporadic and likely cranky.  Please bear with me. 8)

I owe people replies to posts, and mails, please, please be patient with me, I am running my ass off right now.  Mea culpa!

I will NOT be at the AB booth, I am staffing the actual convention this time, so please don’t go looking for me down there.  The only place I think I might be is at the Friday Marvel Photo shoot.  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but this year, between the Yoko Kano concert, and the TMR concert, my department is a bit stressed and we’re going to be running around like crazy.

I’d love to say hi if you find me, but I am…  Going to be running this weekend.  Wish me luck. 8)

I also have this slight (read: overwhelming) urge to cosplay as Constantine the next time I hit Hal-con, just so I can go completely in character and rail against “that feathered poof Castiel whose riding on me bloody coattails” when someone asks for a photograph.  “See the tie, love?  Does that Twitterering angel wear a tie?  No.  Bloody hell.  A guy starts wearing a coat back in 198-bloody-8 and all it takes is this one chipper bloke on Twitter for the rest of the world to forget about him.. I STARTED THE WHOLE ‘ANGRY AT THE WORLD IN A TRENCHCOAT’ DEAL, YOU WINCHESTER BASTARDS!”

Making two new Supernatural costumes for Evil Con because I can’t wear Sammy to a place called Evil even if he’s possessed I just can’t

So, got two new ones on the way

And I’m thinking of digging Shego back up and John’s thinking of wearing Arthur because he’s killed a man

Con List for 2015~

Planned or Predicted Cons that I will attend next year:

Lexington Comic Con  also known as Lexcon or LCTC

  • Where? Lexington, Ky
  • When? March 13 - 15th.
  • Cosplay plans: Summoner Yuna and Elsa

JABEcon (it’s a small con nearby plus it will be on my 21st b-day!)

  • Where? Lebanon, Tennessee
  • When: May 23
  • Cosplay plans: Either Summoner Yuna or Gunner Yuna

Kentokyocon (hasn’t updated site)

  • Where? Lexington, Kentucky
  • Cosplay plans: Summoner Yuna, Gunner Yuna and Asami

Yamacon (hasn’t updated site)

  • Where? Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • When? December 4th - 6th
  • Cosplay plans:  Summoner Yuna, Gunner Yuna and Yuna’s wedding dress