Inspired loadout : Ghost Recon Online (operator / specialist)

Kit :

  1. Headset (OD green) like Peltor ComTac or a replica
  2. Baseball tactical cap (OD green)
  3. Balaclava (OD green)
  4. Shemagh (coyote and black)
  5. Field shirt long sleeves (U.S. universal camouflage pattern or MARPAT desert)
  6. Tactical gloves (black)
  7. Chest-rig (OD green) with pouches (OD green or black)
  8. On chest-rig the radio pouch must be black
  9. War-belt (OD green or black)
  10. Cordura or nylon drop-leg holster (black)
  11. Used french milirary surplus trousers nammed F2 (OD green)
  12. Tactical belt (black)
  13. Knee-pads (black)
  14. hiking boots or tactical boots (black)


Warning (Airsoft / Paintball) : Always protect your eyes, teeth and ears. A full-face-mask is strongly recommended.

References :