Community Service - Fall 2011

This semester my community service has mostly focused around cheerleading, as I have volunteered at several safety clinics and competitions around the Ithaca and Binghamton areas. This is extremely fun for me because I get to teach younger cheerleaders proper technique and watch them perform at competitions later in the season.


Fellow Leadership Scholar and cheerleader Christina Neist and I at a competition we worked at in Binghamton, NY on December 3, 2011!


CS 3 Year Anniversary

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Akala ko dati, wala lang yung org, as in puro org stuff lang talaga.. acads at comservs. BOOM ang clingy pala nila hahahaha 
Ito talaga yun eh, feel ko na may mga kuya na talaga ako (naks, naks) protective kung protective :))
At ang daming ates na machika hahaha

Bawal pa daw akong magboyfriend dahil ‘baby’ pa.. at sila muna. 

So talking randomly with my bro I just remembered one of the first if not the actual first “hardcore, rebellious act” I ever did.

Watching Transformers: Robots in Disguise in Fox Kids when I was 7 years old.

Okay, okay. More hardcore fans will probably think that was rebellious for a completely different reason(?) but when you’re a kid in a regular semi-comservative “girls like barbies and pink and not big robots!” society, it can kind of feel clandestine. Of course my parents and family paid no mind when I “dramatically” confessed them about it (I shyly told my dad that I prefferred the boys toys instead of the girls toys when there was this Armada/Hello Kitty promo in McDonalds). He just was like okay and life kept as usual.

Then again, I already watched Pokemon and Cyborg Kuro-Chan beforehand. Or at least I got into Kuro and TF around the same time. And probably Kuro is more questionable, while at that. Lovable cyborg kitty with lotsa guns, right?