Witches Of Twinbrook; Part 32)

- Ingrid’s Discovery -

Ingrid was working late at the library. She’s technically not at work anymore as it’s around 7:00pm. Her work hours end at 4:00pm but Ingrid thinks of the library as her playground where she can read anything to her hearts content. On this particular night Ingrid decided she’d use the computer to make a search she never thought she’d ever make. 

Ingrid had been curious about the supernatural world lately as weird things kept happening to her. She had  an edwardian flashback of herself today… (creepy or what?) She was walking around in the 18th century and she could touch and feel everything like she was actually there. Ingrid is usually a rational skeptic but since she just had a lifelike vision… Something is definitely out of the ordinary.

Ingrid hated herself for giving in to her sisters supernatural talk but she had to find out more about it. 

Ingrid typed in the search bar on google: ‘Witches’

She saw cartoon witches with pointy hats and green skin and she sighed. She then clicked on articles and kept scrolling. She saw loads of stuff on the Salem Witch Trials. She clicked on a page » Those who perished in the witch trials of 1693« She read a list of names:

Hold on… Why was her and her sisters names on the list?

Ingrid held her breath at the sight… Ingrid was in shock. She closed the page immediately.

Ingrid saw a painting of a woman called ‘Ingrid; Tricou from 1901 that happened to have the same name as her and look exactly like her… Now this! She’s just seen her name on the list of women that had been hanged in gallows hill all the way back 1693 in the witch trials! Centuries ago! Why did she keep popping up in history lately, what was happening. Ingrid grabbed her handbag, and almost ran out the library. She decided she was going to pick Freya up from work and travel home with her as she didn’t feel like walking home alone.

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