Merpeople around the world have their own individual quirks. While Icthyocentaurs are generally quite welcoming to visitors Orca-mer have no such kindnesses and while Orca-mer and Shark-mer have no compunctions against eating other merpeople and sharks respectively, Seahorse-mer generally eat similarly to their aquatic parts, and abhor the idea of eating sharks or other merpeople.

There are also differences in how they interact with one another, not solely whether they might occasionally indulge in cannibalism, but things such as the Orca-mer preference to the visits of Icthyocentaurs to all others, and the difference in trading patterns between sirens, open ocean surface merpeople and coastal surface merpeople.

It is important to know as well, when greeting Rusalka, not to mention the most recent indiscretion of the Rusalka-River merpeople,  while with the Ningyo it is considered good manners to ask for an Amabie to translate thee songs they use to communicate.

These unique aspects of cultural and ethnic behaviours and differences amongst different groups of merpeople are listed in this volume, with each sectioned out, and appointed their chapters, based on alphabetic location.

— Excerpt from An Introduction to the Cultures of Merpeople by Arielle DuPont

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broodygaycarmilla asked:

Any thoughts on the Laura is an unreliable narrator debate? Or would that be spoilery?

I don’t particularly see her as an unreliable narrator in the strictest sense.  I do think that she has the power and ability to alter what her videos look like and show, but she cannot change what people do/say while on camera. An unreliable narrator, to me, is someone who you know to be presenting a version of events that is contradictory to what is known to have actually happened.  Laura hasn’t done this.

Also she started out this project in the interest of reporting the truth, so my question would be what reason does she have to be an unreliable narrator?  Why would she be interested in altering the truth of what she sees?  She’s shown herself during some pretty terrible moments and doing some pretty terrible things on these videos, after all.  She doesn’t seem to have any compunction about showing stuff that makes her look like an ass for the sake of journalistic integrity.

If you want to judge her based on what actually happens versus what she does show in the videos - look no further than Carmilla’s social media.  They directly align and the version of events that presents itself on Laura’s social media is confirmed by things from Carmilla’s point of view.


Rewatching SE is actually a very nice confirmation that my characterization of Liz in UAU is on target.

Edifying words, the writings of the Holy Fathers, prayers and especially the words of the Word Himself are indeed living water; water refreshes and gives life to the body and edifying words animate the soul, filling it with peace and joy or with compunction and contrition for sin.
—  St. John of Kronstadt
And what can one say but... ''Salieri.''

Mathematical notations
As sinister as
Musical notes.
How does one kill a man?

Seven sins and seven
As sinister as
The two eyes I opened.
The madness of the man splitting in half.

Painful prayers
As sinister as
Preying compunction.
I could finally triumph over God

Instead of glory He granted me greed
As sinister as
An assassin’s Requiem.
Mozart! Mozart, forgive your assassin! I confess, I killed you.

korbergcentric asked:

I didn't realize horses were treated so badly (I'm like never around them.) :( Thank you for opening my eyes.

You are welcome, and it is heartening to see someone seeing the cruelty inflicted on these majestic beings.

I have always been around horses and I used to love riding them, however I stopped immediately and without compunction when I saw the various studies on the harm of riding.

In fact ‘banallequinesports Natures Child’ tumblr is my other tumblr and it is doing well despite fierce opposition from equestrians. Also I have a facebook page called ‘Ban All Equine Sports’ which has some very lively discussions (as well as a lot of abuse which I do try to keep to a minimum).

Currently I am gathering information leaflets which I plan to take to riding schools etc and also to gain public awareness of this, if anyone would like to help please message me.

It really was so good to hear from you. :)

Each in his secret heart perchance doth own
Some fond regret ’neath passing smiles concealed;–
Sufferers alike together and alone
Are we; with many a grief to others known,
How many unrevealed!
Alas! for natural tears and simple pains,
For tender recollections, cherished long,
For guileless griefs, which no compunction stains,
We blush; as if we wore these earthly chains
Only for sport and song!
—  Victor Hugo

Uh. Ow.

I forgot about how much this would hurt Philip, with his absolute compunction against sacrificing the innocent, the reason he punched Zaeed, pistol-whipped Archer, and destroyed Vasir. Three hundred thousand lives on his conscience…

Oh, man. :/ This isn’t going to change who he is, but it is going to sit on him for the rest of his life.

always, goblins are always worse

on a tuesday afternoon,
gremlins mince inside my brain,
though they often prance within it,
this tuesday’s a special time,

squeaks and hisses blur to silence,
as they leave their jobs behind,
from level minus-ninety-nine
come goblins on their heels.

on a wednesday afternoon,
goblins stomp the cranium floors,
they kick up cockled memories,
and reap the jewelled yestercrop,

their coming has been long foretold,
predictable as solar clockwork,
once a month they ruin
without compunction.

Edifying words, the writings of the Holy Fathers, prayers, and especially the words of the Word (Christ) Himself, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, are indeed living water. Water flows, and words flow like water; water refreshes and gives life to the body, and edifying words give life to the soul, filling it with peace and joy, and with compunction and contrition for sin.
—  Saint John of Kronstadt

conductoroftardislight asked:

I see Gwen being badass scary with her angel feathers and raise you: people underestimating the badass of Gwen Cooper because of the angel feathers in her hair. People thinking her a prophet or an angel, bound by a moral code and unwilling or able to fight them. These people being unpleasantly surprised.

Gwen charged back into the Hub after a tangle with something-or-other and she was absolutely pissed. “Do I look helpless? Do I look religious? I’m wearing bloody black leather pants and chasing aliens in high heels… and I’ve a gun, for God’s sake!”

Tosh hid her smile behind the collar of her jacket as she hurried out of the way, but Owen had no such compunctions. “How about you chuck another stereotype in for good measure, love? Or did you forget the, uh,” he drew a swooping vee over his chest, indicating the plunge of Gwen’s neckline. He was right, damn him, of course he was, and when Gwen had the decency to flush, Owen’s smug glee made her want to punch him.

Ianto bent to Gwen’s ear as he set her box of Thai takeaway on the table in front of her. “It’s your purity of spirit, Gwen,” he said with a smile, “they always take the plucky ones for paladins.”

"Or cannon fodder," Jack commented as he swept into the conference room.

"Oh, screw you, Jack," Gwen shot back.

"Probably against your vow of chastity, Lady Gwen," Jack smirked around a slurping mouthful of noodles.

At the end of the table, Castiel was the last to weigh in. Gwen looked at him, awaiting his verdict, but he smiled at her, distracted by the density of crab rangoon filling between his fingers. “He underestimated you, and it worked to your advantage.” Then he flipped her a crab rangoon - one he hadn’t molested to see the innards of - and Gwen felt more than a little better.

You know, playing Bomberman is a lot different when I play with my alternate character interpretation of White/Cheerful White/Whatever as being legitimately terrifying.

I’ve been playing around with the idea that White is both a child and a police officer, and being disturbingly good at it. If the idea of a kid police officer isn’t immediately off putting, the idea of a kid police officer with a license to kill and no compunctions about doing so should be. I have been thinking that Bomberman culture is probably pretty different from human culture, especially about killing (A species of robots? Just make another one/rebuild him!). I like to think that the bombermen are mass produced, with them making modifications/replacements as their life progresses. But what if Whitey Tighties was a new design they were in the process of developing, designed to be smaller, more agile, and  faster than the average bomberman? They sped him through training so he’s a part of the active force a few weeks after activation instead of the months/years of other bomberman.

Basically, an abnormally young child with too much power and no concept of mercy. Black is his usual partner, with Max as the occasional third. Black gets used to White fairly easily, but since Max isn’t originally a bomberman, he’s more than a little disturbed by this adorable happy murderchild.