For all my friends and family who couldn’t make it to the opening. Enjoy!
This was a short film I animated using charcoal drawings. It was a year-long ordeal, but I am very happy with the output.
(psst- watch it in HD)

Music and Animation by Nicholas Blanzy

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Pretty sure it's what mattyhewhealy said I don't think that verse is about being wet xx

pretty sure it literally doesn’t even matter haha it’s just in the original compostition book where he wrote it there’s a smiley face by the line and he wrote it as a horny 19 year old so i mean it’s fair to assume that too

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Crayola First and Second Grade Supply Pack


Crayola First & Second Grade Supply Pack


  • Contains 2 portfolios, 100 sheets of art paper, two 70 ct spiral notebooks, 200 sheets of filler paper, facial tissue, compostition book, 2 pens
  • Also contains Crayola 16 ct crayons, Crayola 12 ct long colored pencils, Crayola washable markers, 100 ruled 3 x 5 index cards
  • Plus scissors, highlighter, a pink bevel eraser, nylon pencil bag, 6 pencils, sharpener, Crayola glue stick, ruler, and 8 oz hand sanitizer
  • Great kit for a first or second grade student
  • Excellent quality supplies

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I have chose this poster for his link with the new year, 2015. He didn’t represent anything else that simply question which is asked every year. But his compostition his really interesting, and for me, he represent my future in the graphic design study.

Moreover his simplicity and the simple 3D form coupled with flatless colors are really interesting for a visual graphism reference.

#Dream for 2015