This was one of the art pieces I loved! It was done by the artist Cai Guo-Qiang who is best known for his remarkable projects using gun powder, including the firework displays for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. His installation ‘Unmanned Nature’ includes a 45 metre long, 4 metre high gunpowder drawing, is the first artwork shown in the Whitworth’s new Landscape gallery. The pool besides the drawing gives it much more of an impact and makes the audience feel as though they are actually there. To make such a drawing Cai Guo-Qiang lays out large sheets of Japanese hemp paper on the floor and carefully places fuses and gunpowder across them, sometimes sprinkling the grainy powder by hand.Once the compostition of the drawing is completed, sheets of cardboard are laid across it and the fuse is lit.

Walk with the #Camera
This frame I captured 3 months back in #mumbai . #earlymorning walk in the locality i was staying. Found this scrap on the roof of a shed . Its #raw feel looked most attractive to me. While #sunrays were giving fresh feel to it.
#walking #canon #canon550D #freshness #greenary #royalpalms #goregaon #traveling #traveler #travelgram #igers #natgeo #natgeocreative #NGMA #NGtravelstories #natgeotravelpic #natgeotraveler #moment #fakeeraclicks #compostition #framing #lightroom #DSLR #travelphotography . Photo by shivamvashisht

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For the describe you thing: The first thing I notice about you is your nicely shaped lips! They complement your expressive eyes so well and are a very good color for your skin tone. Your glasses nicely frame your face but when you don't wear them you still have a certain regal quality about your face shape. I'm sorry I'm rambling but you have a very appealing facial compostition <3

!!!! Thank you very much!!