Ok so like i walked to Elmhurst today, and walked past the renovated building in Lefrack city that’s been turned into luxury apartments. It’s the Lefrack building that’s farthest from public transit and faces the Long Island Expressway…

Why the fuck would anyone pay $2400 a month to live in a one bedroom, on a highway that’s active all through the night, on a local stop, in Queens, that’s 10 blocks from the subway, and the only transit directly there is the Q88? How are they even going to sell these? 


Truth must be felt out over the long term. It takes many sample sizes to know what is true.

The origin of most lasting inaccuracies is a need to be validated.

Validation prioritized over truth usually arises with inconsistent desires, desires based on the short term over the long term, desires not incorporating the larger picture in mind.

It is natural, during the pursuit of validation, that one maintain more and more elaborately built concepts to maintain the facade.

The complexity of these mental constructs increases as the person more and more adeptly seeks to evade the truth for what they desire to be real.

In contrast, the truth is usually simple and available for anyone to experience. Except for those intentionally attempting to block it from their mind.

The constructs of validation end up being like finely tuned sculptures of intricately carved ice, beautiful to behold and destined for destruction.

There will be a reckoning; one day everything will be made clear. On that day, it is truth that will be validated.