I cannot imagine a future without dragons. I do not want a world in which our cave systems are dead, dark universes, inhabited only by bats and echoes. I do not want a world where I am wingless, crawling in the mud rather than reaching for the stars. I do not want a world without Toothless.

- The Complete Book of Dragons, Cressida Cowell


"Marc-André Grondin played a small prank on me before the scene. He was naked and I removed his bathrobe before he goes into the tub, and we’re doing the first take so I took his bathrobe off and there’s a ‘Hi Caro’ written in black on his butt" [x]


SaturDIARY: Back to the WHITE HOUSE // itsGrace


mockingjaylane said:

Hiya, I've got a prompt if you're still taking them. How about Oliver and Felicity have a spirited contest to see who baby Diggle likes more? :)

"I really think she likes you more," Oliver says, holding the baby up over his head towards Felicity.

Felicity takes a step back, shaking her head emphatically. “Oh, no, definitely you, I’ve seen the way she lights up when you walk into the room. She’s gunning to be president of your fan club…at eight months old.”

"Come on, Felicity, take her," he pleads, wrinkling his nose. "You’re better at stuff like this."

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Give Me Love Chapter 23 (Final)

College roommates AU where Karma is not entirely fond of lesbians and Amy is unfortunately her roommate.

“Amy,” she says again and she hates herself for sounding so weak, so pathetic and so desperate. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You’re right. I was scared. I was confused. I was scared that my mother would reject me, that Naomi would hate me, that Liam would stop being my friend but most of all, I was scared that I was making the wrong choice. I was terrified of everything, of all the endless possibilities, of all the things that could go wrong.” She gulps back a sob and blinks rapidly, unable to meet Amy’s gaze. “But then I realized that if I kept being scared, then I’d lose you.”

She hears Amy take a deep ragged breath and it gives her the strength to look up. The blonde’s face is tight, as if fighting to keep control of her emotions. Karma’s heart pounds and her face feels hot with all the incoming tears.

“And I don’t want to lose you,” she finishes, “Not now. Not ever.” She stops, takes a deep breath. “And I just want to say that I can be brave and that I’ll be brave for you, if you just give me another chance.”

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"Kids these days take too many selfies!!!1!11!!!!1!!!1!1!"

Yeah, self-confidence is just terrible


COMPLETELY self-indulgent pokemon au junk

fun FACT: despite being entirely comprised of data, porygon is copy-protected and cannot be replicated