“I work as a valet attendant. If I scratch any of the customer’s cars I need to compensate them for the damage. However, sometimes unbelievable things happen. One time I parked a car for a famous singer, there was a scratch on the car that was clearly from a time before. However the singer claimed it occurred while I was parking the car. I’m not good at dealing with stubborn customers like that. I just have to rely on their honesty. They are the sort of people who don’t care at all even if I say something to them.”

“발렛파킹 주차요원으로 일하다 손님 차를 어디에 긁기라도 하면 우리가 다 변상을 해야해요. 그러다보니 종종 이해 못할 일도 벌어져요. 한 번은 유명한 가수의 차를 주차했었는데, 분명 주차하다가 흠집낸 게 아니라 원래부터 있던 흠집인데도 불구하고, 그게 주차하다 생겼다고 생트집을 잡더라구요. 근데 그렇게 막무가내인 손님을 막아낼 재간이 없어요. 본인의 양심에 맡기는 수 밖에 없어요. 말해도 소용이 없는 사람들이거든요.” 

You are not a minimum wage worker. The value you bring to market is either worth more or less than minimum wage.

If it’s worth more, then you should negotiate a higher salary with your boss or find a new job. Or start a business. 

If it’s worth less, then companies will be reluctant to hire you. Take classes or find other ways of increasing your monetary value to society. The government raising the minimum wage actually hurts you in your current position.

Trying to pay artists with 'exposure' as compensation is NOT OKAY!

Some background first. Today I received a message from someone on DeviantArt, looking to use my monster designs for his online game ‘Monster MMORPG’ (essentially another Pokémon rip-off). He stated that I could draw some up or use ones I have already (interesting as I don’t really have fakemons in my gallery) and that they will give full credentials to the artist.

I get a few requests and offers like this and do some extensive research into what it is they have to offer. If I don’t feel that it’s worth my time, I won’t invest my time into it. As simple as that. This project was getting developed by this one person (a PhD computer engineer) but was working collaboratively with many artists on DeviantArt. At this point I knew that it wasn’t worth it (not undermining his project, but as someone who studies and works and obviously states that I don’t do either requests or commissions, you will have to convince me a bit better in terms of payment, reliability and success for me to be interested).

He stated that in short, he just wants my permission for him to use my fakemon/monster/virtual pets in his game, and that I, as the artist, will still retain all copyright, but he has all usage rights. At this point I said, “Thanks for asking but I won’t be participating, sorry. Kind regards.” 

This is where the point of my post comes in. He replies with: “Can you at least let me use 1? For exposure and credits, that would be awesome.”

This. This pisses me off. I replied: “ "For exposure and credits." Please don’t say that to any artist, especially to those who at least put effort into their work. They deserve some sort of payment compensation. Exposure is always a given regardless of whether it’s a commission or a free request. It should not be offered as an alternative ‘payment’ or reward, whether the artist is not working, freelance or full time, you should always pay someone for their services unless they have negotiated otherwise. It undermines the effort and time an artist puts in their work and is a cheapskate way of avoiding commission.

I appreciate your offer, but no. I don’t even have any ‘Fakemon’ on my page to begin with. Have a nice day!”

Seriously guys, it’s that simple. Art takes a shit tonne of time, effort, skill and resources (many of which can be exceedingly expensive). You should always be ready to offer some payment if you wish for the artist to draw something for you. Be aware that art is hugely diverse and is rather competitive in the job market. Many people make a living off of or rely on their income from their artwork. Even to those artists who work fulltime or have a contract, it doesn’t mean they suddenly should give out free artwork. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills. I wouldn’t even be mildly convinced unless you’re a huge-ass company, and if you were you’d have the money to pay the artist anyway. Many people try to trick artists on DeviantArt to paying for free art with ‘exposure,’ especially with the young and inexperienced. The art world is a daunting place, so starting from anywhere is always good, right? Exposure is always a good thing, but you can get exposure regardless and still be paid properly and correctly to compensate for your time.

Too many artists fall in the ‘exposure’ trap and start spending hours throwing out free artworks in hope that it exposes their work enough so that one day, someone who is actually willing to pay for it will commission them. Many times, this doesn’t happen. If people can get away without paying for artwork, they will, word gets out and these artists become vulnerable and ‘easy’ in the art community. If this happened in any other workplace or industry, people would be furious for all sort of legal and moral reasons.

Art is not just a hobby. It is time consuming, hard work and is as much of a job as is anything else, whether it’s a one shift kind of scenario or a fulltime, five-year contract. If you are not exclusively close to the artist, don’t expect them to draw for you for free, and even then, expect to pay up. And if you’re not willing to pay the artist properly and instead you try to throw in the ‘exposure’ excuse, don’t ask at all. It is degrading, rude, and disrespectful to everything we have worked hard for to achieve.

If we aren’t worth your time, then you are not worth ours.

If average production worker pay had risen at the same rate as CEO pay between 1990 and 1998, worker pay would be $110,399 in 98', rather than the 98' $29,267. The minimum wage would be $22.08, in 1998 rather than the current for that time (5.75). The trend has continued to make the rich, more rich, without a second thought for those on min wage. You can't tell me the upper class aren't crooks! Open your eyes!

This is 1998 statistics. In the past decade, pay for ceo has more than doubled while the lower and middle class had it’s pay doubled but it took over more than 2 decades. Something isn’t right. We can barely live off minimum wage. Wake up America!

'Compensating Jews who fled Arab nations is historic justice'

'We should get what we deserve', says Minister Silvan Shalom on matter of paying compensation to Jews from Arab countries who were forced to leave behind homes, land, businesses in 1948, echoing claims made by other Sephardic Jews attempting to find balance between past grievances and future prospects

A prominent minister and senior politician of Sephardic descent praised Israel’s bid to achieve refugee status for Jews who fled their Arab nation homes on the eve of the State’s foundation, calling it a “rectification of an historic injustice,” echoing claims made other Sephardic Jews.

The Cohen family left behind a residential building in Cairo while the Kalif family were forced to abandon a number of apartments and stores which were later nationalized by the Iraqi government. Decades have passed since they moved to Israel, and until it was revealed to be part of the framework peace deal being hatched between the Palestinians and Israelis, the idea of compensating Jews who fled Arab nations was a solely theoretical one, shadowed by the issue of Palestinian refuges.


"When we were expelled, each person was allowed to carry one suitcase. My mom tried to pass jewelry though customs and they ripped it off her neck. My family got $5,000 in compensation, the buildings were sold and the assets were frozen, but when my mom returned in 77’ to find out the account balance the Egyptians gave her $200," Cohen told Ynet, expressing support of the compensation idea. 

"Giving the Palestinians money instead of lands is a very good idea for Israel, and if we can get something as well then whatever will come is welcome. I support this as a Likud voter.


Tikva Kalif, 76, made her aliya to Israel in 1951 together with her parents and six brothers and sisters from Iraq. “We left with only our clothes,” she recalled.

"I remember my mother taking down two shirts and two pairs of pants for each of us. They (the Iraqis) took the rest. We were well-established, we had no lack in money. My dad had two stores, and one day he came and saw a ‘closed’ sign had been put on one them. The government had taken them."


Years later, she said, the family attempted to get compensation for their lost property, but to no avail. “I don’t believe we’ll get compensations,” she admitted, “but I don’t care if they give the Palestinian refuges money so they will leave us alone, but its doesn’t sound really serious to me.”

National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalomaddressed the reports regarding the framework agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, in which, for the first time, there is a reference to the rights of Jews from Arab countries as refugees that need to be compensated for property that was left behind.

"This is rectification for an historic injustice," said Minister Shalom Saturday evening.

Shalom immigrated to Israel from Tunisia with his family in 1959, and has been an advocate for compensation for Jews from Arab countries over the years.

Shalom estimated that there are about one million Jews who were forced to flee Arab countries.

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The walk to Northern district had been a lot longer than Hazel had imagined it would be. It seemed like just as soon as she started asking the citizens of the North for directions, the sun had already begun to set and it was almost completely dark when she approached the house she was looking for. Under her cloak her hands were white-knuckled around a rusty carving knife that she grasped close to her chest while standing outside the gate of the home.

There were two people inside the house. A woman who seemed to frantically run passed the different windows with maids following her to get her dressed and ready for the big ball. And then there was a man. He sat at one window, looking both bored and agitated as he read letters at his desk. Hazel swallowed hard, her eyes narrowing at Lord Emerick’s figure. She hated to admit it, but her sisters really did look a great deal like him while Hazel more so resembled Lady Emerick.

Hazel bit the inside of her cheek and scowled, not entirely sure how she should go about this. She hadn’t counted on maids being there, or them being on their way out for a party. Should she hide and wait for them to return? What if the maids found her before then..? Hazel struggled to keep her grip on the knife and looked down to see her hands were shaking violently. She swore under her breath at them and forcefully shoved the gate open, but suddenly her feet didn’t seem to remember how to move and she stood there with a horrified expression plastered to her face.

Occupy Washington with the Bonus Expeditionary Force by Rachel Dworkin, Archivist

In 1924, Congress passed, over the president’s veto, the World War Adjustment Compensation Act which promised each veteran $1 for each day of domestic service (up to $500) and $1.25 for each day of overseas service (up to $625).  While veterans due $50 or less were paid out immediately, the rest were issued Certificates of Service set to mature in 20 years (with interest).  Then the economy crashed leading to the Great Depression and veterans asked if they couldn’t just have their money now and forgo the interest.
While the House of Representatives voted in 1932 to give them their money early, the Senate and President Hoover turned them down.  On June 17, 1932, the day the Senate voted down the bill, a group of veterans calling themselves the Bonus Expeditionary Force (a call back to the American Expeditionary Force of World War I) marched on Washington.  The 43,000 marchers, made up of 17,000 World War I veterans and their families, were the largest group ever to converge on the city up to that point.  Among them were Tom Jenkins, an out-of-work salesman and World War I veteran, and his wife, Idalene, of Elmira.  (READ MORE)

and then martin was like, 'why do I suddenly have a splitting headache?'

Gonff: “My descendants will be so numerous that there’s a whole tribe of them. They’ll be called the Gonfelins, and they will live to steal!”
Columbine: “Hahaha! Oh, Gonff, you’re so silly.”
Gonff: “Hahahaha”
Gonff: “She thinks I’m joking”