Morning Debriefing 3/25/11

1) Though they have passed their fundraising goal, please continue to help the We Are Not Saints comedy concert film with the hilarious Ian Harvie, Felon O’Reilly, and Amy Dresner get even further off the ground.

2) Brand New Web Series from comedians Paul Danke, Cornell Reid, and Adam Jacobs! COMPATISH! It’s a head to head to head competition of mind and body between comedians, so WATCH!

3) Sure American: The Bill Hicks Story will be playing at the Landmark and the Laemmle Sunset 5, but why not watch it where his name is written on the wall?  Special screening to come in April at the Comedy Store.



4) A Drink with Dave with Dave Holmes IS NOW GOING TO HAVE DAILY EPISODES STARTING MAR. 28th.  Keep up with this series if you want to know what’s going on with the truly “up and coming” in comedy today.

5) The Ultimate Free & Cheap LA Comedy List 3/27-4/2. Thanks Wisepix.

6) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL
Auggie Smith @ Flappers Claremont 8PM $15/2 drink min.
Story Time-Stood Up Friday Night @ Moving Arts Theatre
10PM $5 
The First Five @ Hollywood Improv Lab 10:30PM $5 

SET LIST @ FLAPPERS BAR 102 E. Magnolia, Burbank, CA/Sign-up 5PM/given set list to improv off of
UCB THEATRE 5919 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA/Sign-up (lottery) 6PM/Starts 6:30PM
iCANDY 1708 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA/Sign-up 6PM/Starts 7PM/$3 min.
SILVERLAKE LOUNGE 2906 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake)/Sign-up (lottery) 6:30PM/Starts 7PM 
MAX BLOOM’S 200 N. Malden Ave., Fullerton, CA/Starts 7PM
GLENDALE DAYS INN 450 N. Pioneer Dr., Glendale, CA/Starts 8PM 

8) If you wanna know how lucky we are here in LA, I saw the premiere of Season 2 of John Oliver’s NY Stand Up Show with Kyle Kinane, Rory Scovel, and Pete Holmes on Comedy Central who I’ve seen within the last few months, perform in someone’s garage or living room.

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TT- Internet Secretes Edition

I love the internet. Its a little embarrassing. Until I realize how dumb and sad I’d be without it. I mean really, me, left to read books and talk to people face-to-face??? You though Norbit was a disaster!

Still, I’m dancing around the point. Here are 3 internet accomplishments I’ve been wanting to achieve. It may sound stupid to have “internet goals”, but seeing how well my “career goals” are going, I’ll probably reach these first.

1. TO BECOME AN ARISTOCRAT ON WITSTREAM- I know its dumb. I know its all politics. I know they don’t pay you, etc. But after “applying” once or twice without hearing back, I did the classy thing and included a name drop list of all the Witstreamers who follow me. They started following me, and I eagerly awaited feedback of any kind. That was about a year ago. Nothing. I’ve sent a few DMs letting them know I’m still interested, but then I started to feel self conscious, convinced MIB was sitting in front of his computer screen saying “This Rosa bitch need to STFU.”, so I stopped. So I guess I’ll just sit and wait summore. My pillow fucking loves my current events jokes.

2. TO HAVE AN EPISODE OF NITWITS BASED OFF ONE OF MY TWEETS- I LOVE NitWits. I think its a brilliant idea, and its really well produced. I want to write for TV eventually, and what cooler way to start than to write a short based off a one liner and have it produced?! I’m very proud of all my friends who’ve made one so far (cough Tracy xaBillion) and maybe that’s why I like them so much-because I know the writers and know how awesome they are. And yeah, I’d fly out to LA just to be present for the shoot. I’d do that.

3. BE THE GUEST ON AN EPISODE OF COMPATISH- I’m a really, really, pointlessly competitive person, so I basically just want video evidence of me beating 3 guys at whatever task we were thrown. I’ve talked to Cornell about this. We’ll make it happen just as soon as I can make it out to LA for a visit.

I feel like I should put a Kickstarter plug _____here____. Or is this more of an IndieGoGo type venture?

PS- Yeah, I wrote “secretes” up there and not “secrets”. I did it on purpose. Congratulations. You passed my version of the April Fools Test your teacher tells you to read over first and it says just to write your name and turn it in. Only I’ve never met anyone who ever really took that quiz.