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“The most intriguingly beautiful women aren’t pretty by textbook definition. As contributing beauty editor Tom Pecheux explains, its’ the character the counts.”
“I find it very difficult to speak about jolie laide,” admits star makeup artist Tom Pecheux. “Ugly beauty compared to who and what? Compared to my taste? Compared to yours?” Yet the maestro of maquillage acknowledges that the very concept of ugly beauty is a guiding force of contemporary fashion: the perpetual friction between attraction and revulsion, between apathy and desire, between the ordinary and peculiar.
Conversations about beauty remind Pecheux of his very early years on the job, when he worked for for a modeling school outside Paris and encountered plenty of gorgeous women, but most of whom lacked the strange twist that makes an iconic face or memorable photo. He says, “Those girls were there because someone told them they were ‘beautiful,’ but in high fashion, beautiful isn’t enough.”
Classic beauty can be a comfortable salve, but it’s a fashion turn-off. Instead, designers, photographers, stylists, and casting directors gravitate towards the awkward, the strange, and the extreme. As Pecheux explains, “Fashion people are afraid to look commercial. They are looking for ugliness, so they can turn it into beauty.” And individuality creates the compelling story. “Unusual beauty creates a much stronger desire, and ugliness is very photogenic. Ugly makes for a better picture.”
But jolie laide isn’t defined purely as an outsize schnoz like Anjelica Huston or a gap-toothed smile like Lauren Hutton’s. Many of the world’s most quote-unquote beautiful women retain some element of extreme beauty. “As a makeup artist, if I look at even Linda Evangelista and her proportions, she’s a bit jolie laide, even Gisele, though both are considered icons of beauty.” Still other girls grow into their looks with age. “I met Carolyn [Murphy] for the first time on a Gucci shoot with Chandra North,” Pecheux recalls. “Chandra was the classic beauty and Carolyn had a funny lip. At the time people referred to her as an ugly duckling, but today she’s a goddess.”
She’s also incredibly successful. Pecheux points out that longevity often belongs to the jolie laide girls. “Like we say in France, beauty fades and charm grows” he quips. Ugliness is the definition of charm. When a girl is beautiful, often age and time wear away at that beauty. Whereas when she is interesting or different, the charm grows, her looks evolve, and she wears her looks with confidence.”
As for Pecheux role as a makeup artist in shaping a woman’s looks, his aims are always sincere: he heightens character and sculpts personality. “I’m never doing makeup to make women look beautiful,” he says. “I do it to make them feel beautiful. I don’t hide the canvas.” Edginess, messiness, or just plain bad taste can leave a model feeling less than, which is never Pecheux’s modus operandi. “I grew up with Carine and Mario [Testino]. We like to share the joy. That was our secret weapon: everybody felt happy. When you make a girl feel ugly, I don’t think that brings happiness.”
Ugly or pretty, personal tastes determine the limits of the look. “It’s a very thin line and it’s different for everyone. In the end, fashion is about catching people’s attention, whether it’s via extreme beauty of extreme ugliness. It’s up to us to decide if it works.”

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okay dude, im not even trying to make an aggressive statement about that? got it, stalin was far from perfect. but wtf did anarchists achieved in the 20th century? do u actually think they could have stopped the nazis?

no, you don’t “get it” at all actually - it’s not that he ‘wasn’t perfect’, jeez, to you give the same pass to other racist, woman hating homophobes?  He enacted anti-working class, anti-women, anti-queer, racist policies on a mass scale, destroying lives in the process - but hey, compared to what anarchists achieved, that’s …what…. good? Permissible? Not perfect but whatever, check out those happy factory workers?

Don’t judge Stalin against the achievements of the anarchist movement for fuck sake - judge him against basic standards of human decency.  Judge him against the basic principles of socialism which, believe it or not, have quite a lot to say about patriarchy, ethnic oppression and homophobia without any need to bring in the relative effectiveness of the anarchist movement as some kind of reference point. 

In answer to your second point, No. The 1940s anarchist movement could not have stopped the nazis - they were tiny, you may as well ask if the 2015 Maoist movement can stop ISIS.  Their aim was not to be a reified historical actor in their own right, it was to build autonomous working class power - which we believe can stop nazis, and racist homophobic mysogynistic scumbags like your pal Stalin too, for that matter.

I don’t know what it was that made me love you or what it was that made you hate me the way you do. I remember what you said and compare it to what you did and it never made sense. You were there and then you weren’t.

You had my heart and I had yours. You said it was love and so I stayed. Maybe it was too much. Maybe it wasn’t enough.

But I will never forget the way you made me feel, like I was everything. And I will never forget the way you made feel, like I was nothing.

—  Antonio M Arce

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Thoughts and or comments on yesterday's game ?

I mean I don’t really have a rant in me after that game. Wasn’t perfect by any means, but compared to recent games, this was much better. Norway isn’t really a top ranked team so a close 2-1 wasn’t amaze, but few notes:

  • Ali Krieger was beasting the entire game, so that’s great for us with certain Ali Krieger related URLs.
  • JJ finally played again and even tho it was out of position and only because like every other defender was injured, but it was nice to see her play.
  • Jill Ellis actually used a lot of subs with plenty of time left for them to play, not just to waste stoppage time.
  • Kinda worrying that we played FIVE different strikers throughout the 90 mins and only Carli Lloyd scored. (btw still playing Carli out wide? Really?)
  • Foudy tweeted about how all these years later Norway is still a long ball team, and I mean… #awkies (but srsly should I just give up ever wanting us to just hold onto the ball?)
  • A moment of silence for Kelley O’Hara
  • After a rocky start, Hope Solo was pretty much the Hope Solo we all know and tolerate love
People comparing what Finn did to what Lexa just did?

I’m sorry no.

Finn completely lost it. He acted out of raw emotion and slaughtered 18 defenceless people. Whether or not he believed they had Clarke, killing them as he did was not going to save her. It was a selfish act.

What Lexa did was ignore her feelings to save the lives of her people, which as a leader is her duty. She made the smart choice. One that wasn’t so different from when she and Clarke chose not to warn people about the missile. Kim Shumway has said that the likelihood of them actually winning against the Mountain Men was tiny at best and that even if they did the lives lost would be substantial (I’m paraphrasing here).

If Lexa had chosen to help Clarke she would have been sentencing her people to death (how is that the better choice?). We’re all defensive right now because we know and love the people from the Ark, the 47, Clarke  and we’re personally invested in their survival and happiness. Ergo we’re taking Lexa’s betrayal far too personally. But what she did actually saved more lives than it took. And as much as she cares about Clarke and no doubt wants to help her she can’t sacrifice her people for that. 

Her decision was selfless.

So in summary

Finn’s action: selfish, murder, from a place of emotion, albeit his intentions were good (I guess?)

Lexa’s action: selfless, chooses the lives of the many over the few, doesn’t actually murder anyone by doing so, comes from a place of logical thinking 

 (Note: This isn’t an attack on Finn I’m just really pissed that people are comparing these two things)

Ok but KH AU where instead of Yuna being with the Gullwings she’s at the
Destiny Islands and she, Selphie, and Kairi make a really cute trio during
the year between KH1 and 2

I agree with the submission’s point up till they compare generalizing men with generalizing feminists. It is a false equivalence to compare what someone is BORN AS that they cannot help being nor control, and what someone willingly CHOSE TO BE. One is a group congregated together because they ACTUALLY HAVE SIMILAR MENTAL APPEAL to an idea- versus people’s who’s ONLY connection is physical and doesn’t reflect their minds sharing anything similar EVEN REMOTELY.

In that way, a group of people who’s only correlation is a physicality/orientation like gender: will be INEVITABLY more ideologically diverse, than any given ideological based group- despite their members’ physicalities being more variant. Because they have a predisposed-agreed Creed, that is making these people form a group around each other of their own accord. So in matter of severity of stereotyping when it comes to ideological diversity- ideological generalizations make even LESS SENSE when the topic is a solely physically-associated group.

If you’re trying to make a point of how generalizing an opinion group’s or political movements’ (an ORGANIZED relationship of people that identify together mindfully on a topic) members is immoral.; You do not do so with comparing people with a predestined-trait who’s only association is physical and similarities were NEVER A CHOICE, and have none-zero innate stance or standpoint they, every single one of them, share.

  • generalizing feminism is not the equivalent of generalizing men, sexism, at all.
  • likewise generalizing women, sexism, is not the equivalent nor the same magnitude of generalizing feminism either. (generalizing women or any other gender is 10x worse imho.)

Generalizing men would be the equivalent of generalizing women: Generalizing genders aka sexism. While generalizing feminists would actually be the equivalent of generalizing mras: Generalizing political movements, which would be ideological intolerance.

 Do you understand? how political-stance-stereotyping is different from sexism geared generalizations? How there is an obligatory SEED or at least basic tiny crumb of ideological commonality in one group (even as simple a root as preferring the same movement and third party name), but not in the other?

It is a completely different ballgame. Generalizing people who decided on the same thing actually holds more water or similarity minutely, than from people whose physical traits aligning is just complete random happen-stance.

I’m not saying even IDEA-groups can’t have specific intellectual variances, variety, and differences among its members. And it’s probably more apt, responsible and honest to note these on an individual by individual basis, the uniqueness of the representative before you, and disparities/extras of their character outside of that singular ideological classification…  as a human being, they’re more than just a part of that group in particular after all. Even ideas are objective, subjective to personalization, and variabled interpretation. Ultimately, you have no ‘foolproof guess’ what their take could be without asking them. (You can note a pattern- but that pattern is not a rule that can’t be contradicted. Remember that.) 

However. You’re wrong if you think it’s comparable to people who have virtually NOTHING predisposed and standardized mind-wise in common to people who DO share a MENTAL and ELECTIVE identity in common.

Don’t compare a bunch of people having red hair- to an established community believing that blackholes are a self-conscious higher power. You just can’t. The former holds more ideological diversity than ever would the latter. Because the latter is based on an ideological union of SOME relevancy or sort. — even if only a ‘fraction’ of someone’s complex and long listed psychological identity of personality, moral compass, and other beliefs. Still they share more personality in common where it matters with someone with the same opinion, then the same hair, if that makes sense.

If you want to explain to me why generalizing ideological groups are bad, you can use religious intolerance (and how sole recognition of extremists leads to innocent victims or moderates overwritten) as an example.

But don’t use physical/orientation demographics-things people are born as- when talking about idea-based groups. because that makes little sense in the long-run; as well as a little insulting to the gender/race/ect you are comparing to- because they share much less in common mentally than an ideological group does. and that’s a relevant distinction, you need to stop ignoring. 

There are days when I rebel against my love for you.

I may encounter the most beautiful of men, women, androgynes, but—

Even if something in my hips stirs,
Even if my heart beats a little faster,
Even if I imagine the weight of their bodies upon mine—

I groan and weep on the inside,
For these are nothing compared to what I feel for you.

Nothing compared to this unbearable heat you have set in my sex,
Nothing compared to the dizzying lightness I feel in my heart as I look into your eyes,
Nothing compared to the tremors of joy I feel as your soul speaks to mine.

I am the most embittered of cynics,
With a charred, blackened heart
Made of stone and filled with spite—

And look, how easily you opened it with but a whisper
And lit gentle fires within,
Took a seat there and made it your home.

I am the greediest of harlots,
With a lust that burns and
Devours all, day and night—

Yet everyone else’s kisses
You have turned to but ashes in my mouth,
Everyone else’s lovemaking
You have turned unsatisfying,
Full of failure and hurt.

I don’t know if you are but being kind, but sheltering me in doing this,
Or the most tyrannical of jealous, hateful monsters,
Not allowing me a single pleasure that does not come from you.

Perfumes, films, books, food, dresses—all of these you have touched; all of these little joys remind me of you.

And thus, my Lord, Prema rebels—
She tears off that dress you gave her and drinks and fucks and screams until she is hoarse—

And yet, in her heart of hearts she knows that when she drags herself home at four o’clock in the morning,

There will be a light in the window.

And that when she finally sleeps,
After having wept and wept and wept,
She will do so curled up against your heartbeat.

—  Prema Kalidasi

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Do you think the recent historia hate as of late is reasonable? Particularly about her hitting Eren and telling him to stop crying in the latest chapter.

No. And I know what post you’re referring to, the one that called Historia abusive and then went on to compare her hitting Eren to what Levi has done to Eren and Historia in the past. Because according to this fandom, a 15-year-old hitting another 15-year-old because he’s acting like a suicidal idiot is abuse, but a 30-something man beating the shit out of one 15-year-old and strangling another is okay “because he had a reason for it!”

Also, fun fact: I’ve seen people call Mikasa abusive for throwing Eren against a wall when she was nine. Just let that sink in for a moment.

All it is is blatant sexism.

Honestly, Reconguista in G and Overman King Gainer have a specific flavor that fascinates me. I recall Tomino speaking in an interview about King Gainer where he mentioned that he wanted to show off “these cute robots” to the world, and it really stuck with me the way he compared them to dolls what with King Gainer’s cuddly appearance. It tells me a lot about the way he thinks with regards to his more recent work, I think.

His older shows like Zeta, Ideon, and the original Gundam obviously come from a place of cynicism and bitterness. Sure, his love for mecha shines through, but it’s overshadowed by the depressing storylines and the grim outlook on humanity’s future. There are definitely his goofier works like L-Gaim, Xabungle, and even Turn A, but they have a feel like they’re shows that Tomino made for himself. King Gainer and Reconguista strike me a little different.

Tomino’s always had this almost child-like approach to storytelling. It reminds me somehow of myself when I was a wee hellion. When I was young, I would get all my toys together and they’d have epic battles and it’d be super grimdark because that’s the sort of child I am was. It was this strange narrative where there would be small scale conflicts, but soon things would spiral out of control where everyone was killing everyone. A battle of toys. Batman slaughtering innocent Teddy bears. Toa Gali of Bionicle crushing the skulls of her brothers because they were not actually very nice except for Lewa who she would make out with but not really because masks???

As I get older, I have held on to my toys but I’ve kept them in the closet. Sometimes I do indulge myself and bring them out a bit because I never grew up. If I ever had children, I would love to take out those old toys and have fun light-hearted versions of the great epics of old, and I think that’s really the place that Reconguista and Gainer come from.

In short, I think Reconguista is Tomino taking out his old toys and having a blast with his grandkids, the current generation of young fans. Reconguista makes me feel like a child again in so many ways. It makes me want to do the kind of stuff I used to like burst out of bed at 7 am to watch the latest episode of Digimon every Saturday morning, buy toys, hell, even write doofy self-insert fanfics.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m way off about Tomino and this is a post more about how I enjoy Reconguista than about how he writes/directs it.

Anyway, this has been a Gundam feels post. Sorry, not sorry.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post about anxiety attacks
By the sound of all your answers compared to what I was experiencing, I think I was having a small anxiety attack earlier. I’M OKAY NOW, I’M GOOD

Thanks again to everyone who answered! I really appreciate the help!

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Hey i just really appreciate that std post of yours, I got herpes from rape and it had a terrible impact on my self esteem for years. I had people stop being friends with me and totally cut me off early in relationships because of the stigma around it. I feel like so many people are misinformed and people like you help counter it a lot, thanks!

I am so so sorry that you had to go through that. I wish I could give you a giant hug.
I actually have a family member who has that as well, in their situation it was just because someone failed to inform them of the risks of being sexually involved with them. I have heard the drugs to help with the outbreaks now a days are really great compared to what it once was. 
That bothers me so much that relationships can end because of things like that. As long as you protect your partner it should not be so frowned upon. I want to eliminate the stigma around STDs and STIs. It is childish.
If any person ends a relationship from finding out that someone has something like that then they are childish and super fucking shitty as a human. 
I don’t know you but I love you & you are wonderful. Those jerks can have fun being big manbabies/womanbabies. 

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i'm curious as to how heavy rassilon's horns & stuff are b/c there's so many things on his head?? so regal

based on the weight of rhino horn i estimate about sixty to seventy lbs total for the crown (not counting the skull itself, just the horns, though i’ve given some added weight for bone within the horn). that’s nothing compared to what ankole-watusi cattle carry around on their heads, though, so i’m sure razz can handle it. 

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Aslamu alaykum, hope you're all well in Sha Allah. Can you please make dua that allah guides me. My problems aren't big as compared to what others are going through but I'm having a really tough time. I'm having suicidal thoughts and distancing myself from deen. My parents are stressed and upset with me. But I just don't know how to be good enough. Please make dua for me jazakallah khair


May Allah swt guide you and ease your struggles. Ameen. 

(I got called for an interview for a new job where I’d be making a bunch more money a month compared to what I make now and I just want to be impressive in my interview next week.)


‟Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who’ve ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”Fight Club