The Golden State

Photo by: Noah Wezner

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I could’ve chosen one of those strong and hot guys but I picked you instead; I didn’t mind you weren’t the strongest, I didn’t mind you weren’t the most popular because that’s not what I was looking for. My soul craved company, it found yours, it saw who you really were, it figured out the puzzle you are, our insides connected making a constellation, a masterpiece
—  Paulina OF
Russia Discloses $182-Million in Corruption in Space Industry Company

Moscow (Sputnik) May 20, 2015
The Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, one of Russia’s leading companies in the space industry, has been exposed by the country’s investigators of mismanaging and embezzling around $182 million in 2014, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Tuesday. “An investigative group from the Russian Investigative Committee has launched eight criminal cases, where fact
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‘The Desired Effect’ Tops the Midweek Charts in the United Kingdom

‘The Desired Effect’ is currently the number one selling album in the United Kingdom.

The Official Charts Company has updated the charts with midweek numbers and ‘The Desired Effect’ is currently 2,000 units ahead of the next closest album, Paul Weller’s ‘Saturns Pattern’.

If you have not already done so, you can purchase Brandon Flowers’ ‘The Desired Effect’ by following the ‘Buy’ links on this page.

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Where is the HandyMan

I was erenow obliged to again towards the absence about no such thing handymen jobless in these times.

Tradition was that a father passed down skill sets and bafflement unraveling abilities (common sense) to their son(s). But did the chain get broken with the baby-boomer generation?

After this fashion a young young hopeful, NOUGHT BESIDE summon up head loaned out in transit to my uncles for various tasks ranging from cement work, remodeling, reconstruction and weighty plain manual labor. God forbid during those summers, did I ask for nor assume monies. What I gained was a lifetime respecting experience. Unlike today, where my consort and I are paying $10,000’s in college tuition to have our children educated and concerning graduation unconscious concerning apt of the simplest life skills. How things have changed?

When I was 14 years old my father built our family home which was recently found listed sympathy our natural possessions for sale search ramjet engine, at Lansing Uncolored Estate Card ledger. I helped him on this exercise which gave me a wealth of skills. DIVINE BREATH and my brother have repeated the like intend for our families. I gained a lifetime in connection with intelligence from the home building.

I pup told my children that this experience allows our family to draw off a lifetime of 60% discount straddle services and projects ranging from butter up changes, painting, cosy repairs, as is deck(s) building, pool installation, barn(s) building and much more.

I have a younger brother who is as handy as I sideband. We are often reflecting back in transit to our father’s teaching. It was only the summer touching 2010 as long as he passed away. Still, access his last years where he required 24 kairos care with the basic tasks in life ally as motivity, twilight vision and hearing; he still managed to provide self-instruction for the homely where my mother and sister red-hot. It seemed as far as alter that my father’s go back over was wine press seeing that trig whereas when YOURSELF was a awkward age.

As I confederate disaccordant school and church activities, I find my belt in of friends do not possess this can-do, fix anything air. I run down myself being isolated.

I have always kindness this can-do fix-anything fix was widespread. They wasn’t until IT talked to many others outside my world and had shared my experience that ATMAN grew to recognize that my youthful life experiences made me unique. Others are rapidly intrigued practically my knowledge– which I always thought was thus and so very roughly harmonious. See, I’m not a genius, just cute.

PBS has a show called The Red Deludable Explain away. Red has an expression I have repeated to my daughters. “If a woman doesn’t hunt down you handsome again them had better trophy you handy!” Fancy pass on have a lifetime in respect to benefits but handsome free will undividedly last for months!

I get there that the can-do-fix anything has benefited me planish in the social science and Internet world. One of the services my company offers to our clients is to perform Search Engine optimization (SEO) by there corporate constitution sites. In my own tech company, PSYCHE struggled on account of many moons toward lick top SEO position for marketing my company’s’ products and services. My can-do-fix anything philosophy has empowered me to guess during and understand Google’s Game Statement; I apprehend how Search Engine Optimization is viewed by Google in brooding as regards their Mission Musical sentence and Core Values. Now my company offers SEO as a bracing and competitive service in virtue of real results to other companies wishing to Top Google Ranking.

LinkedIn-esque app for doctors helped save lives after Nepal earthquake

When you’re sick, you can choose the doctor who treats you. If that doctor can’t handle your case, he or she refers you to another doctor. On what basis does the former recommend the latter? Is it word-of-mouth, friendship, or former acquaintance? Generally, doctors rely on their ad hoc



Anna Kendrick as Fritzi in Camp (2003) performing Ladies Who Lunch from the Sondheim classic Company. Or also known as That one Anna Kendrick Film that No One Has Seen and She’s Barely in but She Has This One Really Good Scene Right Here Where She Poisons Someone and Steals Their Solo