Well look at that pretty dog! Let me introduce you to Kota.

Kota recently lost his loving home because his previous owners started going financially under and could no longer support him. Like the loving owners they are, they decided to give him back to his breeder- the exact home I’m moving into myself! Its my job to take care of him while we look for a suitable forever-home, which means it’s also partly on me to help FIND that home. 

Kota is two years old raised around a family. He absolutely LOVES new people and is an extremely social pet and wonderful around a family. He does well with female dog companions, though he is also fine for a single-dog home. He needs someone with a decent amount of time on their hands to love him properly, which just means that he needs lots of walks and play time. 

If you’re looking for a companion to love you unconditionally and to be active with you, then Please consider this loveable goof-ball!

Contact me [Here] for breed-details and his adoption cost.

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People keep themselves at a tolerable height above an infernal abyss toward which they gravitate only by putting out all their strength and lovingly helping one another. They are tied together by ropes, and it’s bad enough when the ropes around an individual loosen and he drops somewhat lower than the others into empty space; ghastly when the ropes break and he falls. That’s why we should cling to the others.
—  Franz Kafka

We were created to love,
To want to be loved,
And feel incomplete,
As we come from Adam,
Who yearned for Hawaa,
He sought solace with her,
Just like the Prophet ﷺ,
He loved Khadijah immensely,
And she returned his love graciously.

Allah works in mysterious ways,
Through our loneliness,
He wants us to turn to Him.

Adam sought a companion,
He blessed him wonderfully,
Curing his lonely heart.

When I meet a new person who becomes at least a moderately large part of my life I often think about the amount of years that person spent without me in their life.

Its weird to think that someone who has come to mean a great deal to you has spent 99% of their existence not knowing who you are..

Had your life paths not crossed then you’d simply have walked past one another had your routes intersected on the street..

All this time that has elapsed and its only now that you’ve been able to meet.