Sugino OX801D 48/32 by WickedVT
Via Flickr:
Had to order this sucker from Japan because all the US distributors only carry 48/34 - which completely sidesteps the most appealing feature of this crank, which is the dual BCD that allows for a wide range double setup. I’ve got a 32t inner ring with a 48t outer. I might try a 30t inner later and see how it shifts. 18 is a big drop but that derailleur seems to be just about perfect to handle it.

Love Guerlain Météorites but want something compact, portable, and less likely to spill over?

The Météorites Light Revealing compacts are out along with the Spring 2015 makeup collection.

My fave - as always - is 03 Medium (left) although the classic color is 02 Clair (right). It just sits nicer on my yellow toned skin and helps to correct unevenness better when you use the right tone for your face.

If you have questions about what they are, and how to use them, hop on over to:

“Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good.”

That’s the new credo for #Dior’s brand new Diorskin Nude Air range, which combines skincare properties with ultra-light texture, and a healthy velvety second-skin glow.

The Serum Foundation (SG$88), Loose Powder ($88), and Healthy Glow Invisible Powder ($86) in the range will launch 1 April in Singapore.

Of all the volatile oil foundation formulas on the market currently, this is the sheerest and most natural-looking. More details in a full review as soon as I give everything a test-run!

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