Love Guerlain Météorites but want something compact, portable, and less likely to spill over?

The Météorites Light Revealing compacts are out along with the Spring 2015 makeup collection.

My fave - as always - is 03 Medium (left) although the classic color is 02 Clair (right). It just sits nicer on my yellow toned skin and helps to correct unevenness better when you use the right tone for your face.

If you have questions about what they are, and how to use them, hop on over to:

“Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good.”

That’s the new credo for #Dior’s brand new Diorskin Nude Air range, which combines skincare properties with ultra-light texture, and a healthy velvety second-skin glow.

The Serum Foundation (SG$88), Loose Powder ($88), and Healthy Glow Invisible Powder ($86) in the range will launch 1 April in Singapore.

Of all the volatile oil foundation formulas on the market currently, this is the sheerest and most natural-looking. More details in a full review as soon as I give everything a test-run!

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Sailor Moon Henshin Brooch Mirror Case by Bandai.

I’m so pleasantly surprised by the quality of this!! It is probably the most plain looking design of all the compacts of the Sailor Moon series, and they really made up for it in all these little details. The quality of the plastic is excellent (no visible plastic flash from production molds), as well as the mirror and crystals, too. It’s arguably much better made than the anniversary cosmic heart compact. Whoever was in charge of this project deserves a pat on the back.

It’s kind of a bummer that the tiny bottle inside is just decoration (it doesn’t pop out).. Also, I’m not sure if you can tell for the photo but there’s a strand of fuzz trapped between the center gem and the surface of the brooch… But those are my only gripes! Otherwise, I’m in love!