Even Romero made it very clear who would actually survive the zombie apocalypse: the rich. Does no one remember Dennis Hopper bossing Simon Baker and John Legiozamo (sp?)

Get real nerds. You don’t understand the zombie apocalypse if you don’t understand the nature of class society. Fight me.

Pay close attention now. They are spinning a narrative where they will absolve occifer wilson. It begins with their story that our brother Michael brown may have “strong armed,” someone for cigars. And, it will end with them saying he did not comply and went for the pigs gun and some of these bourgeois forces in our comnunity will help them spin their story and pull the wool over our eyes. Suspicious that this just comes out now. Even if the brother took cigars, so what, that’s not why he was stopped and it isnt why he was murdered. Stay vigilant, dont let them run down a slick line and some jive bourgeois so called leaders put out our anger and righteous indignation. Let it burn bright, let it radiate through your skin and may it consume those who oppress.

A little more optimistic for a pessimist

If you don’t consider Comnunity Shield as a silverware then I simply have little clue on how delusional you are. Every big club who had previously won the Community Shield celebrated it like no tomorrow. A silverware addition to the trophy cabinet provides good vibes for the squad. Look at the lovely expression coming from our new signings. They were beyond happy and that means they will work extra hard.

Remember the last time Arsenal didn’t win a cup? Me neither *winks* No I’m not being arrogant bish but I’m sick of the moans and whines coming from the fans and the non fans. If you consider UCL or BPL as the cups you prefer to win then why do your beloved teams compete in the first place?

Honestly I had less expectation during the community shield’s match against Manchester City. I mean seriously who had the prediction that we’d leave them 3-0 down? This is Manchester City that won the league, whoa hold up. Either the Manchester City players looked down on us or they just gave in easily.

Whaat? No..not like that. In my most humble opinion, the opponents were tired and almost homesicked at some points. They were bulky, perhaps too much burgers and sodas or they didn’t care as long as the paychecks roll in.

While the Arsenal players were incredibly sharp and dilligent. Surprising isn’t? I even told my dad that Arsenal now has improved their I was happy because we’re finally rotating into the right direction, hopefully this will last.


We let the emirates cup slipped away, every other fan would moan on social media pretending the world had come crumbling down. But I thought the emirates cup matches were good for the young players and the players who came back from holiday etc etc. Yes it would’ve been perfect to bring the cup home but yeah we lost it. Hopefully next year we have the chance to win it.

As a fan that perhaps has less knowledge than the others, I do love seeing Arsenal winning games. Watching them play on the field oozes with confidence brings happiness and joy.

Honestly I still expect AW to bring in two more players although I have several doubts seeing the fact that we’re nearing the end of the transfer window. Not that I see little chance of us competing with the big teams with our current squad but if the CB/DMF both have arrived before the league starts, they will have more time to adapt to the new surrounding and the other players. Hmm, we’ll see we’ll see.

I have less doubt in AW as I’m one of those believers that feels confident in AW’s decision even when he’s being stubborn (d’oh we have been chanting for new DMF for how many years now?). Hopefully there will be at least one signing before the transfer window closes.