Community ABC’s
↳ D: The Darkest Timeline

"Enough with the timeline crap, Abed! Pierce got shot in the leg and died. Shirley’s a drunk. Annie’s locked in a mental ward because her guilt drove her insane. Jeff lost an arm in the fire. Troy lost his larynx because for some dumb reason he tried to destroy a flaming troll doll by eating it. Life has gone to hell, Abed!" 

Cadbury’s was an early pioneer of ethical business. Construction of their first factory included thousands of homes for its workers, literally building a community on site. All homes had gardens and access to ample green space. These homes are still standing, and many of their 25,000 residents still work for Cadbury’s, still renting their homes from the trust that was created to look after these community assets.
Community is doing life with other people. It’s showing up for people at 2 AM. It’s random diner trips and deep conversations. Community is people who cheer for you and get on planes to see you and show up at the train station to grab you when you need a ride. They are people you can call and cry to. Community is made up of individuals who get you and ask the tough questions.
—  Hannah Brencher

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On September 17, 2014, the hip-hop community lost one of its most enthusiastic, devoted soldiers, Earl Patrick McNease. Known to all of us as Praverb, he was a rapper, DIY marketing expert, blogger, but more importantly, a sincere human being whose mission seemed to involve helping everyone who came across his path. 

Praverb was a great person and a selfless supporter of me, my artists, and the entire music industry. It’s easy to see upon reflection, Praverb was what it looked like to not yet be abused by time and the darker side of this industry. His love of music was pure and that made him an amazing reflection of why so many of us got involved in music in the first place. 

Please consider contributing to the GoFundMe page that was set up to honor his memory and help his family during this very difficult time. Rest In Peace, Praverb

"We both have a passion for poetry and music and art. We’re both also really good at throwing kick ass parties. So we decided to take our passion and form a non-profit organization that raises money for various local charities that we feel are worthwhile. There is such a great creative community here but we wanted to take that and make it less about selling tickets and more about helping people."

We’re not called to follow the world or the body of Christ, we’re called to follow Jesus. We need one another to fill the earth with His glory, but we don’t need one another to know who we are. To know the love of Christ is to be filled with all the fullness of God. That’s a house with no empty rooms, a town with no empty houses. We’re complete and fulfilled in knowing the love of Christ. And Jesus didn’t just come to tell us He loves us, He came to show us He loves us because He is the perfect love of God and when you know Him, you become like Him.