Important lessons we learned from Bruce Jenner's moving interview:

1.) When it comes to gender identity, we absolutely have to be respectful and let an individual be as public or private as they want to be

2.)When it comes to a gender transition, a person transitioning does not owe the world details

3.)You can take your life experience and use it to educate and help others

4.) No matter where you fall on the gender spectrum, you are the one who gets to define yourself


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A tour through Point Ouerbacker cont’d.

Cannery Row

Once the mainstay of Freslock Bay, the fishing and canning industry has all but collapsed, leaving the town reliant almost entirely on the government and the tourist industry. These old canneries have been repurposed into the Freslock Bay Farmer’s Market and Freslock Bay Community Theatre.


Today we had our April event and it was yet another success. We had a total of 13 volunteers this time around. We helped pack and distribute fresh produce for City Harvest at their mobile market in Washington Heights. We helped distribute hundreds of watermelon, onion, squash and lettuce. We were split up amongst the stations and I am proud of how hard each volunteer worked. Thank you to all our awesome volunteers for being stars. I wish I got to spend more time with each of you but I hope to see you all again. You make me proud to be captain of such an amazing group of people and to be part of Have a Hart Day.

Your Secret Admirer

Whenever people complain about the next generation on Facebook and Twitter and the like, I always tell them to check out Tumblr.

I came here looking to expand my social media reach and instead found myself immersed in what I can only describe as “that Prom Queen scene from Mean Girls” (but forever).

I don’t know if it’s just the people I follow, or the blogs I stumble across, but I feel a lot of hope for the future when I scroll through my dashboard. You’re such a supportive, curious, brave bunch of people. You’re willing to learn and to discuss, debate and teach.

I feel very honoured to be able to experience the details of your lives: the anxieties, the moments of self-doubt and fear and the huge rallying of community spirit to help each other through those times. (As well as the fandoms, constant shipping and perfect gifs.)

The media has a habit of portraying young people either as those to be feared - to be concerned about, or as unattainably high-achieving saints, with very little coverage for the middle-ground (or the under-ground for those facing difficult situations).

I’m sorry for the slightly older (to the much older) generations who undermine or underestimate you. You are capable and already achieving so much, even if they/we can’t always see it. If you’re not already, you guys are gonna shine as bright as you do on here.