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how did you cope with donald leaving the show? tbh I'm still sad over it hahahaha I loved Troy so much

Troy Barnes is so so important. his role in the show and the group was so influential. He was the heart.(thats racist!)  He was the soul.(that’s racist!) the eyes? (thats gay? that’s homophobic).

Clearly I still quote him each day lmao. but with all seriousness I do miss him. and although I wish Donald the best of luck in his rap career I still hope He comes back. he has clearly stated that his relationship with the crew is really great still. so (fingers crossed!)

Learning To Feel Worthy

You know, a few days ago at a wedding, a friend of mine told me I looked hot. He’s a great friend and although I know that he does not easily say things like this, I honestly can’t say that I believed him. While I said thank you; in my mind I only heard “He’s just saying that to make you feel better. Don’t believe it.”

It’s shameful to me. It’s shameful to me that there are days I hear “You’re beautiful” or “You look stunning” or “You’re so smart, you have the world in front of you,” all I hear back are whispers of “you’re not good enough”.

I wish to myself that I wouldn’t feel this way; I pray that I could honestly always believe that I was enough, that I was beautiful enough, smart enough, just enough.

However, even with everything in the world going for me…I doubt.

I doubt a lot.

I write this because I, like many of you, am on a journey. I cannot imagine that a person, like me, who was so loved all her life would struggle so much.I write this because I know that I am one day closer to the end of this journey. I write this because I know somewhere out there, someone else is crying like me.

This post is simple. You and I are worthy of feeling worthy, and until I believe that, every day (not just most days) I will write to you. I will reach out to you, oh precious one who doesn’t love the curve of her stomach, or the freckles on her cheek. To the one who does not believe they are good enough to get whatever job they want, or does not feel that they can take even one step today…I write this to you.

I write for you, for me…for all of us who are on a journey.

It’s okay to be not okay.

It’s perfectly okay to understand that this is just a moment…the tears, the pain, the emotion.

It’s okay to have days like this. It’s okay to cry.

It’s even better to take a breath, understand why you are feeling the way you are, and then move forward. It’s even better, if you’re like me, to put on music that points me to a power higher than myself and rest in that. It’s even better to put on your gear and run, run, run…it’s even better to have a bit of chocolate and then find a friend and tell them that “Today, I’m struggling”.

We’re all going to have days like this…but let them only be moments, then turn around, look in the mirror and know that these moments do not control us, we control them.

We are so worthy of knowing our worth. We are so worth loving.

Written and loved on by Michelle Plett

P.S. If you have a story to tell, don’t hesitate to submit your word-love You honestly have no clue how many hearts are just like yours, and with that, they need just the same amount of reminders that they are not alone in their struggles.

About Jeff and Annie

The thing is, they are not going to get together, or even kiss again for that matter. It seems obvious to me the writers strongly dislike not only the ship, but the shippers as well. I still think the “pathological” thing is how all of the writers, including Harmon, feel about J/A shippers. It’s just not a good PR move to say it out loud. 

Harmon keeps regurgitating the same “there are feeling there, on both sides” bullshit for YEARS now. The only problem, he doesn’t act on it. He doesn’t mean it. He’s stringing the J/A fandom along, without ever intending to actually progress the relationship. It’s a great way of keeping a huge part of the fandom interested, meanwhile on the actual show- it’s all about his girlfriend Britta and his self-insert, Jeff. 

Also, unpopular opinion, Joel doesn’t seem to like Alison. I just saw the old Paley interview where Ali was asked to rap, and he was clearly annoyed by her. And Yvette looked like she hated her with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, but that’s beside the point. Yvette has never even tried to hide it, IMO.

All in all, this is not going to happen. I just feel frustrated that the writers and creator of the show keep lying to us and so many people still believe them.

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the whole 'six seasons and a movie' thing, do you know if that is actually happening?

Dan Harmon (creator) was asked about it a couple of times. He said he was interested in the idea. and he wanted to “send the group off on a trip or something” at the end of a season. and the next season “they come back and one of them has an eye patch on and they’re all like ‘let’s never speak of this again’ 

so he did give it some thought. although personally, I don’t see it happening cause I think Yahoo bought the show for a reason. and that reason is a continuous web series and dan harmon did state “we wrote the season open ended (season 6) so that there is no real ending to it on the horizon. so I think rather than six seasons and a movie we might get 10 seasons. but at this point everyone related to the show have kept a tight lip.