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breaking bad/better call saul
house of cards
the simpsons

I swear and I’m super cool awesome and all that shiz

There are many submission blogs here on tumblr to help get you gain more followers, but did you know there is one for Christians to connect?
Let The Christians Unite (http://letthechristiansunite.tumblr.com) is a submission blog where the Christians of tumblr can submit a short advertisement about their blog to let the other tumblr Christians know they are out there.

If you are a Christian and want to find other Christians to follow and connect with, this blog is an easy way to do so. LTTCU needs your submission to help this this blog rolling! What this blog needs is YOUR face.
Please: Don’t just follow. Submit! Be sure to tell all your followers about this page as well.

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Let the Christians unite!

Fic: Where the Night Takes Us

Summary: “You know what,” Jeff says to her, heady with her scent and proximity as she sits next to him. Their faces are so close and their lips are so near it’s tantalising, but he refuses to close the gap. The time isn’t just right yet. “Annie, I think we should go on an adventure. Just the two of us. Tonight.”
[604 post ep fic. Written for kiki’s J/A post ep fic fest on tumblr and based off Virginiagirl101’s m/m prompt. My personal favourite of all the JA fics I’ve written up to this point. Enjoy! Please read and review/comment! :)]
Rating: T 

Let the night take you here  

(can also be found at LJ here


Hi! I’m Ari and I’m a chronically fabulous spoonie! I have had gastroparesis my whole life (my stomach and small intestine are both completely paralyzed ) ehlers danlos syndrome lll, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, femoral acetabular impingement, endometriosis, asthma, POTS, and other issues. Can you imagine never being able to eat or drink any liquids or take anything by mouth EVER again? With gastroparesis I can’t. I’m completely NPO (nothing by mouth) and am entirely reliant off of TPN through my hickman central line in my chest which is causing liver and kidney problems. I’ve exhausted all treatment options and am at a dead end right now. Due to EDS my joints constantly dislocate and effect issues in my hips and joints I already have causing a ton of pain and issues and leaving me a full time wheelchair user. I could go on and on! But the point is I have no shame in showing others what I go through! I will continue to raise awareness and help others as much as possible! I’m so thankful for the amazing spoonie/hospitalglam/chronic illness community on tumblr I have met amazing people through it and have learned to feel comfortable with my illnesses! Chronic illness and disability at a young age is tough, but that’s why we should show others just how strong we are! I’m an active cosplayer, con goer, gamer, anime lover, music enthusiast, and all around dork. Don’t let your disability hinder your passions or confidence you are all so amazing <3 Spread awareness and support your local handicapable chronically strong dork today!