The Affirmations Kickstarter is half-way funded! Thanks to all who have helped get it this far!!

In response to requests, I’ve added Kickstarter reward categories for multiple copies to share with friends and family. A $60 pledge gets 5 copies (you save $40), and a $110 pledge gets 10 (you save $90). Those who have already pledged can change to these, if you so desire.

  • upper-middle class teenage american:capitalism is scum. communism is the way to go! equality for everyone sounds really nice!
  • vietnamese-american:well, a communist system of government tried to kill my family, so i'm pretty opposed to it.
  • upper-middle class teenage american:yeah, but that wasn't real communism. real communism is really nice, because no one's ever hungry!
  • ukrainian:are you kidding me? is this a joke?
  • north korean:what
  • upper-middle class teenage american:with communism, everyone has a job!
  • 10 year old soviet child:well, they aren't lying. everybody has a job...collective farms are nice this time of year.
  • chinese citizen:*cries*
  • upper-middle class teenage american:capitalism is the worst system!

This weekend NYC: let’s talk about building our organizations to fight and defeat capitalism/imperialism!

For pretty much the whole weekend I’ll be at a table in the Exhibition area of the Left Forum. It’s listed as “Proletarian Alternative” (we’re sharing with WW3 magazine). Please come by to chat – let’s talk about how we can organize to challenge and bring down global capitalism!

I’ll have plenty of copies of my book, “Capitalism Must Die! A basic introduction to capitalism: what it is, why it sucks, and how to crush it” (Second Edition 2015).

We’re also offering free pamphlets from Proletarian Alternative, including:

* “Wage Struggles: Reformist or Revolutionary?”
* “A Brief Definition of Revolution”
* “10 Starting Points for Revolutionary Proletarian Militants”
* “Why Environmentalists Should Support Working Class Struggles”

and much more!

The only difference between  a Nazi and a Communist

Normal Person: “so ummmm…. you support genocide?”

Nazi: “Shut up! you’re wrong, the Holocaust never happened. It’s all just Jewish propaganda”

Normal Person: “so ummmm…. you support genocide?”

Communist:“Shut up! you’re wrong, the Holodomor never happened. It’s all just Bourgeoisie propaganda”