Moving Beyond Organizing to “Seize Power”

This also means that, like the Zapatistas, we need to refuse the history and traditions of left organizing that seek to “seize state power” and which claim the “leadership” of the working class. These forms of organizing end up replicating all the old shit – relations of hierarchy, command, top-down relations, forms of oppression, and of stifling grass roots and direct action initiatives and creativity. Instead we need to find ways to organize that facilitate and catalyze working class and oppressed people’s self-activity and their own power (“power to” as opposed to “power over,” to use John Holloway’s expression) and to facilitate the circulations of struggles to undercut and deconstruct the ‘power over’ of capital, bureaucratic and state relations, and various forms of oppression. These developments create new spaces for making actual the politics of revolution – but revolution no longer understood as the moment of insurrection, or of “seizing power” but as a long, and ongoing process of contestation and transformation in many different social sites and settings. It is not just capital and the state in a narrow sense that are the problem, but all forms of oppression and exploitation. An important part of the struggle involves a struggle against ourselves and for the transformation of ourselves since we are also implicated in capitalist relations and quite often relations of oppression (or “power over”).

Countries during the WWII

Germany: Surprise, bitch! I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

France: War? Which war?

the USSR: WTF IS GOING ON!? WHY AM I ALWAYS THE ONE WHO GETS ALL THE SHIT!?! #in_stalin_we_trust #nazis_hate_me_cuz_they_ain’t_me

Italy: oh, what a great idea to start a war, Germany! I’m with you!! But only till 1943. It’s siesta after 1943 

Japan: hey, Europe, I’m important

Poland: #RIP_Poland

the UK: suck it, continental assholes! I’m an island

the US: I think I should announce my involvement into the war in 1941, tho really involve 3 years later. Why? Because I can!

Switzerland: too neutral for this shit

Spain: mmm…me gusta *a bit later* no, no me gusta


USSR In Construction - The Stalin Constitution ☭

Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

Official Anthem: State Anthem of the Azerbaijan SSR

A republic of oil and cotton, fruit and silk, flourishing Azerbaidjan - great and beloved are the names inscribed on her banners. Stalin was the teacher of the Baku proletariat. Here he directed the first steps of the Revolution when Nobel and Mantashev were the virtual kings of Baku. He drew up the plan for the revival and expansion of the oil industry of the Soviet Union. It was he who with Lenin built the Transcaucasian Federation which united the hitherto hostile peoples in unbreakable bonds of fraternity, and which prepared the way for the Three Union Republics - Georgia, Azerbaidjan and Armenia.

Kirov and Orjonikidze, Voroshilov and Shaumyan led the working class of Baku to power.Splendid is the past of Soviet Azerbaidjan and bright its future.

Grain depends on oil, for the tractors are driven by it. Transport depends on oil, for locomotives, ships and automobiles are driven by it. Our glorious aviators depend on oil, for the engines of our airplanes are driven by it. Our defence depends on oil, for a mechanised army cannot exist without it. All praise to Soviet Azerbaidjan, which supplies fuel for all the motors in the country!

Although I don’t typically subscribe to them, this is a solid ‘stereotypical American’ joke. US Agent, don’t ever stop being you, you insane Captain America-replacing son of a bitch. From “Mighty Avengers” (2007-2010) #31.

Have you considered: People deserve food, shelter, and medicine whether or not they can produce profitable labor

Humans Need not Apply: How Automation will increasingly negate the need for human labor in the work force.

Basic Universal Income: Yes, the economy can survive without all people being gainfully employed. 

Imagine all the things you COULD do if you didn’t have to worry about where your next paycheck was coming from. If we can restructure our economy, technology could very easily make this a reality within our lifetimes.

This means amazing things. Wage gaps and pay gaps, the exploitation of women, the disabled, and undocumented workers, and workplace discrimination, poverty, homelessness would all drastically be reduced if Basic Income became a reality. And with increasing automation on the rise, this economic system is more needed than ever.