PonderlustEpisode 12: How To Build A Better School System (with Special Guest Chace McLees)’ is officially live and available to watch (or listen)! 

Rynne touches on the education standards from the perspective of academia; Colin speaks about the images teachers are forced to take on while enduring a bureaucratic system of intellectual and imaginative restraint on faculty; Jess asserts the importance of art and physical creativity as an essential aspect for quality development; Rich suggests the problem of scientific illiteracy stems from influences/hindrances of media/society alongside viewing education as a process of parenting and mentorship beyond the school bell each day; and our guest Chace expands on his view of the current education model in America through the lens of current Common Core, NGSS standards. 

All of the above and more from this episode! References to educational resources mentioned in Episode 12 include ‘Janet’s Planet’, and From Quarks To Quasars’ YouTube Channel. As always, Ponderlust is presented by Endeavorist, the world’s first curiosity network for the democratization of science

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I don’t know why westerners like to underestimate the Chinese so frequently. If I had to guess I’d say China’s communist government falls soon, then for 50-60 years the fractured regions become the globe’s shining beacons of prosperity and free enterprise, then in 2092 someone name Li will claim the Mandate of Heaven to usher in the 22nd century under a new (probably reborn) Dynasty whose territory will cover all of Asia and the south east island countries.


I did a guitar cover of A Day To Remember’s song All I Want, check it out or something.

  • Artist: Steven Belledin
  • Card Name: Sinew Sliver
  • Card Number: no 30
  • Card Text: All Sliver creatures get +1/+1.
  • Community Rating: 4 to 4.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 2
  • Expansion: Planar Chaos
  • Flavor Text: As the muscle cords of the creature twitched, Hanna saw an unsettling unanimity in the others’ rippling flesh. She didn’t know what it meant, but she urged Sisay to keep the ship at a safe distance.
  • Mana Cost: [1][White]
  • P⁄T: 1 ⁄ 1
  • Rarity: Common
  • Types: Creature — Sliver