I had to make this post to go along with this video, because really, Crested pigeons (Ocyphaps lophotes, top three photos) are freaking pretty.  I’ve also included another Australian Columbid that I’m jealous of, the Common Bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera, bottom three photos).

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Lip Kee
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Ian Montgomery
Ákos Lumnitzer
Ian Montgomery

Common Bronzewing

This image is also the result of me being called to see what was outside by Matthew.  I was grabbing some washing to hang out, and instead of a basket, Matthew came running into the laundry with a “pigeons outside Daddy!”.  So we grabbed “our” camera and walked outside.

I saw the Bronzewing through the window but we haven’t had a whole lot of luck getting a reasonable image of them.  This morning (not the day of this image) there were 12 sitting on the shed roof!  With sentries posted around the edge while the other fed and then they swapped out so all of them could feed.  It was spectacular to see!  

But, back to the image!  I walked outside with Matthew and we poked our way around the washing and there this Bronzewing sat.  Just looking at us.  Usually they get “whiff” of us and off they go.  But this one, sat there and watched.  Didn’t do anything but watch us.

Made a few images, mentioned to the Bronzewing that we were grateful for the session, and that it was okay if it wanted to go.  So, it sat there.  8-))  Just sat there.  I realised I was just watching it, when I felt Matthew and heard him say, “I’m hungry, Daddy!”  8-)))

Mandurah, Western Australia

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