Who wants me to draw their blog

I need stuff to do and really want to get back into drawing more so I thought i’d practice by drawing people’s blogs by just seeing what character ideas come from it or you can add your favourite character in a reblog if you want that c:

I’ll warn you guys that I suck at drawing boys but i’ll try my hardest! So reblog away you lovely people <3


You can find all my finished drawings on my tag #blog art . Also i’ll be a little busy this week because I have play and stuff but i’ll try to get them all done to my best ability! 

I draw everything on ms paint (XP version), and make everything transparent in Photoshop.


Head - Torso - £5

Full body- £10


Pastel Doodles - £5

Bright Doodles- £5


Paint tool sai stuff £15-£30:



Base-on-me - £7: I will create a fully drawn character based from your blogs layout. I will draw the character from all angles for £15 (Front, side back)

Surprise me - (????): Tell me the price you’d like to pay, and tell me some colours, themes, music, T.V. shows, vibes etc and then I’ll draw a picture based off of those things.


I also draw NSFW content for £15 per character. 


Feel free to contact me via ask, fan mail, or skype “Rayvensheart” for any details, I am very patient and willing to answer any questions.


So I’m hella broke because of my car and school is coming up and i have to be able to get at least 3 classes, so I am opening commissions. ouo

  • Sketch: $2
  • Colored sketch: $4
  • Line Art: $8
  • Flat Colors: $12
  • Finished: $18

If you want two characters it be $30 for both, fully colored. :3

Payments can be made through: Paypal/Chase

[If you’re not interested it be totally rad if you could just reblog it for me to get it around. Thanks!]

Etsy shop

(Chibi Commission)

I can draw you and your favorite person, full-body and full-colored for only $25!!


I thought this would be kinda helpful for those who don’t know what to get their significant other for Valentines day.  ovo  Please tell your friends about this offer, V-Day’s only a month away!
And to all the singles out there - This offer isn’t just for couples, you can always get a drawing of you and your best friend, or you and your favorite fictional character!!  
Have fun, don’t forget to love one another, and most importantly - LOVE YOURSELF!  (๑•◡-๑)


Betta Adventures Commissions 

Hello everyone! Now that school’s over I will be opening commissions! All betta pendants are uniquely made and they will all be made differently. If there is something you like on the other betta pendants that you’d like to request, let me know. But keep in mind it might not be the exact same. 


Betta Pendants $15

Snail $3 

Goldfish $13 (That’s the only design I have for now but you can always request different colors) 

The above Necklace design is $20 (Includes necklace chain, 18”) 


Shipping in the US is $2

Shipping to Canada $4

I will ship to other places as well that will have to be calculated because I’ve only shipped inside the US and Canada in the past. 

If you’re interested in one you just gotta send me an ask and we’ll talk then :)

Thanks guys! 

P.S. A signal boost would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Sweater Weather Commissions are Open

Waist-up full colored sweater commissions are $10!!




Here’s a little last minute Christmas present you can get for someone!  The sweaters can either be festive or neutral, it’s up to you!  Your commission will be completed on the same day you order!  Tell your friends about this special holiday offer, please and thank you  ;u;  Happy Holidays and happy shopping!


Ayyy what up!! so here are the commission rules or whatever. (Click for full view)

1) No NSFW ( But i live for blood and gore so gimmIE)

2) I can refuse a commission

3) Animals will be extra (bEcAUSE ANIMALS ARE HARD OKAY)

4) I only use Paypal

5) pay BEFORE I start the commission

You can email me at xxpocketowlxx[at]yahoo.com or message me here through tumblr. I will need proper reference or I will refuse. I will send you the sketch, change whatever you’d like to be changed and then finish the commission.

Additional people we can work something out.

Thankyou!! please reblog and share around if you cannot purchase it would mean the world to me.