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im in college now and i feel like i have no one. my friends im making all have other friends and when they invite me out i go but i just cant help but feeling like the odd one out. i miss people i used to be friends with and my one best friend who goes to a comminty college next to mine has turned into a completely different person and sleeps around and went off on me when i tried to talk to her about it, i just am sad

I’m sorry love! It’s really hard making friends at first but just be yourself & you gotta let go of all the comparisons of your old friends. You’ll never be able to build connections. I know familiarity is something we always crave because of the comfort but regroup & give em another chance. You might not have the same friendships but you’ll have new different ones that you can experience in new ways. Be light hearted & talk to everyone give em a chance to take a role in your life! I’m sure she’s trying to find herself & as much as you want to steer her in your view of right it’s hard growing up already so hearing what you’re doing wrong makes ppl crazy. If she isn’t being a good friend to you distance yourself & hopefully she will appreciate the love you give her soon enough! I hope your days get better go hang out with ppl you wouldn’t before and let people fall in love with you. Don’t be sad babe you have the world at your feet it’s all about perspective!! Besos bright eyes xo

Parents //

I’m one to rant, a lot. My parents. I can rant about that ALL day. To be honest, I think it’s so selfish of them to do what they are doing. I am 18, been out of HS for a year. I took a semseter off of comminty college. Trying to find myself, what I want to do. But now, I am on track, KNOW exactly what I want to do. So, in the mean time, Going on to my second semester of Comminity. Taking 3 classes and waiting on a job. So in the mean time I am cleaning my parents home ( cause typically , it’s theirs not mine. So im homeless, i just live in a house with my parents ) so i dont pay bills, cool. But, know my dad isnt working so money is going to be tight, yet they spend it on stupid irrelevant stuff, knowing they have big bills. So basically the story is, They want me to pay for all of my expensives, okay will do. Ill just learn better savings and not trip about it. I got this.

SO now, I pay for gas in my car, my schooling, my personal items, my clothes, and NOW they want me to pay for bills around here, and guess what, my own car insurance. BUT here is the catcher, they will pay for all my sisters stuff. IF she wants something, you got it. The kids want something, BAM got it. ME, no you have your own money.

( its literally so annoying. i cannot stand it )

But here is the funny part, I get home from my class 8:20 p.m ish. And my mom tells me, “I need to go to the store” uhm, I have barley any gas in my car, and I just passed all the stores, and food places. Simply and nicely, I say “No” Its almost 9, im tired, I just got out of class and now you want me to go to the store, and youre not even being nice about it? no. No. NO! be mad I do not care. Their scheduals are so messed up, and they are insecure..

I wish they could be some what considerate. I clean your house, I make sure things are dialed in. But now? and you are mad cause i wont go to a store at 9 at night. NO.

Story of choosing a webhost

Sweet, got my thesis done and now I got time for my coding projects. I’ve been wondering for a while, where is should host my sites. Biggest reason is that the amount of sites I’m managing is growing; I see few sites in the future that I will need to manage. Well long story short, normal single website host for every site just isn’t very cost efficient, or even necessary since none of my sites get huge traffic, yet. So I decided to look into where to host several sites, with some room to grow.

I started from the giants and explored Amazon AWS quite a bit, but it is a slightly too much for my use, though I will certainly use S3-storage someday. Heroku looked fun, but again a bit too much server management for my purposes. Digital Ocean was super easy to start with and the comminty had awesome tutorials. I was able to set up a LAMP server with two different WP installations with different URLs in no-time! But again, too much command line action for my use.

After getting recommended of Mediatemple in Twitter, I remembered this nicely branded premium hosting provider, who offers slightly more expensive service, but with superior customer service. Being pretty easily drawn to products crafted with love and care for detail, I kinda felt in love. Their GRID sounded exactly the service I needed, they even had Git installed, sweet. The only draw back is that the servers are in the States and all my sites are in Finland… If any who reads this has super in-depth knowledge on SEO, I’d love to know if the location affects to results. I did some very basic speed test and I (mt) seemed fast enough. I chose to give Mediatemple Grid a try, after all they have 30-day money back guarantee.

At first I was super excited; setup was easy, account manager was nicely designed and easy to use, and the docs were helpful. Then I installed a Wordpress site ( to the server, page load seemed really fast (maybe because the increased computing power, since the Souvvi’s current theme is like 3 years old and is not the most efficient one, update is on the way…)

After rather vague qualitative tests, I did some ping tests and benchmarked the results to multiple Finnish sites, and was pretty disappointed. I thought why I didn’t test this before. Average Ping was around 170ms, which is due to the server location of course. After studying the situation a while, I discovered that Cloudflare-service was included in the (mt) subscribtion. I turned it on, and voilá, the page was faster thanks to CDN caching. Pings dropped to around 40ms.

However, since Cloudflare caches the requests - including requests with queries - this whole setup resulted to inability to upload anything to the server, or basically do anything with queries, since the responses were all cached. Though, it is possible to set Cloudflare to not cache certain URLs, I really didn’t feel comfortable anymore. The next problem was upload speed. Super slow… Well, after all this hassle, I decided that this is too much for just to have servers located in the states and have nice looking account manager. Mediatemple didn’t qualify.

Back in square one. I took another look on to the “Power” -hosting service (Webhotel Teho), and it seemed similar to the GRID, but there was not too much info on the features such as root access, and ability to install applications to the server (Git). Well, I contacted sales, and turned out that root access and installing apps was possibe. Yeehaw!

So in the end, I ended up choosing the same finnish service provider that I had previously, but now with just slightly more powerfull setup. has been on the new server for a week or so now, and is working super good. I now have good place to host multiple sites and I don’t need to have too much sysadmin work. Perfect! Plus I do have a test server in Digital Ocean, where I can play around with python, node and sysadmin tricks, without crashing client sites…

Got my self hosted and now ready to do some serious coding!