I had a message today asking what the moving background image was, that you see outside of almost all the windows in the first Bioshock. I always wondered the same thing. One day while exploring outside of one of the levels, i came across the first picture. Essentially what you see is a TGA texture file, that wraps around the area you play in. It seems the Rapture you run around in, is inclosed inside a big globe (skybox) of Rapture. The next two pics try to show how it appears to move. Theres an invisible panel, for lack of a better word, over the windows that distorts the image as you look through it, giving the illusion of being underwater. It does the same thing if youre outside looking in. If you look closely in these two shots, you can see that im right on the panel. Part of the image is normal, the other is messed up. The final picture is the actual texture file itself. 

4k version of the first screenshot

Running Man Ep. 240

I smiled from when those flower boys entered the room til the very end of the show. This episode was really fun; it’s been a while since I felt a good mixture of laughter, shock, and fear all in one Running Man episode.
Kang Ha-Neul- Love his voice! I was impressed he could sing so steadily while shaking that much. He was innocently halarious during the quiz game.
Kim Woo Bin- Boy, first you’re smart, then you dance, then you shake, then you sing, then you become Suk Jin’s bodyguard. How can I NOT fangirl whenever you’re on screen?
Junho- I don’t remember much from him except when he and Kwang Soo sang HeartBeat by 2pm


WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FREAKING RUDE?!?! ( Sarcasm obviously) but seriously! Opinions people! And missed Facts! Attacking intelligence for what a person believes in? Or the movie they are in Just because of their beliefs?

I’m always very nervous. Anybody saying ‘Do this’ or ‘Do that,’ I’m like ‘Okay…’ That’s why I’m in a hundred things all the time, ‘cause I always say yes. So I don’t know. We’ll see. It would be fun, that’s for sure… I’d have to gain weight I guess, and work out. But that’d be fun too, right?
Kim Jaejoong's representative, 'Wishes for a quiet enlistment, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu won't be able to send him off due to their schedule'

by Hwang Yejin of Newsen via Nate


1. [+348, -34] : Military life will past by quick for males, don’t worry about your popularity  

2. [+177, -10] : He wishes to enlist quietly, his agency even release that statement to the press.  But those selfish fans disregard his request and went there anyway.  Looking at the pictures, just imagine how much he had suffered from sasaeng fans.  

3. [+76, -10] : Thank you for making me so happy all these years.  Enlist well and hope I can see you again.  

translated by : Planet JYJ

I write because I love writing, which means I write for myself. I post my stories on my AFF because I want to know whether people like them or not, thus I’d like to know their thoughts by reading their comments. So I don’t think wanting people to leave comments for your stories is totally wrong, since of course we want our stories to be appreciated by our readers. Isn’t that the point why you post your stories on AFF?

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How I Got Inured to Hate Mail

How I Got Inured to Hate Mail

I’ve been writing for both myself and other people for the bulk of my life — right down to the story about a big red dog (forgive me, Norman Bridwell) in kindergarten. Like many young children, I was primarily praised for my work, with the occasional spelling and grammar correction, encouraged to keep writing, insulated in the bubble of father and classroom. It wasn’t until high school, when I…

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bmanis asked:

Arkham Asylum vs. City vs. Origins? Also, are you pumped about arkham knight?

Well first off, i love all these versions of Batman. Each one was great in its own way. Asylum is the most like the animated series imo, with a good portion of the comics thrown in. City is the most like comics (80s and 90s specifically). And the look, feel and atmosphere of Origins is the most like the Burton movies. Knight seems the most like the Nolan films.

Asylum is my favorite of the three. Its tighter, smaller, Metroid-like layout really suits batman i think. And even though i love big, open world games, sometimes you get a more detailed and richer experience when everything is more confined. I also have a thing for spooky mansion/castle/asylum type places as compared to city buildings. I also loved the look of the characters the most in that one (especially Batman and the Joker). And finally, exploring the island and finding out about its history was so interesting to me. I didnt feel that with the other two.

City was awesome in its own right though. It was so gritty and dark, it truly felt like Gotham. It also made me really feel like the Dark Knight, using the rooftops to hunt for bad guys. Id say over all, it was a more epic game.

Some people didnt really connect with Origins, but i definitely did. I prefer Gothams look and feel a bit more in this one than in City. I think the  Christmas setting has a lot to do with it. I can tell the new team put a lot of love and effort into this one and im thankful for it. Gameplay wise, all three were very similar and thats not a bad thing to me. Each one was fulfilling and fun.

I am suuuper excited for Knight! It looks amazing! And while it appears to be huge, it also seems like it has some of that deep richness Asylum had. The only two things im not overwhelmed with happiness about are the looks of the characters (they seems a bit funky and weird to me) and the possibility that playing in the same setting (big open city) might get old after a while. But again, i think it will be an all around incredible game. Cant wait to get my hands on it!