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I find it funny that the game isn't even out yet, yet everyone is making custom content. Like, give it a chance people. Granted I know the demo didn't give out everything, I just downloaded it today. But man, jump the gun here

yea, I’m more interested in what expansion packs and store content will be coming out for TS4 but can’t believe the volume of stuff that is already being created by the community. These custom content people are amazing in my book!


I have waaaay too much makeup & I never seem to use most of it (I have a horrible habit of buying makeup & stashing it away never to use it again. I’m a hoarder!), so I decided to create a challenge for myself. Comment on what looks I should try, and challenge me to create them. I will be posting pictures of the looks you guys suggest when each challenge is completed. Nothing is too crazy! Xo

In China, cinemas place live audience comments on the big screen

Most cinema showings come with a warning for the audience to turn off their devices because most people prefer to watch the movie in peace without getting distracted by others texting. However, we have already seen the Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island offer free seats at the back of the stage show auditorium for those who agree to live tweet the event, and now some Chinese theaters have introduced cinema texting, where viewers’ comments can be sent directly to the screen for everyone else to see. READ MORE…

People go berserk when you threaten their right to have their opinions published on a commercial website, as often as they choose, without actually being hired or submitting to any editorial oversight. It’s censorship! It’s groupthink! It’s a slippery slope to an echo chamber! Free speech must be protected!

Oh, please. These are arguments serious people need not entertain, when we’re talking about the ability to post comments on a privately owned website, as opposed to the ability to criticize one’s government without loss of life or liberty. Banning comments—or moderating with an iron fist—is not squelching honest and open debate in the public sphere, anymore than refusing to publish every letter to the editor, unedited, in a print publication. Telling people to take their bullshit to Reddit is not a harbinger of Orwellian dystopia.

You know who wants you to think it is? Trolls. Haters. The kind of people who find it hilarious to post violent pornographic images on a website run by women, just because it is run by women. These people aren’t concerned about the openness of public discourse, but about their own ability to get attention. If they’re forced to publish only on their own blogs and Twitter feeds, or on sites with less civilized rules for discourse, they’ll have no audience, because a very limited number of people will actually want to read the opinions of dudes who think harassment equals humor, or that every citizen deserves to waltz into a stranger’s workplace and give her hell for doing her job, every day.

I’ll go to the mat for the First Amendment, but as far as comments on private websites are concerned, I say squelch ‘em all. The right to speak your mind does not include the right to parasitically attach yourself to a high-traffic website in order to reach an audience you could never earn on your own.

Unownshipper submitted:

-I’d like to submit to you a present (or a challenge/homework, if you want to look at it that way). Through some console command acrobatics, and pleant of headaches, I was able to get a screenshot of Sofia Lamb in the only place in Rapture where she’s encountered in person. The problem is that she’s deliberately positioned with shadows over her face (“Why game designers? Why?”). It’s suitable for her character picture on the BioShock Wiki, but I think it could be better.

-I’m sure you have your own projects, but if anyone can enhance/improve this picture, it’s you. I’d greatly appreciate your talents if you can spare them

Challenge accepted! Raptures poor lighting in this room wont defeat me! :)

This always bugged me as well. The one time you get to see her in person and you cant even see her! Unacceptable. She doesnt react to the normal level lighting for some reason so thats the biggest problem. So the first thing that i did was test to see if she responded to dynamic lighting (fire, rockets, spears), and thank goodness, it worked! But then another problem came up, which was, theres some kind of invisible wall in front of her face, so you cant just light her or the desk on fire since the wall blocks it (and leaves a big burn decal right in front, blocking your view). But after trying a few different angles, i found a way to shoot a rocket and have the light reflect on her in the correct way. Of course there two final problems though. The dynamic lighting only lasted for a very brief time (maybe like a second or two) and the light that reflected on her changed drastically (all the way from very dim to hyper bright) in that short time. The second thing was, her facial animations that you cant normally see very well, can make her look all crazy and funky, so you have to catch them just right. Also, turning on and off the hud can sometimes affect the light. So the timing to get it all right was a battle, but in the end it all worked out. As you can see, some parts of her model arent very refined, so maybe thats why they kept her in the dark. Anyway, here are some visible, in game screenshots of Sofia Lamb. Hope they will work for you!

First pic 1080 version

First pic 1920 version

Second pic 1920 version

Third pic 1920 version