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Hopefully this isn't bothering you, but could you tell me a little about The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The game looks beautiful and I'm very interested, thanks!


No bother at all! In fact, im glad you asked! :)

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an amazing piece of game design in pretty much every way. The biggest thing you notice about it as you start playing is the unquestionably beautiful art design and rich atmosphere. As i was walking through the different areas, i didnt feel like i was playing a game, i felt i was actually exploring eerie, lonely mountains. Every step is picture perfect and it looks even better in motion, with the grass and trees swaying in the wind, the fog rolling by and the fall leaves blowing all around. On top of all that, you have haunting, almost memorizing music accompanying you on your journey which in some places, sounded almost like it was arranged by Danny Elfman and came out of a Tim Burton movie. Its all so masterfully crafted, those things alone are enough for me to recommend it to someone. Its even more impressive considering it was all done by just 8 people and cost $20 (a price well worth it imo. I would have paid double that, easy).

Then theres the whole other side to it, the gameplay and story. Im about 75% done with it (I take my time and play through games at a snails pace. Most people finish it in 3-6 hours but ive already sunk in 8). I think the developers went with a less is more approach. Theres not a whole lot of background story on every place you visit or the characters in the game, but what you do get is rich and interesting. It leaves you asking questions and definitely wanting more. The world itself helps drive the narrative, much like Rapture did for Bioshock. And thats where the gameplay segues in. You investigate the environment around you looking for clues to everything from a murder by rail road tracks to a hidden room in an abandoned house where something evil might have been released. All of this leading to the biggest question, what happened to Ethan Carter. A few of the puzzles stumped me for a bit, not because they were overly difficult, but because i was approaching them in the wrong way. They dont give you a lot of direction in this game and leave it up to the player to decide how to tackle each area and mystery. The actual gameplay/puzzle parts are limited and not incredibly deep, but i feel the exploring and atmosphere is the main draw of a game like this.

The controls are simple but fluid, and theres plenty of settings in the menus if you like that sort of thing (i do). The only thing im not the biggest fan of is the save system. I like manual saves so i can pick up right where i left off but this only has auto saves. That being said, its a small complaint and something i think they worked on a bit in 2 of the patches since its release. Its only out on the pc for now, but they expect to release it for the PS4 next year.

I hope you get to check it out at some point and if you do, please let me know what you thought of it! :)

1920 version

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This brokes my heart, but… it’s beautiful! (;_;)

Same here. That’s why I couldn’t help myself and just had to post it, but… my bad! I colored and translated those panels so that I could include them in my summary of chap.321. Out of proper context, you can follow the panels without any trouble… but it gets a lot brighter and happier in the following pages, honest! For starters, that’d be the reason why Onoda began writing letters to Makishima (because he wanted to keep Maki informed of everything going on in the club). Neither Kinjou nor Tadokoro knew Maki’s address, though, so Teshima was the one to get it for Onoda: he simply asked the right person for it. But no, it wasn’t Toudou.

(Personal headcanon: Watanabe stated Makishima and Toudou kept in touch via email, so I’m speculating Maki didn’t want to give Toudou his address to prevent the latter from actually trying to go to London and look for him.)

…and in this other entry

I’m not sure, but… Maybe the fandom got crazy because that thing of Love Hime second season was announced at the end of Episode 37 of the anime too, when Imaizumi was about watching Love Hime and then… Machimiya’s shadow appeared!

…Come to think of it, I think some fans told me the second series of Love Hime was announced in one of the episode extras (; ̄ェ ̄) I do remember they told me there was another extra where Onoda took Imaizumi to a Hime event (…the movie, I think?)
I actually try to avoid anything related to the anime series so much, I am missing on some priceless moments (and info)…

But I’m pretty sure the collective Machimiya Reaction in my Twitter dashboard didn’t have to do with that extra, though ;) The fans at Twitter I referred to usually write about the weekly Yowapeda chapter as soon as they read it -so I get to read their comments in Thursday morning-, and last week, their posts were like this: "Onoda, you’re such a precious boy! We love you! AND MACHIMIYAAAAAAaaaa…" Cue my confusion at the seemingly random cries about Machimiya then.

I assumed they might be referring to the second anime series because I think another promo video was available last week (…I think? I haven’t watched any of the PVs, though, so I wouldn’t know if Miya is featured there). Now that I’ve read chap.321, I think these fans might have been talking about that article in the latest Weekly Shounen Champion instead. If they were just like me -fans who follow the manga mainly… or who don’t follow the anime at all-, and found out Seki would be voicing Miya in the anime because of that magazine article. Said article was featured at the end of the Yowapeda chapter, so it was pretty hard not to see it.

I actually told my siblings -fellow Yowapeda fans- about Seki because I got excited with the news. Yes, even if I don’t watch the anime! I happen to like Seki a lot because of his role as Ishida Mitsunari from Sengoku BASARA, so I think I’ll be taking a look at the second anime series just to hear what Miya sounds like. You’ll see, I’m having some trouble picturing Seki as Miya… Machimiya speaks with a bit of a southern Japanese accent, and he also uses some old-fashioned words you’d relate with elderly people mostly. This is why his way of speaking was so noteworthy for me in the manga; if you ask me, and because of all his smooth-talking, I imagined him as having a soft tone, speaking somewhat parsimoniously… and sounding a bit like your grandfather due to his usage of the pronoun ワシ (washi, “I”).
But since Seki’s portrayal of Mitsunari is pretty memetic because of his cries (殺してやる! → “I’ll kill you!”, though I guess “Ieyasuuuuuu!” comes first in term of frequency), I’m having instead a pretty clear idea of what Machimiya will sound like when in his “Fighting Dog” mode…

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The last time I watched Resolutions, I was not struck by the Janeway/Chakotay relationship. What I noticed was how sultry Janeway's voice becomes when she speaks to the monkey. Do you think Janeway had warmer feelings toward the monkey than she did for Chakotay?

I believe that the monkey symbolizes an earlier stage in Janeway’s evolution that she wants to get back to. It is a subtle hint towards Lizard Paris, her one true love.

Not actual Paris, but lizard Paris. We all know why her spirit animal was a lizard.

Top Comments is Broken and Bad and it has made YouTube Worse

About a year ago, YouTube introduced a system that they thought would increase the level of discourse on the site and make it a better place for everyone. Instead of just showing you the most recent comments on a video, you would (by default) see algorithmically selected comments that would take into account who your friends were, how highly ranked commenters social media profiles were, how many people “like” the comment, and whether the comment inspiring discussion. 

I never liked that system because, basically, it ensured that the average comment would never be seen because it would be buried by previous comments or comments from famous people. But I didn’t think it would be this bad. 

Whether by design or by chance, Top Comments seems to weight whether comments inspire discussion extremely heavily. It also does not seem to take into account the number of downvotes a comment gets. As a result, the most controversial (and often disgusting) comments sit on the top of a video for everyone to see. Top Comments is a system that literally (and seemingly intentionally) promotes the worst sort of trolls.

Thus, every SciShow video has a promoted comment from the same guy arguing about creationism or global warming. Racist comments sit on top of the comments in Vlogbrothers videos. VLOGBROTHERS! The comments of Vlogbrothers used to be (and still largely are) the nicest place on the internet. 

But because people acting terribly get promoted, the comments appear to be a terrifying and disturbing place. 

I thought Top Comments was meant to prevent that…and it would be a very easy fix (simply weight downvotes heavily). And yet it hasn’t happened…which makes me wonder if YouTube actually likes the trolls. Maybe trolls in the comments increase time-on-site…a statistic that YouTube is praising very highly at the moment. That /really/ can’t be the case. I’m not allowing myself to walk down that line of reasoning because it indicates a lack of interest in the community that I cannot believe possible by my friends at YouTube.

So, for now, I believe that the YouTube comments team is bound up by some internal bureaucracy or logistical problem and wants very badly to fix this problem (that they MUST know about). That’s bad, but it’s not as bad as the alternative. 

But whatever the cause, fix it, because it’s making the platform hostile and unpleasant to my viewers and me, and there are other platforms out there…

In the meantime, I would like to call on Nerdfighters for a bit of a hack. Trolls will be trolls…when you reply to their trolling you are literally promoting them. So, instead, click on “newest first” every time you go to a video and leave reply comments to good comments. Funny comments. Insightful comments…or leave one yourself. This shit sucks, maybe we can make it a little better.

Wife pics by request, comments?

I got a lot of requests to show my cum on my wife’s amazing tits.  It’s hard to do sometimes because she LOVES to swallow but I did my best and took a couple good pics.  As always feel free to comment or ask me anything you want.










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Those damn lizard babies haunt my dreams!! Why would you bring those up? I had repressed the memory that that ever happened. No.

Those poor lizard babies. We all need to remember them and how they were cruelly abandoned.

Never Forget The Lizard Babies.