[PANN] Oh My Girl Binnie’s face expression when EXID won #1 on Inkigayo

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she was clappingㅠㅠㅠ and then after she saw hani crying

she looked like she was gonna cryㅠㅠㅠㅠ *nods and tears up*

please think of oh my girl and binnie nicelyㅠㅠㅠ

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[+101, -5] Hul…fuck…fucking…i think i’m going to become a fan…fucking..cute fuck..ㅠㅠㅠ
[+81, -6] Hulㅋㅋㅋ She’s seriously so cute she’s crazy
[+29,-1] SeriouslyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI’m a fan of another group and I was wondering why  they keep appearing on the top pann posts but this seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋThis is enough for me to become a fan ㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌ
[+26, -1] I thought her and Arin were f*cking cute when they got caught eating those chipsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[+24, -1] They really bowed 90 degreesㅋㅋㅋ best best
[+24, -1] That’s not an expression you can make consciously ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋ
[+22, -1] Binnie-yah…*Sniffles* You were sad because a senior criedㅠㅠㅠ  What do I do your face expression is so cuteㅠㅠㅠ There will be a day you win #1 and can’t fight your emotions!! Let’s get out there!!
[+22, -1] I want to quickly make them win #1 and make her cry

We had three people monitoring the comments, and we were deliberately aggressive with comment moderation. The point of her talk was the danger of online bullying; what would we be if we simply provided a high-profile forum for haters to bash her? We deleted any comments that attacked, disrespected or shamed her, and we responded to positive comments to pull them to the top of the Facebook thread.

Of course, some people missed the point. One woman was furious that we were deleting the “anti-Monica” comments, as if it should be acceptable to attack who Monica is as a person. Others felt that we were censoring their freedom of speech, a freedom they seem to feel comes without regard for the harm they might do to another human being.

But then an interesting thing happened. After hours spent boosting the positive comments and purging most of the brutish ones, the tide started to turn. People started to write things like, “Brave woman. My first reaction was negative before I even clicked the link — then I realized that was the whole point and why she was the perfect person to give this talk.” Or, “Politics aside, I respect the fact that Ms. Lewinsky is now demanding to write her own story. Too often we allow shame to silence our stories.” The flood of vitriolic comments dried up to a trickle.

@maksimc They’re geniuses here @Spire_Institute and I’m the luckiest to know them! “Thank you Shaun” isn’t nearly enough to express my gratitude, but what I really want to know is ‘when can I go play ball a little bit?’ 🙊🏀

Maks’ instagram video thanking the Spire Institute and Peta’s comment on the same video. Posted 4/26/15.


replied to your post:Headcanon that when Kyoutani grows old he will be…

And oikawa is somehow still pretty and falls into the foxy grandpa territory. He swears there has been no plastic surgery (there hasn’t ) but nobody believes him.

omg yasss. And he has a fan club of old ladies who bake him delicious squares and tarts. He wants to share them with Iwaizumi who always refuses because he says they'll affect his health, but he still takes them to give to his grandkids later (who are all baby wolves and adore their big strong grandpa to no end) 


Favorite screenshots part 2.

If i was forced to pick an all time favorite shot, the first one, from bioshock infinite: burial at sea would probably be it. Its taken in an inaccessible area, right below where you actually walk around and it has everything i look for in a screenshot. Good memories, an interesting perspective, beautiful graphics, contrasting colors and a bit of mystery. When i flew the camera down here for the first time and saw rapture glowing in the depths, it immediately brought back the feelings i had during the initial decent to rapture, in the first bioshock. Trying to recapture that, was my first priority for this shot. From there, i also wanted to showcase the beautiful architecture and art direction inside rapture. Another thing i like to do when taking a screenshot is to include something, that i think compliments the scene or is an interesting addition. In this pic, its the independence banner, one of raptures core principles. Getting all of these things in a cramped area, without adjusting the fov too high was a challenge, but possible, if i got back into the very corner.

The second shot is of elizabeth, from bioshock infinite. This was taken after you find chen lins body and the lutece twins appear. Once they enter the area, the lights dim (which helps block out the ugly background) and liz makes this concerned face, which perfectly matched her disheveled clothes.

The third one is from deus ex: human revolution. I thought adam looking at this mannequin/puppet kind of goes with one of the themes of the game, which is, augmentations could be another way for organizations to control you. Its almost like adam is wondering if hes exactly the same as what hes looking at. Because of a couch in the way, a portrait aspect ratio is the only way this would work. The one thing i dislike about it though, is that he doesnt cast a shadow. Sadly, nothing could be done about that.

Number four is from arkham asylum. Poison ivy is trapped in a glass dome type thing and when you walk up to it, she starts walking around and using dramatic gestures. The first thing i had to do catch her in just the right pose, in just the moment, where the lighting was hitting her perfectly. From there i had to use a low fov to make all the dirty spots (the black stuff you see all over the shot) blend in as much as possible. Finally i had to move around until none of those spots were blocking her face, but at the same time, making sure her hand was still “holding up” the arkham logo.

The fifth screenshot is from the last level in bioshock. You dont see many pics from this level because of the helmet youre wearing which is a pain to remove. This big daddy shakes his drill angrily (or hilariously, depending on how you look at it) and then runs through the door behind him. You dont often see one doing this animation so i figured it would be good for a screenshot. The fire behind him gives the picture some drama, as well as some nice color that you normally dont see much of in rapture, where everything is green, dark and cold.

Six is from mass effect 2. Jack is tough as nails, but shes also just a person, which means she has a sensitive side as well, even if its buried down deep. I think the thoughtful look shes giving helps show that. I really like the lighting and skin textures as well.

The seventh shot is of columbia, from bioshock infinite. The ledge on the left, with the plants and tree, normally goes unnoticed because its high above where the player walks and its in the opposite direction of where youre going. I have a thing for plants in games (and irl), so i like to include them in a screenshot when possible. I often use them to frame the subject of the picture. And of course, the subject in this one, are the floating building of columbia. This part is actually one of my favorites in infinite, so im always looking for new perspectives of it for screenshots. When i spotted the plants up here, i flew up and thought it would make the scene look like something youd see on a postcard. I love the way the clouds just flow around the buildings. The last thing i did was pull back the camera until i was half inside the building, which made the game think i was actually fully inside. The reason for doing this was, it changes the color of the outside world, which gave this picture a more warmer, old-timey feel.

Number eight is of chell, from portal 2. Even though you never really get to see her that much in-game, her model is very well done. Another plus is that shes looking right at you, which almost always works well in portraits. They say it creates a connection with the viewer.

Nine is elizabeth, from bioshock infinite, holding the key to rapture. The key is pretty detailed for something so small, that you barely get to see at all. So of course, it deserved its own screenshot. But a key by itself really isnt that interesting. However, if you had the key, in elizabeths hand, where you could see her thimble and the super detailed ground textures, now you might have something. The angle and subject of the shot makes it a pretty unique picture.

The last screenshot is from bioshock infinite again. This is the other side of the tunnel where you get baptized. Im always drawn to explore places that are normally out of reach, especially when they look really interesting. And this fit the bill, perfectly. I knew i wanted to split the shot in half, with the bottom being an equal part reflection (making the circle in the middle a full tunnel). One thing bugged me though. And was, the reflection quality in infinite is pretty low res, making everything look jagged. So i went in the games .ini files and found what controlled the reflections and boosted them up quite a bit, which made everything look much smoother. Like the picture before this one, i feel its an unusual, but interesting shot.


We made the decision today to disable YouTube comments. For a long time now they just haven’t offered us anything of value. Tbh, they seem to bother us more than help us. As you’ve seen in the past we’ve made multiple videos venting about the comments. They are the number one contributor to our lack of content.

This doesn’t just apply to the negative comments. From your perspective telling us what you’d like to see in our videos, that should seem harmless and constructive, and it can be. When we were a smaller channel that feedback was critical to our future. But now that it’s literally hundreds of thousands of people telling you what they want to see, it gets overwhelming. When you’re given hundreds of paths to take, its hard to pick one and feel confident in it.

We take feedback into consideration so much that we’ve ended up censoring videos, and doing videos that we thought might please the subscribers. Sometimes not even considering writing videos the way we intended because of the feedback. This could be seen as selling out, or whatever. But the reason we made this channel was to please ourselves, and make other people happy. I think we’ve forgotten that we need to please ourselves in order to make others happy. Its a circle.

Lets face it, at the end of the day people can tell the difference between the videos we made to please the people who gave us input, and the videos we made to please ourselves. The numbers show, our most viewed videos (by millions) were written solely to please ourselves, and had no outside influence. We still plan to ask for feedback in the future by doing polls and surveys. In the past that kind of feedback was extremely useful, and very easy to analyze.   Now, criticism is still welcome, and your opinions still do matter. We have read plenty of great emails and messages over the years. We still want to interact with you guys, you’re still free to contact us on our various social media sites, and emails. Not to mention we are doing podcasts to give you guys a more personal answer to your questions.

Links below to means to contact us and interact with us:

http://jaltoid.com/ -email
https://twitter.com/Jaltoid -tweet
http://jaltoid.tumblr.com/ -message/ask
http://www.twitch.tv/jaltoidmedia -watch podcast

Thank you all so much for the support over the years. We will be better soon and give you all the content you deserve, with the passion we all should expect! uvu


Anonymous said: Love your work! What’s your favorite screenshot you’ve taken?

- First off, thank you so much! Taking screenshots has become such a part of the whole gaming experience for me, i couldnt imagine not doing it. Your question is a difficult one for me. lol Its almost like having a house full of random pets.  Theyre all unique, but you appreciate them all equally, for different reasons.

Someone asked this a few years ago and i couldnt decide then, with around 3000 shots. Now ive posted over 7200, so its even harder! And that doesnt take into account all the ones i havent even posted yet. So ill do what i did back then, ill post 10 regular pics that i really like and later, 10 portraits. As i started to go through my archive, i was almost overwhelmed with thoughts about so many of them.

The first is from alien isolation, which i havent actually posted yet. But it was one of those shots that took forever to get just right. The camera controls were funky and the alien never wanted to be in the right position. Finally the water droplets were always just on one side of it, but i wanted them on both. But after a lot of tries, everything came together.

The second, from bioshock infinite, is on my old and new list (although this one hasnt been posted yet. Its from a 5k version, the old is from a 4k) because its just one of my all time favorites. It was one i wanted to take as soon as i saw it. I felt if i could get high enough, comstock house would look so cool floating over the curvature of the earth, with the sunset on the left and the dark storm on the right. Im so high above emporia that it took almost 5 minutes just to fly up here. And from there, it took a ton of little adjustments to make sure everything was straight and centered.

The third is from bioshock 2. This one i wanted to have a big sister in the middle of all the flooding madness. I had to trigger her to attack me, then start the flooding, then ghost through the walls to here and wait for her to teleport to where i was. This one also required a lot of luck because she randomly runs around and attacks you constantly, so i had to quickly capture her in between both. She kept stopping right in front of the little sister vent and i needed her to be on the right side, to even out the pic.

The fourth pic is from tomb raider. Lara makes every shot interesting. After a few tries i got her to look at the wall without blocking too much of the skulls, but i wanted a little something extra to make it special. After i looked around, i noticed the fence in the foreground. With a little positioning, i got her head and most of the skulls, in the holes. I think it gives it a very cinematic feel.

Five is another all time favorite, from bioshock infinite. I loved the view from here and i felt elizabeths thoughtful pose would would fit right in, with her overlooking columbia. Like the big sisters, elizabeth will teleport to where you are, so i flew off the end of this walk way (but not too far. once i went past a certain limit, liz would follow me, falling to the city below) and got her to stop at the very end. Her toes are actually over the edge.

The sixth pic is from dishonored. Both the whalers and the overseers look really cool, so i always like taking screenshots of them. In the game world, they really despise each other, which makes this shot really work. All i had to do was wait for the overseer to walk over and look to his left. I paused time and positioned the camera to make it look like he was looking at his fallen enemy. Because of his mask, you cant tell if he has sympathy on his face, or just blind hate. The spooky buildings in the background are a nice touch.

Seven is from wind waker and in it, im using onthegreatseas amazing texture pack. The tower has such a great look to it, i really had to get a few different angles of it. But once hyrule started to flood, i thought that would make for a really unique shot, that youd normally never get to see. I found a break in the water and flew the camera right into the middle of it.

The eighth one is from fallout 3. The wasteland always makes for epic screenshots. And whats more epic than your character, overlooking a destroyed town, with the sun just over the horizon? Im using the awesome enb from midhras, a mix of plant/foliage mods and settings that make things in the distance, much more detailed. Once dogmeat came and sat behind me, everything was complete.

Number nine is from bioshock infinite again. While far from perfect, it was the one that took the longest time to get, of any screenshot, ever. I really wanted to get some pics of liz in the first part of the game, but i wasnt sure if that was even possible. After messing around for days, i finally figured out a way to get her down from the top of monument island. This trick again, uses her ability to warp to you. From the there, i had to back track slowly, without glitching the game, all the way to where you first enter columbia. There was one big problem though, she doesnt walk. Her ai lets her look around and pose a few different ways, but no walking at all. So i had to move around all over this place, to get her to teleport to a spot to where she could turn and look at the sun, through the arches.

The final picture is from alien isolation. As i flew the camera over this dormant working joe, i looked down and couldnt help but think the arm and hand, with the white liquid and system ctrl, would make a neat screenshot. Later on, during gameplay, i walked right by it (thinking it was powerless) and it grabbed my leg and gave a me a good jump. I might have said some unpleasant things as i smashed my wrench into its head.

I know this was a really long post so thanks for reading, and if you hate long posts, ten million apologies!