Someone PLEASE look up this Candace girl. She posted this comment on a facebook page that shared more information on how Darren Wilson went against protocol by washing blood off his hands, and the page shared more information on the poor male that had been set on fire. Reading this makes me feel disgusted. Also, spread this like crazy, I’m begging you.

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Which Splicer model is your favorite (of all the games)?


Toasty for sure. I mean just look at that style. Plus his face just screams, id kick a flaming couch at you without thinking twice. I have to respect that. However a close second would be the Crawler splicers from Bioshock 2. Theyre extra creepy looking.

sometimes I type out my reply to things as if I’m actually going to reply and interact with people, but then delete everything afterwards because I’m just satisfied with the fact that I could have stated my opinion, but can also choose to totally withhold myself from further conversation

TL;DR - “Dear Deirdre, I’m a wanker. Can you help?”

  • Everybody thinks It's crazy. But it's the only idea that works. If we are going to save the earth, everyone needs to get bought off nicely so that no one has any reason to complain. Money is meaningless. This is why it must be unlimited for everyone. If we did what needs to be done by draconian traditional methods and save the earth that way, no one will believe it was necessary. Conservatives will keep saying it was a liberal conspiracy. Are we all saying that there is no possible way this economy can be set up to benefit all? if everyone was studious, everyone was on the track to get a good job, then what? What would the billions of people who did all the right things hypothetically do?. So we are saying that if everyone happened to get money from an anonymous donor, the world would just fall apart? I don't thinks so. The only way to save the earth more permanently is to make everyone a little rich and demand 100% sustainability, penalized with deductions from the yearly pot of money everyone should get not loaned into existence by the federal reserve, but free and clear, no strings attached. What conservative would not want a bunch of money? what liberal would not want the money and to save the earth. This is the only way to stop the left/right stomping pendulum that is crushing nature and humanity. Buy everyone off. Money is nothing but numbers in computers.
  • mullees said:I implore you to read Russell’s Roads to Freedom
  • ignore mullees
  • Rollership:Ok, thanks mullees!
  • thefo0ol said:I think a better question is SHOULD a society be set up to benefit all. What do you suppose would happen to the world human population if every individuals needs were met with nothing to stop them from breeding like rats? 7 Billion and counting.
  • Rollership:The simple fact that people with higher incomes have less children statistically, makes my counterpoint to that.