First of all: Yep, you’re gonna have to integrate your YouTube channel with a Google+ page. Otherwise, you won’t be able to comment. Yep, you can stop making that Mean Girls joke “Stop trying to make Google+ happen, it’s just not gonna happen.” They made it happen.

Here’s where you can get started. 

When you comment on a video, a check box will automatically pop up giving the option to “Share to Google+” Yep, that box will already be filled in. 

But what happens if I don’t share to Google+? Well, don’t expect to get any replies on your comment. That’s right. You can only have a conversation with others on YouTube if you’ve made a contribution to Google+. And yes, that also means You can’t reply to comments that haven’t been shared on Google+(EDIT: YouTube fixed this glitch officially. yesssss) 

That also mean YEP. You most likely cannot respond to those comments from videos you made a while back and had been meaning to reply to. This is the only option you’ll get. (EDIT: Hopefully this will be fixed later.)

So there’s really no point to be defiant and uncheck that “also share on Google+” box like you really want to.

EDIT: There’s also a possibility that you can just SHARE your video on G+ and your comments be reply-able without having to be on G+ themselves. But I’m still testing that out. I’ll let you know. 

You can, however, tag users as a way of responding to them. Though, it will not be specific to a particular comment. 

So how are these comments shown on Google+ newsfeeds?

Well, if you share a video while commenting, it will show up on your G+ newsfeed. 

If you’re replying directly to someone else’s comment, It will NOT show up on YOUR newsfeed, it will show up on THEIRS.

HOWEVER, if you respond or tag someone using +username or the @ symbol, that will also show up on YOUR NEWSFEED. 

Okay, so now that’s covered. What else can I talk about?

WELL, we now have nested comments (if you’re using Google+)

And now you can EDIT COMMENTS!!!!

Also, you can disable replies…which might feed the trolls and not squelcher them. 

Also you can link videos in comments, which was their way of saying “Pssssh, guys, we still have video responses” However, you don’t know that they’re links to videos until you run your cursor over them. 

You also have this thing in every comment section of every video. It will be useful if you’re trying to find friends in the comments sections of heavily populated videos or if you’re trying to see all of the uploader’s comments. But otherwise, I’m just gonna click “newest first” like I do on Reddit and Facebook. 

Did you also catch that you can now comment privately without receiving attention from the general public yet? I’m not sure how that’s gonna affect hater comments, but we shall see. 




Things I do not know YET:

-How this affects multiple channels and those with multiple channels under a single email.

(I’m assuming you’d need to make a G+ page and email for each channel.)

-Actually, that’s all I’m not sure of yet. If you have any questions, send me asks, and if I can’t answer them, I make a list here. If I’ve also said anything confusing, let me know and I’ll clear it up. 

SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS so we can be less confused and back on our game. 

sometimes I type out my reply to things as if I’m actually going to reply and interact with people, but then delete everything afterwards because I’m just satisfied with the fact that I could have stated my opinion, but can also choose to totally withhold myself from further conversation

A Homestuck's Guide to Fanfic Commenting Etiquette

Leaving comments on things one likes is the most basic way to participate in a fandom. Kudos and Like buttons helpfully convey the most basic of thanks, but at times one wants to leave something with more substance. However, sometimes one may find oneself at a loss as to how to leave a good comment — perhaps one is feeling tongue-tied or particularly anxious about social interactions, and is worried about how to proceed without embarassing oneself or offending the person one intends to compliment.

Or, perhaps, one is already an enthusiastic commenter but has been gently guided here by a kind friend or stranger as a polite way of saying ‘Please step up your game’. 

In either case, this guide is for you.

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i.e.: What I was thinking when I wrote it or what I am thinking now, rereading it.

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Good blog commenting is perhaps the easiest method for getting relevant backlinks to your own site or blog and it helps drive targeted traffic from the blogs you post yourself. However, in order to truly get this strategy to work in your favor you need to do some things or else all of your work will backfire or your efforts are going to prove to have been fruitless. Of course, for Internet marketers and bloggers alike the toughest problems to overcome are finding the right blogs for your comments and then getting those comments approved. In this article we will explore three of the things you can do to help ensure your success in this area. Cobra Blogging System reviews here.

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On the Internet, Everybody Knows You’re a Dog by Ted Rheingold

When comments on the megapopular TechCrunch blog were tied to real Facebook profiles, the experience went from a juvenile insult-fest to a civil value-add information exchange. Tumblr has motivated readers topublish their reactions to their own tumblr, making every reader an author and every author a reader.SoundCloud adds music to the experience. Twitter allows spontaneous ad hoc discussion groups on any topic at any time, simply by @’ing a Twitter author – which thanks to the public nature of the platform immediately makes the responder a public author as well. And on, editor-in-chief Jane Pratt canannotate articles with a highlighter – and authors’ responses to reader comments are also highlighted and elevated so they’re an ongoing part of the conversation.

The bit about the evolution of comment systems for context specific platforms is good and all but to be honest, I’m really reblogging this b/c it has Ted in a dog suit covered by a venn diagram.

On constructive criticism and comments

Dear fandom,

Somewhere along the way, the term “concrit” or “constructive criticism” seems to have lost its meaning. Or at least, it seems to have been watered down to mean: “anything that isn’t a flame.”

Whether constructive criticism should even be given when fanfic authors don’t ask for it, is a discussion of its own. I’m firmly of the belief that it shouldn’t be given if not asked for, because fanfic is something that fans contribute for free to the fandom community, and just assuming that they want criticism (constructive or not) is presumptuous.

I tend to liken this situation to a dinner party. You like cooking, but you’re not a professional. Still, you enjoy making your friends feel good and to give them things they might enjoy. So you invite all your friends to a dinner party where they get a free meal and good company. Would people randomly start criticising their free meal in this situation? Most people wouldn’t, because it’s not a restaurant where they paid for a service. It’s something that were given to them, for free, because they might enjoy it.

But if criticism is given, there seems to be an expectation that people should accept and enjoy concrit. The problem is that people stick the word “constructive” in front of any piece of criticism seemingly without any thought to whether it actually is.

It seems rather like a lot of people think criticism is constructive as long as it’s not a flame. That’s a dangerous assumption.

Constructive criticism is an artform in itself. It has to do with bringing out both positive and negative aspects of a work, in a way that makes the person being critiqued receptive to the comments. It involves well-reasoned opinions that offer specific things that are helpful for the person being critiqued. The less you know a person, the more careful it’s natural to be in a situation where criticism is given.

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Desperate letter to Youtube

well I hate to do it but I think I’ll be joining the likes of TotalBiscuit, DanNerdCubed, even PewDiePie.

I’ll be disabling comments on recent videos, perhaps all videos, until this catastrophe is either reverted or cleaned up.

I could put up with google+ if I had to.  I get it, I understand why they made the change, and ya know what?  Its not terrible.  Its stupid and unnecessary and infuriating, but its BEARABLE.

Hell I can even understand letting people post ascii art.  Sure, I don’t see why ascii art of pedobear or swastikas or other terrible shit is the future of youtube, but whatever.  If that’s what they want I can cope.

I can even accept that the future of youtube involves ‘novelty’ accounts like “Jesus Christ” talking about all kinds of terrible things or “Adolf Hitler” talking about how he wants to rise in power again.  Ok fine if THAT’SYOUR VISION GOOGLE, I CAN COPE.

I’m also pretty sad to see that the ‘top comments’ sorting system you have put into place has put every vile, toxic bastard on the planet at the top of every comment section.  ”Kill yourself your fat fuck” is pretty much the top comment on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO I HAVE EVER POSTED.  But If that’s your vision google, I’ll put up with that too.  Lord knows I built a career on being called a fat fuck so let’s roll with it.

but the line is drawn at external links.  Screamers, viruses, malware, and finally linkbots are starting to catch up with your system.  Good grief.  You can’t possibly think this is ok.

Going to start disabling on new videos, I hate to say it.  I was hoping today (monday) we were going to hear something from you but its now 2:48est and you continue to be silent.

Please for gods sakes rescue us from this hell hole you’ve created.

I’m sorry if this sounds over dramatic but the situation you have created is a very dramatic one.  I’m not saying you have to revert to the old system (though I think most of us wish you would) but I’m saying if you’re going to keep this current system, you’re going to have to do quite a bit of cleaning up.