You can feel Seishuu’s sheer relief when he learns that Hiro doesn’t have a girlfriend

Also Tama’s Hirosei radar is tingling

Real Madrid 8 : 2 Deportivo - A Commentary


  • Did u see that flawless slding tackle by Serge
  • 1-0 Cristiano’s neck is stronger than most mid-sized Geordies 
  • Cristiano is a stunning talented beast
  • Our defence sometimes makes my face ache
  • 2-0 JAMEEEEEESSSSS who the fuck saw that coming look at that beauty that accuracy that skill, so calm, so collected
  • 3-0 ahahahahahahaa does that Depo goalie think he’s Manu no way hunnie


  • FUCK i hate penalties (if any motherfucker blames Iker imma come for you) 
  • 3-1 Oh well I guess no clean sheet
  • Defenders!! :’( :’( :’( :’(
  • Apparently we statistically have the worst defence in la liga that is sinking in
  • 4-1 by Bale hell fucking yes
  • 5-1 Bale again HALA HALA HALA 
  • 6-1 CR7 has his hat trick ayeeeeeeee 
  • 6-2 but who gives a fuck really really
  • 7-2 CHICHARITOOOOOO you a cutie you a badass talented motherfucking cutie


Conclusion: What a fucking amazing game

Man of the match (imo): Cristiano Ronaldo

Re: Azula


A lot of people are talking about Azula, so here are my two cents that nobody asked for:

I certainly do not excuse Azula’s actions or choices. I understand why she made those choices, but I don’t excuse them. It isn’t okay that she tried to murder Aang because her parents mistreated her. I don’t expect anyone to think that Azula should be praised for her actions, because they were wrong.

HOWEVER, the problem I have is that Azula wasn’t even given the chance to change, or grow, or develop, the way Zuko did. Yes, Zuko ultimately made better choices than Azula, but that was AFTER going through many experiences that changed his way of thinking. Book 1 Zuko existed, he was that person. He did bad things - VERY bad things. I love Zuko, but I won’t pretend he was morally correct from the very beginning.

The difference between Zuko’s and Azula’s treatment in the show is that Azula didn’t have the opportunity to reevaluate. We see her break down, but unlike Zuko she didn’t have the chance to get back up. The choices she made in the show are inexcusable, but she’s also a 14 year old girl with obvious mental illness. To act like she didn’t deserve to even ATTEMPT to change seems like hypocritical treatment on the part of the writers.

Now, if she were given that chance (or two chances, like Zuko got), and she STILL made bad choices, then I understand losing sympathy for her, but that’s just not what happened.

NOTE: this does not concern the comics, which I haven’t read, just the show’s canon so yeah

What Does the Future Hold for Hideo Itami?

NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way was important for a number of reasons. The show presented us with a stellar NXT Women’s Championship match. It gave us a Hair vs. Hair match for the first time in almost five years in WWE. It also allowed us to witness a splendid four-man match for the NXT Championship. Each of these events are recognizable. However, one can argue that none had quite the intrigue as the debut of NXT’s latest talent: the man formerly known as KENTA.


Before anything else, it’s important to make note of KENTA’s debut on NXT because, to me, it was one of the strongest in WWE overall. After receiving a strong introduction from NXT General Manager William Regal and ovation from the Full Sail faithful, KENTA addressed the WWE Universe. He told us that not only would he go by a new name - that of “Hideo Itami" - but that he was setting his sights on the NXT Championship. Follow this up with a strong showing against the Ascension and you have a star, in Itami, that people will be keeping their eyes on.

If you know anything about the man formerly known as KENTA, you already know what to expect from him in terms of in-ring ability. Across Japan, he was one of the hottest talents and one that illustrated just how gritty and aggressive pro wrestling could be. Hell, he brought life to the GTS, a move that CM Punk would make popular during his WWE run. Regardless if Itami takes back his move, going forward, it’s easy to be confident in the rest of his athletic game.


Perhaps Itami’s strongest ability, in my view, is the way in which he looks like a contender despite his size. Itami stands at 5’9”, which isn’t short in real-life but definitely so when it comes to the overall scope of pro wrestling. Despite the arguable focus that WWE’s been having on smaller wrestlers lately, Itami may look like an underdog… That does not mean that he fights like one.

Judging from his offense on the Ascension during Takeover alone, one can see that Itami does not hold back. It does not matter if you match him face-to-face or if you have a good foot over him; the Japanese superstar will come at you with everything he has. His experience in Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Noah have made him a legitimate threat, ranging from his array of kicks to his stiff strikes featured in moves like the Go 2 Sleep and the Busaiku Knee Kick. It isn’t his ability to tell a story in the ring that will be in question. If there’s any reason to be skeptical about Itami’s future in WWE, it’s the company itself. 


WWE has afforded Itami a tremendous opportunity but whether or not they will follow up on it remains to be seen. To expand on this, keep in mind that Itami is already a favorite down in NXT. When NXT entities like Emma, Xavier Woods, Bo Dallas and the Wyatt Family achieve success and become popular, it goes without saying that they will, ultimately, wind up on television. Unfortunately, WWE’s handling of NXT favorites, on television, has been spotty at best.

Yes, you have men like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns who seem to be positioned quite highly. However, you also have the likes of Emma and Bo Dallas, who have either been underplayed as of late or simply ignored altogether. It can be argued that some of the Wyatt Family’s mystique has disintegrated under the main WWE umbrella. I can’t remember the last time Xavier Woods won a match and his potential storyline back to prominence fizzled out rather quickly. It’s almost like the individuals in charge of television are ignorant to what made these men and women special to begin with and I am fearful of Itami for that reason alone. If that was the only reason, though, maybe it could be argued that he will become like Reigns, Rollins, or Dean Ambrose. Maybe he could rise above. More than WWE’s mishandling of NXT talents, you have to look at WWE as it relates to their handling of different cultures.


No one can deny that WWE has employed Asian talent in the past, some of them fondly remembered by the long-term wrestling audience. However, how many of them have actually been treated as threats within storylines and overall context? Perhaps the best example I can name is Taka Michinoku, who came to WWE in 1997. To their credit, they started off Taka’s run rather strong, since they made him the first-ever Light Heavyweight Champion. Later on, even, they allowed him to have a surprisingly competitive match against then-WWE Champion, Triple H.

The problem with Taka’s run, overall, was that he became something of a punchline by the end. He would team up with Sho Funaki as the duo known as Kaientai. WWE poked fun at their inability to speak fluent English, giving them English dub artists with the tagline, “Indeed!” It was clear that between this, and the lack of true wins under their belt, Kaientai was not going to be treated as a legitimate force. As a result, Taka’s skills seemed to be best suited for Japan, where he’s still working to this day.

In a more culturally-sensitive environment that we find ourselves in, especially when compared to the late-90s, one can argue that Itami’s chances on the main roster will be better. It’s also worth nothing that, according to several accounts, he has been working hard to learn English. It’s a commendable piece of knowledge and it shows just how badly Itami wishes to thrive in the States. If WWE has the desire to feature Itami, as an actual star with legitimacy, they’re going to have to handle him with care.


Perhaps one of the better ways this can be done is to associate Itami with a successful manager. Maybe an advocate of sorts? Think about how much of an impact Itami’s debut would have, if this was the case. You’d have this Japanese ass-kicking machine storm the ring during a mid-card tag team match, obliterating everyone while a smirking Paul Heyman watches on. A roundhouse kick here, a Falcon Arrow there, the good stuff. Cap it off with a GTS on Zack Ryder, perhaps, and then you can have Heyman grab the mic to proclaim, “Say hello to the latest Paul Heyman guy… This is Hideo Itami… And his time has come!”

Whether Itami has the backing of a manager like Heyman, or is flying solo, there’s no doubt that he will be under a microscope for the foreseeable future. He’s a strong talent with a track record to speak of. NXT gave him the red carpet treatment, so it’s clear that his skills are recognized. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, though, it’s up to WWE to show that it can book Asian talent so that their skills and strengths are emphasized, not downplayed in favor of comedy.

Hideo Itami is no laughing matter. WWE, you have the ball in your court and it’s up to you to follow through.

anonymous said:

Okay so I was watching the episode where Dee has the baby and do you think that if it had been Dee's baby and the dad wasn't in the picture that Dennis would have tried to be like it's father? And if she got pregnant by a guy who did want to be around how do you think he would react? (Also let's just comment on how at first all the other guys were like, what's the big deal? Not our baby. But right away Dennis was like, Omg this is my responsibility now).

(I cannot wait to rewatch these episodes when I get there. It has been way too long.)

I mean, Dennis would be a terrible father. Terrible. And I don’t think he would want any real responsibility. Even if it was literally his own kid.

But I can just see him getting all excited about all of the lessons he had to teach the kid. He would want to impart all of his “wisdom”. He would totally want to be the major male influence in the kid’s life. And because of his narcissism and self-righteousness he would always think that his ideas about what was best for the kid were right, so he would always be asserting himself in that way, in a very parental way.

And if Frank, or Mac, or Charlie ever tired to argue with him Dennis would definitely remind them all that he was the uncle - “I’m basically the kid’s father”. Like I can TOTALLY see that.

He would probably complain about the baby crying and always needing Dee’s attention, of course (he would totally get jealous and be resentful of having to share her so much because she would never be available at the drop of the hat for him like he’s used to), but I think he would get used to it.

Dennis wouldn’t want Dee to have anything that wasn’t also his if he wanted it, so I think he would automatically see an important role for himself in the child’s life.

Let’s not forget Agent Jack Bauer and Mr. Tibbs. Dennis is capable of getting attached to cute little things.

And he’s actually surprisingly good with kids. Do you remember in “Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender” when Dee sent him off to the playground to teach those kids fitness lessons? He was really good with them, from what little we saw.

And was Dennis maybe secretly excited about Dee being pregnant? He was certainly less-than-secretly excited when she was giving birth. He was so careful with her at the hospital


And then he was going to go all Thor on the staff if they didn’t treat her well.

And then of course after the baby is born



(Of course all the guys were like that too - and you can’t really blame them for focusing on Rob McElhenney a bit more - but just look at the wonder on his face!!!!!)

I mean, yes, I think Dennis would have inserted himself as a father figure whether Dee wanted it or not, and if she actually tried to get him to take on that role more and more I think she could have. I think she could have sort of tricked him into doing it until he got so used to it that it just became his life.

Now, would he have moved in with her or something like that? I don’t think that’s impossible, and I’d like to think maybe there’s a fair chance, but I don’ t know. But Dee would probably just have the baby with her at the bar all the time, so he’d be around pretty much the whole time anyway.

I love this idea of Dennis going toe-to-toe with the real baby daddy. Dennis is almost certain not to approve of him. And even if it was someone amazing that Dennis could help but admit was worthy, Dennis would sabotage the relationship. That’s just what he does. I think getting into a rivalry with the father of Dee’s baby would make him act even more like the baby’s father.



Fun discussion, Anon!!!! I’m just an ooey gooey ball of feels right now.

Charlie Day said that it was a running gag that the gang didn’t acknowledge Dee’s pregnancy and just ignored the fact that she was pregnant. So it might have been even truer to Dennis’ character to be thinking more and more about his role in the child’s life while the bun was in the oven than what we saw.


so, it’s commentary time. and i’ll keep this brief because i’m sure that other people will add to this as time goes on. CAN I JUST GET A WRETCHED SOUND AT THE WAY KORRA LOOKS? this is right after everyone is telling her that they’ll miss her. understandable that everyone wants korra to recuperate and get back on her feet and being at home is going to make that recovery process faster (or so everyone thinks). and this goes back to what everyone has said about the world being able to keep its balance without the avatar. korra’s face just makes me do the ugly crying face because it’s what’s happening. things are being kept in the balance while she’s gone. i know that no one means that she isn’t needed, but how the hell can she think about anything else? she’s gone through amon, unalaq, vaatu, and zaheer in a matter of months, right? and then everyone’s all BON VOYAGE, BABE! with sweet sentiments of course. and you see korra wave with a smile because she wants the last thing they see to be her smile and her looking somewhat happy at going home with her parents. but she’s leaving behind her second home - her friends, her role in republic city.

and i just want to punch myself in the face because it would hurt less than seeing korra this way.

p.s. i’m sure this leads to her swiping off that hair like HONOR.

anonymous said:

Help me, Obi-Wan Astrid - you're my only hope! Until the final season of Borgia comes to NetFlix, IASIP seems like a good choice for an "it's complicated" bro/sis fix. But the characters are so unlikable! I've given up on the show twice before, but it gets your shipworthy stamp of approval, so make a believer out of me? How can a newcomer to IASIP get past the nasty and straight to the good stuff?

I can sympathize with you more than you know, Anon. I, too, did not take to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on the first try.

I’d heard that Dennis and Dee had a slightly incestuous scene in “The Nightman Cometh” where they play opposite each other as romantic leads. I was housesitting for a friend and didn’t know what to watch and she just happened to have the first season on DVD so I stuck it in and gave it a go.

I did not care for it. The characters were so unlikeable, just horrible horrible people – as much to each other as anyone else, which was the worst part – and the aesthetic was so ugly. Why would I want to look at this dive bar – half the scenes take place there - with this grey and brown color palette? It had obviously been filmed with a video camera that I could afford myself.

I was encouraged to try it again. And I honestly can’t remember whether I simply liked it more the second time because I had readjusted my expectations – I no longer expected something nice and pretty or conventional – or if I forced myself to keep watching for as long as it took until it eventually grew on me or I knew for sure that I could never like it.

I definitely don’t think this is a show for everybody. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, and I wouldn’t expect everyone to like it. It’s been on for nine seasons and it has a lot of highly devoted fans – it’s a good show – but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. So I can’t promise you that I can help you to like it. But since I didn’t like it at first either, I am proof that it’s possible to have changed feelings about it.

First I would say let yourself love the characters, Padawan. You don’t have to like them – why would you? – but love them. Admire how shameless they are in their horribleness. Pity them for not knowing any better. Remember that they weren’t raised well. Appreciate the fact that no one can stand them and they only have each other and that in their own way they do in fact love each other. Love how much more horrible they are than you. I can be a really lazy person, so I love it when they’re super lazy. And love how dorky they can be. Dennis gets drunk and cries about the stuffed animal that Dee destroyed. Dee thinks she’s a great actress – she’s terrible and she gets nervous and chokes every time. Mac likes to recite the plots of Law and Order episodes as conversation. Frank has his own life confused with Rambo. Charlie takes pride in all of the nasty work at the bar that he lets everyone make him do. Just embrace them as they are. And remember that they always fail. The show makes fun of them. They’re the butts of the shows jokes.  

These are my episode recommendations (not a Dennis/Dee-based rec list, but very heavy on their best eps) from the first three seasons. I think it’s a good sampling of the show at its best and Dennis/Dee at their most interesting. If you haven’t warmed to it and aren’t laughing your butt off after watching these then the show probably isn’t for you. It becomes funnier once you get to know the characters a little bit more, I’ve found. Sometimes it’s only funny because it’s them, you know?

  • 1.03 Underage Drinking: A National Concern
  • 1.08 Charlie Got Molested
  • 2.03 Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare (2.04 on the DVDs)
  • 2.04 Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom (2.05 on the DVDs)
  • 2.10 Dennis and Dee Get A New Dad
  • 3.03 Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is Dead
  • 3.04 The Gang Gets Held Hostage
  • 3.07 The Gang Sells Out
  • 3.10 Mac Is A Serial Killer
  • 3.15 The Gang Dances Their Asses Off

The thing with Dennis and Dee is that they’re the opposite of affectionate – they make a pretty good show of only tolerating each other. But they need each other so much. Dennis thinks he’s god and loves to control Dee’s life (which he frequently does by insulting her), Dee resents Dennis but craves his approval. They have an extremely high opinion of the other unless forced to admit it. They’re so messed up and so amazing.

If you want a list of the best Dennis/Dee episodes, I made one a while ago based on my best recollections. It’s here.

I hope that helps!!!!!!!

And if it’s not for you, then we’ll find something you’ll like. Tell me what you’re looking for.

With the last few minutes of the finale being chock-full of tender moments, it was perhaps hard to focus on any given one and fully appreciate its significance. Though each was touching in its own way, this scene in particular struck a chord with me as it represents a mutual suffering between father and daughter that illustrates the strength of their love. Despite being the Avatar to everyone else, Korra, in Tonraq’s eyes, is simply his little girl, who he couldn’t protect when she needed him the most. And even now when she has been broken so, all he can see is everything she feels she’s lost. And this genuine reminder of how her father will always see her gives her a reason to smile if only for an instant.

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You have to admit, with The Legend of Korra carrying that TV-Y7 rating, the writers are forced to think of some extremely creative ways of killing characters off. While the deaths may be a little less apparent, the fact that they can’t simply have a character be stabbed and be done with it, leads to the creation of some extremely memorable, twisted, and unique death scenes.