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Loki and Tony are together. Loki knows that Tony won't stay with him if he keeps attacking Midgard because, in Loki's eyes, Tony is the unofficial king of Earth. Loki is the fallen prince of not one but two kingdoms; a disgrace. The solution is obvious: blow Alfheim to smithereens and build a kingdom worth of Tony's regard. Yes. Nothing can go wrong with that plan.

nah, nothing wrong with genocide and a little bit of conquering. :)

ok so remember when i asked you guys to tell me what you thought about abortion for a research paper i had to do? so turns out i had to change my topic and now i’m doing it on corporal punishment and if y'all could help me out again that would be greatly appreciated. just reblog/comment/message me whether you think corporal (physical) punishment in schools should be legal or illegal and why

I recently got a comment on  a drawing of mine and what it says gave me an epiphany.

And that’s that a lot of my SW drawings are of simple, “slice of life” kind of drawings, and you know what, I do indeed love to make these kind of drawings, more than any other kind actually. And I am glad to know people telling me they like them too.


 A week or so ago, I started watching Gintama. No soon as I began watching episode 3 (or 4 or 5), they already started referencing one anime I used to watch: Prince of Tennis! If anybody has the screenshot of one of the Shogunate (might be Hijikata) wearing a Prince of Tennis cosplay, please post here! 

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AU. Tony gets abducted by aliens. The 'Aliens' being a human-looking Prince by the name of Loki. He's not green, his ship not a saucer; honestly, Tony is rather disappointed about all this.(Because HOW is there not an alien abduction AU by now??)

Poor Tony, Star Trek obviously lied to him.

Thanks for the prompt, anon! :)

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Seiyuu comments on One Piece Anime Episode 689.
Special thanks for ひとなつ for transliterating some of the words.

- Yuruko = Yuriko Yamaguchi (Robin’s seiyuu).
- Both “The weather’s good” and “The pollen’s really bad” are written in Bartolomeo’s distinct speech ‘~dabe!’.
- “Atarimaeda no kurakkaa” (Crackers Obvious) is a phrase from Maeda Crackers commercial. ‘Atarimaeda’ itself means ‘obviously’. Yes I’m bad at translating puns oTZ
- Mika = 三佳. Since it’s a name, pronunciation may changed. Both Keisuke & Mika aren’t seiyuu I presume. Staff perhaps? Maybe they’re getting married or something. 

Honestly, I’d thought it’s a name of Young Law’s seiyuu (it’s written 圭介.三佳 )…till Hitonatsu-san (the one transliterating this) told me 2 names are written in there oTZ I’m betrayed by my own expectation oTZ