Slippery Slope Pt 2. [Cullen x Trevelyan]

A companion piece to: Slippery Slope
So.. Nevena realising her feelings for Cullen is a bit different to him realising them for her. Idk. I like it. Different perspective.

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Finding ten minutes of quiet solitude in Haven was rare but not unheard of. Finding twenty minutes was practically a miracle and anything longer than that deemed impossible, unless the person seeking the quiet had somewhere to go.

Nevena had found such a place shortly after arriving in Haven and after her first attempt at sealing the Breach had failed. She had been walking - exploring - what was to be her new home. The village and the Chantry, looking for weak points, for places that were easy to escape from in case something went wrong and she needed to leave quickly.

Her search for an escape route had been before she had got to know those around her, and slowly started to trust them. At first she had considered herself only a means to an end to them, and that she would be threatened with Tranquillity or execution by Cassandra if she did not produce results.

Months had passed since then, and her opinion of them all had changed. She no longer sought escape from these people, she found she enjoyed being around them, craved their company. She only sought silence and calmness once in a while, a few hours to sit and clear her mind.

The room underneath the Chantry was perfect for that.

It was small and had probably belonged to the Chantry’s cleric before the Inquisition had arrived and taken over. It was well lit when the candles were burning and had selection of bookshelves lined end-to-end with literature. Most of it religious commentary on Andraste and Andrastianism, but there were a handful of history books and fictional adventures stories that Nevena had slowly been working through.

No one ever came down into the Chantry’s underbelly. There was no need to. There was nothing important down there, just old pots and artefacts and the jail. Nevena avoided the jail, she did not have fond memories of it and it filled her with a certain sense of dread just to go near it.

Of course, being what she was, who she was to the people gathered at Haven, she could never disappear for longer than a few hours. So whenever she did, she ensured at least one person - usually Varric - knew where she would be so he could fetch her if she was needed urgently.

Occasionally she would hear things from upstairs, footsteps and voices, sometimes raised in the heat of conversation but she would never move from her spot until she was summoned or until she felt she’d been gone too long and should make an appearance.

That day though it was different.

The door that led downstairs slammed shut and that was the first thing that grabbed her attention. If Varric came to find her, he closed the door. Never let it slam. And this slam was purposeful, like the person who had been holding the door had slammed it themselves rather than let the hinges do the work.

As Nevena had risen to her feet, putting her book to one side she heard the footsteps descend the stone stairs hurriedly. Then the rattle of the low hanging candelabra intermingled with shouts and curses. She knew the sound because she had hit her head on the damn thing several times herself.

She peered around the door, curious to see the source of the noise and looked just in time to see Cullen slamming a fist into the stone wall several times, his head supported in his left hand.

To say he looked tense was an understatement.

Even under his armour and his bear fur mantel she could tell how tightly wound he was. His jaw was set, clenched together. His hair was a mess where he had been running his hands through it and there was a thin sheen of sweat on his face that shone in the swaying light of the flames.

Nevena approached him steadily. She knew him better now they had settled their differences. The two of them were on friendlier terms and she no longer saw him as just a Templar, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be wary. Especially when he was in armed and wearing heavy armour.

The sound of her footsteps caught his attention, he dropped his hand from his face and peered over his shoulder. He was squinting.

"What are you doing down here?" Cullen snapped.

"I could ask you the same thing." Nevena retorted pausing in her approach. His expression flickered, pain clear on his features until he masked it. Exhaling, Nevena shook her head and moved towards him more purposefully. "What’s wrong?" She asked with genuine concern.

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The ten commandments of tumblr

1. you must always reblog the creator

2. you must love cats and pizza more than people

3. you must support gay rights

4. you must respect other peoples views…unless it’s Mitt Romney’s views

5. you must realise that everyone is a peasant 

6. you must be part of some sort of fandom or ship

7.  You must be prepared to have insomnia due to staying up on tumblr

8. you see the lucker stomp you reblog the lucker stomp

9. you have to be supportive and grateful for your followers

10. you must face the fact that you will probably be forever alone even if you are in a relationship 

Balls to Osborne

today, the true leader of the labour party Ed balls stood up for himself. This comes after Osborne bad mouthed Balls in the commands telling other ministers that Ed Balls knew about Barclays rate fixing. Ed Balls stood up and point blank told Osborne “put up or shut up” to which Osborne did the typical tory thing and tried to weasel out of it. While all this was going on the back bencher were booing there heads off. Simple showing the difference between  Balls who has support from the party and is in a grudging battle with Osborne while Miliband just lays back an Agrees with what ever Mr stockbroker Cameron has to say from emigration to the Elgin marbles.

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The first time they said “I love you” to each other.

Darkseid had let his parademons infiltrate countries all over the world. The league were all assigned to different areas as well as members of the Secret Society helping out.

Batman stood in the monitor bay, ordering leaguers where to place themselves and strategize their attacks. Superman had left along with Lex Luthor to take down Darkseid firsthand. 

"Arrow, take on the lower side and let Supergirl handle the aerial attacks," he commaned to Green Arrow through the comm. link. He clenched his jaw shut. He wanted to head down to battle, but he needed to see everything to check if his plan was working. 

"Batman," Mr. T jumped out of his seat and approached him in quick strides, "Nightwing needs more reinforcements at Gotham." Batman narrowed his eyes, assessing a few plans in his head.

"I’ll go," Diana’s voice resonated from the elevators, making them look at her direction. Batman met her strong gaze and she was determined to head down. "Diana, you just recovered from your last encounter with Granny Goodness and the Furies. You need rest."

"I’n ready, Batman," she replied stoically. She could be as stubborn as he was and Bruce knew it. It was something they both had in common. "Batman, Nightwing needs confirmation, ASAP." Batman held up his finger, silencing Mr. T, "Tell him to wait for a moment."

He walked towards Diana like a predator would if it came across its prey. He stopped a few inches from her, “When I became stubborn, you pushed me to stay and rest. I did that, Princess, but right now, I want you to listen to me. Head back to the infirmary and rest.” 

Diana remained staring at him, her red lips pursed in a thin line. Batman gave her the glare, “I mean it, Princess. We can handle this.” With a stoic look on her face, she spoke, “No.” Batman sighed, pushing closer to her until their noses brushed, “Stop being stubborn right now, Princess. I need you safe and out of harm’s way.”

He lifted his hand and cupped her face, brushing his thumb against her cheeks and silently cursed at the kevlar that barred him from feeling her soft skin. He knew now was not the right time to tell her, but he had to, if it meant getting her attention.

"I love you, Princess. I want you here where I know you won’t get hurt again." Diana’s eyes soften and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him close to her until her lips crashed with his. Her lips felt heavenly and it was all that mattered to him. It was the first time he ever told her that and he would tell her that for the rest of his life.

"And I love you, Dark Knight," she replied the moment she pulled away, catching her breath. For the first time in her life, it felt like paradise to hear him utter those three beautiful words she had longed for a long time. 


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