Often, I see the words ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’ being used interchangeably. The LGBT community often talks of building a tolerant society, but it is by no means enough. There is a world of difference between tolerance and acceptance. Living someplace that is merely tolerant without acceptance is like an existence within a sensory deprivation chamber. It won’t directly kill you, but it exacts a toll.
—  The Difference Between Tolerance and Acceptance | Brynn Tannehill for the Huffington Post Gay Voices. Read this right now. 

Andrew: It’s interesting watching the maturity that Beckett has in this. In other episodes she would have run out into traffic after this guy with blinders on and ended up running off a roof like she did in ‘Always’. But there’s a maturity to her in this, much more tactical, much more emotionally detached. She wants to take this guy down, but she wants to do it in a smart way. It’s part of her arc of growth.

David: She’s not really willing to throw her life away anymore. So it’s a simple and clear way to express that.

Rob: Look at the guy, the hand, decision time. Not gonna run off a roof anymore.

Andrew Marlowe, David Aman, Rob Bowman episode commentary


It can be hard to see the positive when we keep hearing about all of the terrible things happening in our community.

But the fact that we are hearing about them these days is honestly so important. That these things are being addressed and called out and talked about openly and publicly, often by high profile creators is unbelievably awesome after so many years of silence on these far-from-new issues.

There is a lot we could be doing better (for one, these conversations, and especially responses from high profile creators, could be happening on YouTube), but compared to how these things have been handled in the past? This is a huge first step.

Hell, last year NONE of the major YT events hosted any official panels related to women’s issues/sexism. This year every single one of them (Playlist Live, VidCon, SitC, Buffer Fest) have/are hosting one or more. Things aren’t great, but they’re definitely getting better, and that’s pretty cool.

if you live in america and it’s your senior year of highschool, i cannot stress enough going to community college for the first 2 years of your higher education:

  • easier transition from highschool to college
  • if you are undecided on your future degree, GO. TO. COMMUNITY. COLLEGE.
  • employers don’t give a fuck tbh years 3 & 4 are the most important
  • you’ll be able to transfer to a 4 year school with all/most of your general education credits taken care of at a much cheaper price
  • you will have a 2 year degree under your belt and, depending on your major, this will allow you to work in your chosen field during breaks
  • the work will be relevant work experience and a huge leg up when you go to build your resume

I know you care. I know you care because when I was sick, you sang to me and kissed my forehead because you said it would help and when I was crying on the floor, you told me how I should keep my head up because if I didn’t, no one would be able to see my blue eyes.

I know you care. I just wish you would stop being so afraid of letting anyone in.

—  Midnight Thoughts (you still make me smile)


Sorry it took me a while to set this up but they are finally open! Now seems like a good time since i am low on cash and it will help me to draw more often!

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I will add more options like half body and full body later on but for now this is all i can do. Also i will accept the first 5 who message me but i will take a few more if i feel like i can do more!

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Hey everyone, I’m back with a new addition to my commissions!!

I recently got Battle Block Theater from Steam and lo-and-behold, you can add custom faces! So I’m opening up mini commissions for custom made BBT Heads!!

The ones posted are as follows:

My oc Podgemoss, The Goat, Bohg,

datpastaasylum, litterbot, creepypasta-raven,

wellheyproductions, trinathewolf, themrcreepypasta,

and the Five Nights at Freddy’s Cast, which are free! Simply save the PNG to your Battle Blocks Theater UserFaces folder and find the custom head from your player settings menu!

ProgramFiles(x86) > Steam > SteamApps > common > BattleBlock Theater > GameData > UserFaces

Start Menu > Help & Options > Player Setup > Blueprint Head Box

Send me a message if you want to buy, thanks guys!!

i love it when i make a video stressing an important topic like abuse or misogyny and i get that inevitable commenter saying “i don’t care”

it’s like let’s give it up guys because my prime audience, youtube user “mr. zorg” doesn’t care