comiXology Summer Reading List Day 4: Lumberjanes #1

Today’s free book is Lumberjanes #1. 



gingerhaze, ohheygrace, and brookeallen are tops!

Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together…and they’re not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way! Not only is it the second title launching in our new BOOM! Box imprint but LUMBERJANES is one of those punk rock, love-everything-about-it stories that appeals to fans of basically all excellent things.

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Today is the DAY, digital readers. Megahex by Simon Hanselmann is available. This is normally where’d we make a joke about digitall rolling up a joint to go with your reading but not everyone is as lucky as Washington (where pot is smoke a-freely). SO how ‘bout instead you make some trashcan punch?

Megg is a depressed, drug-addicted witch. Mogg is her black cat. Their friend, Owl, is an anthropomorphized owl. They hang out a lot with Werewolf Jones. This may sound like a pure stoner comedy, but it transcends the genre: these characters struggle unsuccessfully to come to grips with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of work, lack of ambition, and their complex feelings about each other in ways that have made Megg and Mogg sensations on Hanselmann’s Girl Mountain Tumblr. This is the first collection of Hanselmann’s work, freed from its cumbersome Internet prison, and sure to be one of the most talked about graphic novels of 2014, featuring all of the “classic” Megg and Mogg episodes from the past five years as well as over 70 pages of all-new material.

These 214 joke-soaked pages are yours for only $22.99 so grab your copy of Megahex today on comiXology!  

Simon Hanselmann is the real deal, for sure. He captures that stoner stay-at-home life so accurately that I actually find his comics really depressing and thank god I don’t ever have to hang out with anybody like that ever again.” - Daniel Clowes

Want to Read Young Avengers? Head Over To Comixology!


Until the end of the day all the old Young Avengers issues are on sale for 99 Cent each over on Comixology. If you are new to comic and enjoyed the most recent Young Avengers and want to dive into their history, then this is your best chance to jump on it at a great price. Enjoy.


Every Friday, were going to try to bring you a brief guide on a different comic book character or story, because we all know the world of comics can be a confusing place, and we want to help.

There seems to be a lot of fans of Wonder Woman here on Tumblr, but if you’ve been wanting to find out more about Diana Prince, Themyscira, and The Amazons, we humbly present to you:

A comiXology Guide to Wonder Woman!

Fierce, bold, and confident, Diana, Amazon Warrior Princess of Themyscira, is both feared and respected by the denizens of the DC Universe. 

Wonder Woman’s first appearance came in 1941 within the pages of All Star Comics #8 but her origins really were developed in the early issues of DC’s Sensation Comics. In these classic comics, you see the introduction of some of WW’s best known tools like the Invisible Jet and her Magic Lasso. In May 1942, only 5 months after her first appearance, Wonder Woman was the star of her own solo comic.

If all you want is one must-read example of a great modern take on Wonder Woman, look no further than gailsimone's story, The Circle, which brings the heroine face-to-face with talking gorilla warriors, neo-nazis, and the vulnerability of being powerless.

Finally, the rebooting of the DCU with The New 52 saw the combining of comic legends Brian Azzarello and cliffchiang bringing their much acclaimed talents to the Wonder Woman comics. While the New 52 has seen its share of successes and failures, Wonder Woman has consistently been one of the brightest stars in the new universe.  


I’m very pleased to announce the digital-only BOO!Halloween Stories 2014 from Monkeybrain Comics, a followup to last year’s four-part BOO! series (still available for only 99 cents each!). Behind a luscious cover by Rusty Shackles, you’ve got eleven spooky stories and eerie illustrations from that huge cavalcade of creators listed above - all for only $1.99! Two measly bucks for 64+ pages of story and art, and all of it lookin’ this good! Plus you got a chance to win an original page of art, yow!

You can pre-order your copy of BOO! Halloween Stories right now over at Comixology! Don’t miss out!



Written by Jim Rugg, Brian Maruca
Art by Jim Rugg
Published by Monkeybrain Comics
Release Date: September 17, 2014
Direct Link:

Orphaned by the world, raised by the streets, Jesse Sanchez is a dangerous martial artist, and the world’s greatest homeless skateboarder. In Wilkesborough, Angel City’s worst ghetto, she fights ninjas, drugs, nepotism, and pre-algebra as Street Angel! 

Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez teams up with an old, homeless guy and hits some dumpsters looking for food.

This issue is in the Library of Congress.  


If you prefer your comics in print — Get your copy of Street Angel from your local comic shop, directly from AdHouse Books, on Amazon, or ask your local librarian to stock a copy.

While many stores report that their children’s comics sections continue to grow, the demographic that seems to be growing the fastest is young women, aged 17–33. Image titles like The Walking Dead, Saga, and Pretty Deadly have gotten their attention, but Wayne Wise reports that at Phantom of the Attic there are “a lot of young women who are really invested in Marvel and DC titles, as well as the Indies. New titles aimed at this group are an important part of this. Books like Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Young Avengers have been particularly successful.’ Data from a reader survey by digital comics vendor Comixology supports what retailers are seeing. Chip Mosher, Comixology’s v-p, communications and marketing, confirmed that 20% of its new customers in the third quarter of 2013 were females ages 17–26.


By Matt D. Wilson

Back in July, ComiXology addressed one of the biggest questions people had with its digital comics service: Do customers actually own the issues they buy?

The company unviled a DRM-free backup feature, but only for a handful of publishers, including Image ComicsDynamite Entertainment, and Top Shelf Productions, among others. This week, ComiXology announced a second wave of publishers that will offer DRM-free downloads — and no, Marvel and DC still aren’t part of the deal.


How to Buy Windblade #3 Master Post

Hi Comics Fans! Happy Wednesday! Here is a ton of information about all the different ways you can buy Windblade #3. Also check out MTMTE 30 by the amazing James Roberts and Alex Milne!

1. Buy at a local comic shop. If you need help finding a shop, locate one with the comic shop locator.

Also Hater Free Wednesdays is a great resource to find out if the comic shop near you is considered a safe space for fans of all types.

2. Order a physical copy and have it shipped to you.

You can do that through sites like Things from Another World or Midtown Comics

If you are located outside the U.S., try out a site called Archonia for more affordable shipping.

3. Buy it digitally

You can download a digital copy from Comixology, Apple iBooksAmazon Kindle or directly through IDW.

4. Also stay tuned to Mairghread’s tumblr, as she’ll be posting a fun contest for issue 3 soon and the prizes will be signed copies of Windblade #3.

Finally, Thank you so much for supporting the book. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please consider subscribing online or at your local comic shop for upcoming issues.

P.S. If anyone has any questions or concerns about getting the comics, feel free to hit up my ask box, in addition to being the writer’s husband, I have a lot of experience in comics retail and marketing, and would be happy to help answer any questions.

Til all are one,