I don’t have a choice. I don’t get to just go.

Two more steps, a quick movement. He stepped left and went right, his body quickly turning to make the jump, letting the ball leave his finger tips and fly toward the net, the sound of the ball falling through the chains of steel was probably one of his favorite sounds in the world. A smile tugged the corner of his lips upward, he felt his heart beating insanely fast on his chest and the heat running through his whole body. He couldn’t feel more alive. The boy was so focused on the game that he didn’t realize that the night started to fall, he has completely lost the track of time since he arrived. But there was something so peaceful about that place, able to make himself erase anything from his mind and focus on the hours of game he would have against himself. 

Don’t matter what problems or difficulties that exist beyond the perimeter of that court, at that moment, his mind was in peace, he was in peace. It was a magical place — it was his church.

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Compliment Meme!

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This was pretty much the only photo I got from Sleeping Beauty that turned out at all, so…
but I guess I have to say that as always, it has been an amazing experience performing with the ballet theatre I’ve danced at since I was 4 years old. Even if I won’t miss running the adagio from hell, panicking about my double ron du jamb, and wondering if I’m going to forget the mazurka choreography, I’ll always treasure the memory of the opportunities I’ve had to rehearse and perform with such an outstanding group of people (not to mention wearing my gorgeous peach tutu that our amazing seamstress worked so hard on). It’s just incredibly rewarding and exhilarating to work so hard to put together something so beautiful and then feel it come to life on stage with a passionate energy that thrills and enchants an entire audience. When the curtain came down for the last time today, I was delighted just to have this show over with so I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore, but the fact is that for all the pain, sweat, and tears, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’m just so glad I had the chance to be a part of it. I can’t believe how far I’ve come since being a tree in this show six years ago (and even since we first started rehearsing early this year), and I look forward to performing in another ballet next spring!