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if they will not change the management during the break and Louis and Harry will not coming out, when do you think they will be able to do it?

That’s a very big IF because, you see, Azoff was nowhere in the beginning of the year and he’s everywhere now. We always saw Jeff, but this is not Jeff, this is not Jeff strolling the streets helping Harry with his stunt. Thank Fuck, those times are the past now.

This is Irving Azoff.

21 MAR: People mag reporting about the Elouno breakup (about an HOUR after the Sun first broke the news. No kissing. No cheating. Broke up 2 weeks ago.)
22 MAR: Billboard reporting on the Elouno breakup
23 MAR: Billboard reporting on Zayn, squeezing in Elouno break up too.
23 MAR: Billboard reporting on Liam and GF.
23 MAR: People Mag James Corden article including a picture right below the headline with Harry kissing him. Quote: the kiss went on for far longer than Corden could have imagined, judging by his alarmed facial expression. (Okay, so maybe this one’s more on Styles.
24 MAR: Billboard writes an article the tour rider with the headline they only request four dressing rooms.
24 MAR: another Billboard article about the Bieber twitter ramble.
24 MAR: Zayn again in Billboard
24 MAR: OT5 relationship statuses in Billboard
24 MAR: 1D ranked in Billboard. Louis’ part had a Larry mention and linked the dressing rooms.4) Louis Tomlinson: The Larry Shippers’ conspiracy theory that Louis Tomlinson is secretly in a relationship with Harry Styles is probably the most interesting thing about him. And while Louis has the songwriting chops, he’s probably the weakest singer in the group. Nevertheless, what a smile!
Alleged One Direction Tour Rider Requests Only 4 Dressing Rooms
24 MAR: Billboard break up songs using: Love will tear us apart. (Louis wore the same t-shirt twice.)
25 MAR: Billboard article on Zayn’s leave
25 MAR: Billboard article: 23 Million Songs, 6 Million Albums & More: One Direction With Zayn Malik, By The Numbers
26 MAR: People on Zayn
26 MAR: Zayn in People - printed as well
27 MAR: Billboard article: Zayn Malik’s Solo Plans, One Direction’s Future Course: Inside the Band’s Sony Contract

I feel like I’m part of an Azoffgate video where Louis is narrating, see that’s a Billboard article, Billbooooard you hear?, aaand that’s People. P-E-O-P-L-E. 1 hr after Sun broke the news about the Elouno fakeup…. I’m shit at this but Azoff is everywhere now and my time in this fandom taught me that coincidences are non-existent here.

If MM stays, then 

  • they managed to hire some smart employees who know how to seed. *sarcastic*
  • let’s discuss again the timing of this break. 23 shows into 80 shows. That’s a bit more than 25%, not even halfway. We would’ve appreciated something similar for TMH and WWA but we never got it. *wonders why*
  • why is Irving Azoff suddenly aggressively everywhere I look? It’s not even Jeff anymore, this is clearly Irving.
  • why hasn’t the seeding stopped, but more like: went on another level (again)?
  • why is HL so so so extra happy lately? Skipping Louis. Flamboyant and cheeky Louis everywhere. More and more interactions, tiny. But there. Why didn’t we have as many interactions during the 71 shows of WWA than we had during 19 shows during OTRA? This sounds minor, but it’s one of the biggest ones.
  • why did they let Eleanor go this early? They kept her around for FOUR years. Why letting her go now? *shrugs*
  • why did they let Harry be single this early?
  • why are there no more stunts? They have a tour to promo, they always used the girls for that. Why is crickets on that front?
  • why did they let Zayn go and jeopardize their act for the last and remaining 7 or more concerts?
  • Why is Zayn’s PR handled totally differently (old ways) than HL’s PR (smart, new way)? 

CO: Why is everything coming together for the break?

  • Harry’s image
  • Louis’ image
  • Louis’ relationship status
  • Harry’s relationship status
  • contract speculation - porky pies
  • April 4th timing for last concert
  • aggressive and SMART seeding *whispers: not Modest*


This music video (Spectrum by Boyinaband ft. Minx and Cryaotic) is about holding on and having hope, even when your family won’t accept you.

Please, please watch this and spread it like wildfire. Anyone who is afraid to come out to their family needs to hear this. Just, hold on.

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i've seen a lot of people talking about April 5th. do people believe that this could be laundry day, or that this is when they'll announce new management

I don’t know what other think, but no, I don’t think they CO on April 5th, but they will have their Azoff conctract start.

I’m battling with myself if it is wiser to do it AFTER the game bc you know.. football…chanting blue balls etc.. booing.. not the first time…  or just rip the band aid off. 

Right now I think *after* he game is better but I kinda want to trust people that in 2015 it’s not a shame not being straight. 

Gosh I don’t know.

The next week will be very telling, how intense the seeding goes.

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I'm 17 now, but I came out to my parents when I was 16. They still tell me that I'm too young to understand my sexuality and insist that I'm just "confused" about boys. What age do you consider "old enough" to be able to realize one's sexuality?

We generally say that if you’re old enough to wonder about it, you’re old enough to know. Generally, people start to feel sexual attraction in the middle of puberty. Some people—myself included—don’t realize their orientation until they’re older, but usually that’s a matter of finding a word for something that has applied to them for a while. And some people’s orientation shifts over time, but that doesn’t mean that what they identified as when they were younger was wrong—it just means that they’re something else now.

The “you’re not old enough” argument is one absolutely reserved for kids coming out as queer. No one would ever say that a 16-year-old was too young to know they were straight. No one would say a 10-year-old was too young to know they were straight. Good GRAVY I’m sick of this argument. SWEAR WORDS.


So here's a thing

You always hear people telling you not to get pressured into alcohol or drugs and shit by your friends, right? The people who usually tell you this stuff are you family; so I have a notice for parents:

1. DO NOT pressure your child into drinking alcohol if they don’t want it. Why they don’t want it is none of your business. Reasons could include:
-They’re not legal yet
- they hate the taste/smell
- they don’t like what it does to you
- they’d rather have Pepsi and who wouldn’t?
- they feel ill
- they have their own morals
- something else?
If they are underage and you pressure them into alcohol and something happens to them the axe will come down on your head.

2. If your child wants to covert or is thinking of converting to another religion, ESPECIALLY ISLAM HERE, please respect that they might not want to eat certain things, drink, take part in certain activities, or wear certain things. If they have to go out of your way to pray in the middle of the day then you need to respect that. If it is Islam, no; they most likely haven’t been influenced by terrorists and almost definitely won’t become a terrorist; so please shut the fuck up.

3. If your child isn’t behaving like a stereotypical teenager, don’t fucking worry about it. If they would rather sit inside on a Saturday night and quietly read Les Miserables rather than going out and getting high/ drunk/ having sex, THEN THATS NOT THEM BEING PSYCHO CRAZY AND ITS FINE. If your daughter would rather wear men’s tshirts and trousers rather than the crop top and booty shorts you got her because she feels uncomfortable in them, then just accept it. Don’t stop her from buying modest or boyish clothes because it’s not ‘normal’, it’s her choice. For your sons, if they want to dance instead of do sports; support them. (Seriously good male ballroom dancers are in short supply so you’ll be doing everyone a favour) If your son wants to wear make-up, let him; makeup doesn’t have a gender, it is simply marketed to a gender and lots of boys look bloody amazing in eyeliner.

4. Speaking of makeup, do not physically force makeup onto your child. It’s painful and very distressing. They should not have to ask you to stop 5 times before using their martial arts to get you away from them because they feel uncomfortable or unsafe, basic shit really.

5. If your child comes out as anything; gay, bi, trans, etc… Either accept and support them or be a hateful bastard, DO NOT FUCKING LAUGH AT THEM. I can tell from personal experience that this hurt more than being yelled or nearly getting kicked out. The idea that you don’t even take them seriously is way much more to bare because they probably spent the time leading up to coming out absolutely shitting themselves and planning out everything perfect and to not be taken seriously is the most soul-destroying thing EVER.

6. In short, just be a nice and decent person to your kids. They are not robots, they are not pets, they are humans.

Thank you for listening.

*drops the mic*

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I want to come out as asexual to my friends, but I feel like if I told them they'd just ignore it and think I'm just saying it for attention. what do I do?

You could sound them out by seeing what they think of the idea of asexuality. Then, if they respond well, come out. If they don’t, stay in, and find new friends who aren’t acephobic assfaces. 


Be You, We Love You: A Criminal Minds Imagine

A/N: This is a really touching request from punk-rock-prophet, and I got a little fuzzy and heart-warmed reading it. This is about Y/N opening up about being gay, and the team accepting them. 

Rating: I think it should be for everyone, open your eyes. 



Spencer was a genius, Derek was outgoing, JJ was the most badass and beautiful woman you had ever met, Emily had her secrets, but gladly talked about your own, Hotch was gruff and stern, but would never turn down a smile, Garcia was spunky and exciting and Rossi had this wisdom about him that made every day a better day. What were you? 

When you think so highly of the people that you spend every day with, you get worried that when they learn something about you that they might consider “shocking”, their impression of you would change. 

Living life in a false representation of yourself was tiresome, and always watching what you said was just as exhaustive. Your life wasn’t something to play around with, trying to pretend that you were exactly the person they thought you were, because how did you know what they really thought?

You stride into the office, confident and ready, and as you sort the things on your desk out before you take a seat, you take one last look at your phone for some encouragement. 

There were people on your blog, and friends that you had told about your plan for today, that were messaging you bits of advice and well wishes.

With shaking hands, you play around with your hair, pushing it back, and then feeling it defeat the style you had tried to force on it. 

“Good morning Y/N, doing well today?” Aaron was the first one, besides yourself, to arrive and you smile the best that you can, a dry mouth and cracked lips making it difficult, among other things. 

“Yea, uh.. Well, yes, doing well today” he looks confused, before he nods and sets his bag down, freeing up his hands to take his coat off.

“You didn’t seem very sure, are you sure?” his prying is almost helpful for you at this point and you shake your head. “Not really, I’m trying to figure it out, but do you think that when everyone gets here, you could help me figure it out?”.

Your heart was already racing, and it was just he and you in the room. With another look of puzzlement he agrees. “Sure, they shouldn’t be too long” that wasn’t very helpful, but you knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and there was no turning back. 

You take the twenty six minutes, exactly, from the time Hotch sits down until the time everyone has made it into work, to reflect on your words and how you were going to talk to everyone. When Aaron sees that the room has filled, he nods to you, and gestures to the center of the room.

“Hey, listen up, Y/N and I had a very brief conversation this morning, you need to pay attention to what they have to say”.

The sets of eyes staring up at you almost make you back down and tell them to forget about it, but you push yourself forward, heart pounding so viciously you think you’re going to faint, and lick at your lips, before beginning to talk in a voice barely above a whisper. 

“I’ve worked with all of you for three years now.. I can say that that’s long enough to learn so much about your lives that I consider you all family, and I hope you feel the same. Thinking about it, and I have been thinking about it for a long time, I wondered what perception you all have of me, because over the years I’ve built my own based on who each of you are, and I love the people that you are”.

You fall silent for a moment, hoping that someone will pick up where you fail to speak, but they just nod, smiling. 

“Well I was thinking that if I was truly myself, I might ruin your idea of who I am as a person, and for these last three years, 365 days a year for 1095 point something days, I’ve torn a piece of me away as I walked into the building, and I can’t continue to tear myself apart to worry about what I look like, because eventually you can’t sew that part of you back on, and it just leaves a jagged tear where it used to be”.

You start to feel tears burn in the back on your eyes, and you try your hardest not to let them come forth. 

“I need you all to know that you can throw away the person that you think I am, and start to rebuild with what I want to tell you today. Now let me be clear, if you don’t think you can rebuild my image in your mind, you don’t have to, but don’t hesitate to keep the old image on a shelf, because if I can’t be the me that I am, I refuse to be the me that anyone else wants”.

Garcia has started to look as if her panic mode is going to happen, and you smile as tears start to slip away from the hold you so desperately wanted to have on them. 

“I am not a perfect person, I am nowhere near the perfect agent, but I am a gay human being, and if that’s not anywhere near perfect in your minds then, I accept that, but don’t tear me down, because if I stop tearing myself apart, than nobody else has the right to, and I just can’t walk in here everyday and hide that part of myself”. 

You can’t talk anymore, as your throat starts to burn and your tears blur your vision and you cover your face as you try to stop your emotional flood. 

“Hey, hey it’s alright, you don’t need to be worried beautiful, you know that we love you” Jennifer grabs you, and holds you tightly against her as you try to dry your tears. 

“She’s right, you are a damn good agent, and no matter who you love, you will always be my friend, and partner” Morgan sets a hand on your shoulder, and Rossi nods. 

“There is no need to be scared, or ever worry that you will be judged. In this family, you’re loved no matter what”. There he goes, with his wisdom again, changing you outlook and making you feel better.

“We are here for you, we support you, we love you, and we will always have your back, no matter what” Emily is the next to join the rapidly expanding group hug, and eventually everyone has joined in. 

“Now we’re all on the same page, does anyone want coffee?”. As if life had never changed, beside more acceptance and relief.