New Comic!

This is a pretty fun game that I play with my people sometimes.

Local robots, I’m going to be at The Comic Book Lounge on Saturday from 5-7pm, drawing comics to raise money for Epilepsy Toronto. Come visit me, make a small donation, and I’ll sketch you a thing! If you don’t know what to ask me for, name an animal and I’ll be happy to draw it badly for you and then apologize.

Details on the event page and on my facebook page! See you there!

Master May Event Post

We keep seeing lots of events for David and Gillian coming up on our twitter feed so we figured that we would do a master post so everyone can keep up with them all if you want! This is probably going to be a super busy year so we’ll have to do one monthly :)  Feel free to let us know if there are any that we’ve missed. It’s so hard to keep up with these two, isn’t it? 

May 1-3-Gillian will be at Minneapolis Comic Con  (source: wizard world)

May 5- David will be doing a book signing at the Harvard Book store  (source: facebook events) CANCELLED! (source: twitter)

May 5-David will be at Harvard  @ Acoustic Cafe doing a live performance for his album (source: duchovnycentral)

May 6-David will  be in Boston doing a live performance for his album  (source: duchovnycentral)

May 7-Gillian will be a judge on the panel at Oscar’s First Book Prize in London. (source: the book seller)

May 11- Upfronts David and Gillian may be attending? For Fox and NBC? New York. 

11 AM: NBC Upfront Presentation
Radio City Music Hall

4 PM: Fox Upfront Presentation
The Beacon Theatre, 2124 Broadway
Followed by Post-Party, Wollman Rink, Central Park & 59th Stree

(source: media biz bloggers, deadline)

May 12-David’s album, Hell or High Water,  comes out. 

May 12-David will be performing on the Today Show. (source: today show)  

May 12-David will be doing a live performance for his album in New York (source: duchovnycentral) 

May 14-David will be on Live with Kelly (source: Kelly )

May 15 - At the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Opening gala “Birds of a Feather,” co-chaired by Max N. Berry, actress Gillian Anderson and philanthropist Dame Jillian Sackler DBE. (source: prnewswire)

May 21 - David will be on NBC’s Red Nose Day (source: youtube promo video)

May 22-Gillian will be at MCM London Comic Con promoting ‘Robot Overlords’ (source: mcm

May 24-Gillian will be in Sedona, Arizona for Illuminate Film Festival doing a talk for ‘Sold’ (

May 28-Aquarius airs on NBC

May 30?-Gillian will be at the Fan Expo in Dallas, Texas. Date TBA . Con runs 29th-31st. (source: fan expo dallas)

May 30- David at BookCon New York (source: duchovnycentral)

Last Updated: May 4, 

Next week is the Queers & Comics Conference in New York City, a two-day conference jam-packed with presentations from queer cartoonists, on May 7th and 8th!

Our very own editor Kou Chen will be a panelist on Creating Trans* & Genderqueer Characters in Comics on May 7th at 2:15 PM, in Room C201. The panel will be moderated by Dylan Edwards and will also feature Melanie Gillman, Tara Avery, and Sophie Labelle as panelists.

Click here for the full show schedule!

Also, the conference is still in need of volunteers! If you can spare the time, volunteers get full access to the conference. Head here for more details.


I’m going to sell books, fanzines, posters and postcards by my table at the Stockholm International Comics Festival on the 9th and 10th of May!


-A price list of what I will sell at the festival (the currency is Swedish kronor, 1 euro ≈ 9 kronor)
-Fan art of the mascot for this year’s festival! 

I will also participate in a free panel about trans matters on the 9th of May, 14.00 - 14.45, Bibliotek Plattans scen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern våning Plattan!

See you there! <3