Dylan O'Brien as Spider-Man?

If the rumors are true, Which I hope they are, and Dylan O’Brien is the new Spider-Man, I think he’s gonna kill it!
I’m a big fan of Dylan and his work so far, If you know his work, seeing Teen Wolf, The Internship, and The Maze Runner, you’ll know he has every quality needed to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. If you watch Teen Wolf, especially the first 2 seasons, you know he has what it takes to be witty, comical, have smart remarks to things, which is another trait he showed in The Internship. My personal favorite thing about Spider-Man is how he CONSTANTLY is throwing shade and making witty remarks to his enemies, which I thought Andrew Garfield did a good job of portraying. (RIP TASM)

So if it’s true, Congrats to you Dylan O’Brien, you deserve it. That’s got to be any kids childhood dream, being able to portray your favorite superhero on the big screen. Let me know what you guys think.

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the 2005 version suffered for miscasting or misdirecting idk anyway matt mcfayden is in fact a hilarious comic actor, his darcy was just…….disappointing. in comparison to awkward mcglower.


But like, one of my major complaints about it (besides the fact that the director appears to have confused Jane Austen with the Bronte sisters?? HMM YES WHENEVER I THINK OF ELIZABETH BENNET I SURE DO THINK OF WALKING SILENTLY AND BROODINGLY ACROSS A MOOR ) is that Matthew McFayden either didn’t get that his character is hilarious, or wasn’t allowed to portray him that way, so just decided to go with Mr. Darcy the Narcoleptic. I s2g, I thought he fell asleep between his lines in the first proposal.

Dude’s supposed to eff up that proposal BIG TIME but not by being so uninterested in his proposal he can’t keep his eyes open.


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