The Simpsons’ Springfield Illustrated As A Deadbeat Town byTim Doyle

Austin-based illustrator and print-maker Tim Doyle first started creating these dark and dismal Simpsons-themed artworks as part of his first UnReal Estate gallery show for Spoke Art in 2012.

His UnReal Estate series re-imagines iconic locations found in the fictional worlds of well-known television shows (including – d’oh! – Springfield, the town where the Simpsons live) and films in pop culture. Since then, Doyle has continued the series with more works for his subsequent 2013 and 2014 editions of UnReal Estate, and all three shows were sold out! Doyle’s dark and disturbing vision shows a derelict Springfield, devoid of life and fallen onto hard times. The eerily post-apocalyptic mood of these works is pretty glorious.


You’ve seen most of the fantastic 2000AD Forum Advent Calendar 2014, from our talented readers & fans - now let’s see how Tharg's art droids do it, who are enjoying a well-earned oil break over the festive period (but not too well-oiled, we hope!), so that you can digest our bumper Xmas edition, Prog 2015!

Here’s your extra Boxing Day present(s), Earthlets!:

  • Merry Garpmas! - Ace Trucking Co.'s Ace Garp by Edmund Bagwell
  • Festive Feg! - Current Sláine series art droid, Simon Davisshows the old Horned GodSlough Feg, celebrating the season!
  • Dredd Star! - Colourful Christmas card from the fabulous, Henry Flint.
  • Ho-ho Hoagy! - Robo-HunterSam Slade's dim-witted droid sidekick, Hoagy looks festive, from series artist, Ian Gibson.
  • Merry Xmassss…… - Judge Death doesn’t really get the Christmas ssspirrit, by Savage art droid, Patrick Goddard.
  • Have A Smelly Xmas from ‘King of the Undercity' & unlikely hero of MC-1Fergee! By top art droid, Colin MacNeil.
  • Merry Christmas, Creeps! Ol’ Stony Face' don't do “holidays”! From relative newcomer, art droid, JT Pegg.
  • Have A Sweet Christmas! Maniacal merriment from total psychoidUlysses Sweet, who appears in this year’s Prog 2015, from series art droid, Paul Marshall.
  • She Knows What You Are Thinking…!' Dazzling Dredd-ful art featuring Psi-Judge Anderson, from dynamic digi-droid, Alex Ronald.
  • Under The Mistletoe With Robot Archie!Zenith's super-powered robot pal & UK comics mainstay, Robot Archie gets in on the festivities, by series artist Steve Yeowell (Black ShuckRed Seas).