Finally, I done the first part of the story. It’s a story about a man and a girl; they have an “opposite” personality of their gender. It’s based on some true stories (included mine too). The reason I made this comic is I don’t like the thing, ‘girls should do like this’ or ‘guys should do like this’; I want to break the concept of the standard of ‘girl’ and ‘guy’ to ‘girls/guys also can do this’. It’s from my personal opinion and some of my friends’ opinion, so please don’t take it so seriously. Enjoy!

BTW I upload this comic series whenever I finish the translating.

If you don’t mind, you can read this comics in Korean. 【X】



Hi there!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally set up my patreon and I hope you’ll take a look! 

Blackgrass is going to be a webcomic about a clairvoyant/spiritual medium named Rev. Abel Ruby, a sweet, well-meaning preacher who is slowly losing his faith and gets contracted into working for a lost soul that needs his help to find redemption! He begins to realise that “God” isn’t quite what he’s led to believe, and his perception of faith gets turned on its head! It will be a long-form, fully coloured comic that ideally will update M-W-F If I reach that patronage level!

I’ve already uploaded the first couple of storynotes for Patrons so you won’t be subscribing for nothing - and I’ll have more information and storynotes coming almost every day of the week this upcoming month! 

You get to watch the comic come to life before it goes live!

Not only will I be posting Blackgrass stuff to my patreon, but a whole BUNCH of doodles, paintings, colour theory practises, perspective practises, tutorials, pinups, livestreams and more!

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