And so am I. I lost the majority of my family through mass genocide. My grandmother’s first child was gassed to death in front of her eyes just to mock her. She herself became a human lab rat for testing, the drugs eventually causing her death. My grandfather was chased by dogs after having his head cracked open, his only way of surviving was burying himself in snow for several hours. My mother even may have not made if if she was not born in secret and hidden away as hospital workers were poisoning pregnant women to cause miscarriages. Till this day, the remaining survivors in my family who have Alzheimers experience constant flashes to the days they were tortured and without food and water. 

With the release of Age of Ultron in less than a week, I felt it was important to discuss the fact that we haven’t seen more criticism of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s cultural identities being ripped from their characters, and on top of it having them volunteer as test subjects for a neo-nazi group (Hydra). It is so rare to have had a group of characters with cultural identities that mirrored mine that I felt it was important to comment on it.

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When dipper first becomes a full deer he hides under the bed and refuses to come out and mabel has to coax him out

Dipper knew this would happen, but still… Mabel wake up first, see her brother’s situation, and decide to pet him gently until he wakes up. It’s up to her to be there for him.

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(chapter 2 of Deerperfalls is up guys !)

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