Vent art comic: “Thoughts at 3AM" by me, Drake Husky.

Something I’ve been working on for a week and a half now or so, had to skip doing it a few nights though, but uh, yeah.

Just how I’ve been feeling lately. Thought it’d help me feel better to draw out how loneliness feels to me, or something.

Listened to this song basically the whole time working on these, as well. Pretty beautiful.

Man, I’m tired…

Monsterkind's new site is LIVE!

It’s been a while, but Monsterkind finally has a brand new site design since it started! If you’re following this blog and don’t know what Monsterkind is let me give you a small intro and maybe you’ll decide to check it out!

Monsterkind is a free-to-read online comic about people living in a country wrought with inequality and segregation. Wallace Foster is a human social worker from District A- the richest part of town that is human only territory. He is transferred to a monster inhabited district for work, and quickly realizes that monsters aren’t as bad as he’s been led to believe.

The comic is a lighthearted drama with a little bit of comedy and mystery mixed in. I’m also told it’s very cute. There are currently 150+ pages available to read. Hopefully you’ll check it out and enjoy it!