I had my ups and downs when it came to my feelings about Markiplier.

At first, when I discovered him, I thought he was the greatest, funniest guy. The community was extremely welcoming as well. But… that faded.

As he grew fame, more people flocked to him. There were others who drew better than I did or were more popular and was noticed by Markiplier himself. I envied those people. That was a bad feeling. I shouldn’t have felt that way, I knew. But I still felt it. I stopped watching his videos for a year.

Then, I wanted to watch his videos again. I guess I missed him. The bad feelings came back and they haunted me. But his recent video titled “An Important Message” changed my feelings. I haven’t seen or heard him seem so heartfelt about what he was saying since his 1 million subscriber fan video reaction video. I liked him again. I didn’t feel envy anymore. I was glad.

I was inspired by this change and his voice, and drew up this comic. I hope you all enjoy.

~ AuroraSpirit


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i’ve actually often wondered how fights would go down between the two of them? my thanks to a certain someone who reminded me that i’ve never drawn angsty stuff and tbh i doodled this as a challenge but i failed i give up i’m never drawing angst ever again