I made a video to go with it, too! You can find the video off Kickstarter and on the comic’s website here, which isn’t obscured by Kickstarter’s stupid play button here.

The video actually is some followup story to chapter 5 as well as being a kind of prequel, so please do watch it! It has to do with Min. And the seeds. And, well, Furfur!

If you can’t pledge, please consider helping spread this! I would love to get it in print, and the lowest tier for physical books is 25 with shipping included for the U.S.!

Thank you so much everyone!



Here’s a little something Chris wrote:

Almost two years ago, I met Ellie through random chance and after a few months we fell in love. She was and is one of the most honest and caring people that I know and I feel insanely lucky that I have her in my life. It is difficult, since she lives in Brazil and I live in the United States, but we make it work.
Last summer, we managed to raise up enough funds on our own to bring her out to visit. That month with her was one of the happiest times of my life. It felt almost surreal, and every day I had to remind myself that this wasn’t some dream.
When she had to leave, that nearly broke my heart. But we promised that we would be together again. She would come to see me and we would be able to hold each other again.
But after a year of unexpected bills and money problems piling on top of each other, we’re short on funds. So we decided to see if the people of the world could help us be together. We don’t need much, just enough to help cover the cost of transportation.
We would be forever grateful to anyone who could help us. We can’t be together permanently, but just being able to visit over the summer would be an amazing gift. I treasure every second that I spend with her in my life, especially those times when I could hold her hand and have her close to me. I often can’t ask for help, especially asking for money. But I feel no shame in asking for help with this because I want this more than anything else in the world.

Thank you

The art in this comic was done in a hurry, and I’m not too happy with it, but it’s the message that counts. If you can, PLEASE share this and donate, it would mean the world to us! Any amount helps, really <3

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