Rating: Honestly, G, 

TW: I really don’t know, going blind ??

Word Count: 817

A/N: I might post a part two, idk, if you want one please tell! I always love criticism :)

Summary: Phil is going blind and he doesn’t know if he can handle it, or if Dan can either. Some fluffy stuff, but it’s a smidge angsty, like really, only a smidge

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This blog is perf (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) since it’s raining today, could you do the style five boys and their s/o cuddling and watching a movie on a rainy day? Thank you precious admin ❤️

Ah, you’re so sweet! Thank you thank you thank you <3 I hope you enjoy <3

Haruka: Haruka stared out the window wistfully. The summer rain prevented him from swimming. Water was a funny thing. It was brilliant, especially in pool-form. Also hindering, especially in rain-form. It was so perplexing. But then the love of his life snuggled up even further into him and he couldn’t help but let his lips form a small smile. The weather allowed for a pleasant day in and while he was disappointed, he was also happy to get a chance to be so close to them. He’d never stop being amazed at how they could make all his frustrations fade with just a happy, wondering look. “Haru?” they asked, cocking their head to the side as if wondering what was going on in Haruka’s head. Haruka just smiled, genuinely, and gave them a small kiss on the forehead, making them blush furiously and turn away quickly. It made them both giggle and resume their quiet afternoon of watching their favorite movies.

Makoto: The big date plans he had with his partner fell through as the huge, dark storm clouds slowly crossed the skies. He was a little disappointed; he knew they were looking forward to a day on the beach. In hopes to make up for the spoiled day, he rented a series of movies he knew they loved and decided to have an all-day movie marathon complete with tons of blankets and popcorn. When they got to his house and he presented them with the idea, they were more than thrilled and eager to hop into his lap and watch the movies with him. During the show, he couldn’t help but run his fingers through their soft hair and rub their back. The way they leaned into his touch sent his heart soaring and his smile growing. While getting some sun and playing in the ocean would have been fun, Makoto couldn’t imagine it being any better than getting to be so close and intimate with his lover.

Nagisa: He pouted at the sky, as if the rain would see his disappointed face and decide to come again another day. Summer wasn’t supposed to be full of rainy, dreary days. It was supposed to be sunny and warm. Nagisa sighed and glanced at his partner who seemed to be hard at work doing something. And then he realized it. They were tossing together couch cushions, blankets, and pillows. He knew exactly what that meant. “PILLOW FORT!” he shouted with exuberance, quickly running to get more supplies. Their giggles could be heard throughout the house as they worked together to put together a castle of cuddly materials in front of the television. Once they were done, it was settled that they’d start a horror movie marathon, complete with sweet and salty snacks. Of course, Nagisa didn’t hesitate to hold his partner close in his arms when the scariest bits blared from the television. And he didn’t hesitate to jump into theirs when he got a little frightened as well.

Rei: He thought about the ancient traditions of doing rain dances and chants in order to bring the rain forth, but he wasn’t sure about how to make it go away. Instead, he settled for an alternative strategy. Movie day. While the movie was beyond interesting, he found his partner’s beauty to be even more capturing. The skin beneath his fingers was soft and warm. He could feel their breath on his chest. It wasn’t long before his heart was pumping, and they noticed. “Are you okay, Rei? Movie too scary for you?” they jested, smiling so brilliantly Rei could cry with joy. “No, I’m fine,” he quickly mumbled, blushing brightly, “It’s just… you make me really happy.” His admission got them giggling and blushing, making Rei giggle and blush too. Their dumb happiness distracted them from the movie entirely while they both went into long talks about how much they liked one another.

Rin: “Ah, hell,” Rin peeked out the drapes to see that the rain was still heavily pouring down, “Looks like we won’t go skateboarding today.” His partner shrugged and thought for a moment before pulling Rin by the hand to the couch and suggesting, “Movie day?” Rin smiled at their forwardness and agreed with a nod, “Movie day.” He didn’t mind movie days at all. It was nice to relax a little bit and get a chance to hold them in his arms, something that needed to happen more often. He’d hold them forever if he could. It made him feel secure, warm, and happy knowing that they were wrapped up in his arms. So safe… warm… comfortable… he started to doze off in the middle of the movie because of their comfortable proximity. “Oi,” they tapped his chest and giggled, “Are you snoozing?” Rin smirked, “Maybe a little.” They just laughed a little more, snuggled in a little deeper, and took his hand in theirs. The two dorks were so in love, it made the rainy day so much sweeter.

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Could you possibly find a phanfiction called 'Pacman' for me?

Pacman 300Daniel Howell lives your everyday life in the year 2345, he’s having a decent job, decent friends and a decent apartment. But he misses that extra person everyone seems to have, except for him. Be it friend or lover, Dan doesn’t care, he thinks as he rests in his bath a Friday evening, he just wants someone who would prioritize Dan over others, as he’s always put second or lower down the list.When there’s a package delivered to him on the 6th of May one morning, Dan’s world is slowly turned upside down. Phil or PHI001LES001ep29 as his name is, knows how to make Dan smile, how to tie and slink his cords and other radioactivity, as Dan proclaims Phil is filled with, into Dan’s mind and makes the evil thoughts go away. As a model of the new generation of Hubots, or pacmans as the resistance calls them, Phil is one of 100, personalized, no one like the other, model of the name 300.

~ Tori

Good morning and happy Tuesday beautifuls. With a lovely day ahead I am wrapping up in print, lace, stripes, embellishment, and comfort love. My picks are from the VS Very Sexy collection and are the push up bra and cheekini panty. Feeling sexy and beautiful, inside and out, I am ready to take on the day ahead. As you prepare for your day wrap up in a base layer you love, take a moment to clear your mind, and truly see all the beauty that is you inside and out. Know in your heart that love can win as you strive to be the good in the world you want to see. Pursue you passions whole heartedly spreading your love and light to all along the way. Believe in yourself, let your love touch the lives of those who surround you, and have an incredible time rocking your day. Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML <3 p.s. Happy Cinco de Mayo! :)

i love dan howell literally so much that i cant put it into words. like just watching his younows and hearing his voice gives me a sense of comfort. and it makes me feel 1000% happier just to listen to him talk about random stuff thats happening. i legit cant explain this feeling but he just makes me so happy that im actually crying right now. i think i need to get some sleep or something…

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