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Imagine Bucky getting lost in his old neighborhood and having a horrible panic attack, until the Avengers come and find him and calm him down.

Bucky likes walking. It’s a hard-won pleasure, to stroll a neighbourhood, even if it’s just his own. Just, sometimes there are … traps. Like the park across the road. Maybe it’s the slant of the afternoon light, or a smell, but … his chest is tightening, muscles locking. Damnit.
He takes a deep breath. I’m in Brooklyn. It’s 2014. My name is James Buchanan Barnes. I can see… I can see…

He can see the park, and the park is wrong. It should be a vacant lot. He turns away, looking for something familiar but the drug store on the corner is missing and there’s no smell of beer from the building next to him, and his head hurts. His mind is scrabbling against the disorientation, trying to find something that makes sense and failing.

His mind … slips.

His leg buzzes, and he flinches. There’s something in his pocket. He fishes it out, it’s still buzzing. He doesn’t remember it from mission brief, but he knows it’s a comms device, and his hands know how to activate it.

"Hey Buck." A man’s voice: American, speaking English. Casual, perhaps mildly concerned. "You’ve been out a while. You okay?"

He doesn’t know how to parse that. His head is pounding. He latches onto the question.

"I’m operational."

"You —. Bucky?" There’s alarm there. He keeps his eyes closed against the wave of dizziness. He’s aware that’s also a question, but he doesn’t know how to respond.

"Shit," the man’s voice says. "Hang on."

A moment later, a woman’s voice: calm and brisk and Russian.

"<Location, Soldier.>"

Opening his eyes is horrible. But she has given him an order. He’s standing next to a… next to… Antiques store, his brain supplies, but what comes out of his mouth isn’t even Russian.

"The bar where we…" But that memory is gone. "Down from the —." But the bar is gone, whatever it was down the street from is gone, and the pain spikes so badly he can’t take a full breath. “The bar,” he repeats, helplessly. “O’Malley’s.”

They will come with tranq darts, and they will make the pain in his head stop, they will make all of this stop. He’s shaking, he realizes. He lied on the phone; he’s not even functional. But the handlers are coming, and they will take him back to the labs, and they will fix him.

They come in a vehicle; a redheaded woman and a blond man.

"<Stand down>," she orders, authoritative and firm. "<Surrender your weapons, Soldier>." He reaches reflexively for his sidearms on his thighs, but even the holsters are gone. His knives are gone. They are going to punish him for losing his weapons. He squeezes his eyes closed against the fear and waits.

"Wilson, Stark: stand down," the woman reports. "We’re good here."

Maybe it’s a smell, maybe it’s a slant of the light, but when he opens his eyes Nat and Steve are standing in front of him, like goddamn switch has flipped in his brain. Sam and Stark are coming in to land half a block away.

"Aw, hell," Bucky manages. He presses his hands against his face, digging his fingers in.

"We’re good here," Nat repeats, gently, for him. "You’re fine. It’s okay."

It’s not, it’s goddamn not, but Steve’s moving in behind. “Got your back,” Steve murmurs against Bucky’s neck, and the tension shivers out of Bucky’s shoulders. His head is still pounding, but Steve is taking his weight, and Nat is rubbing his wrists, coaxing his hands down.

"We’ve got you," Nat says. The world has steadied into trees and park and stores.

"2014," Steve recites for him. "Brooklyn, James Buchanan Barnes — best jerk I know."

Bucky laughs, shakily. Steve smiles against Bucky’s ear, and it’s the best fix he could ask for.

Crappy Situations, Happy Endings

Summary: Dan Howell comes from a strict family and lives with a homphobic dad. Phil Lester is the school’s ‘bad boy’ and also happens to be Dan’s crush. Things go horribly wrong at a Christmas party at the Howell’s house when Dan and Phil are spotted kissing. Crappy situations turn into happy endings.

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 7,088 holy smokes

Trigger Warnings: Abuse

A/N: I couldn’t think of a title for this omg

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We're Love Songs

Fic Request: since stiles is a all time low fan, lydia starts to leave hints for him based on their songs (while he’s dating malia). it begins with her muttering relevant lyrics, playing it on her phone when he’s close by and etc. he is oblivious but their friends are not.

Rating: K+

Genre: Hurt, Comfort, Romance

Author: dear-jenniferlawrence21

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lets say that the parents of Jackson, Mark and Jin Young's girlfriend died in a shipwreck (she was there too, but somehow survived) when she was 12, and because of that she had fear of ocean. But one day this group started to force her physically to go to the ocean, even tho she was crying and screaming, and them (JK, MK, JR) saw this. What would they do? Hope you understand, love you <3

this is not okay and they’re all going to be pissed af!!!

Jackson: He’s going to be pissed beyond belief. He’d rush over angrily and pry the dickweeds jerks off of you, standing protectively in front of you with a look that could kill. “What the hell is wrong with you guys?! Can’t you see she doesn’t want to go in?! Apologize to her!” From the brash tone of his voice and his piercing glare, they would mutter a halfhearted apology under their breaths before stalking off. And when they’re out of sight, he’d slowly turn around to sigh and pull you into his arms. “Shh, it’s okay, it’s just me. I won’t let them hurt you…”

Mark: Immediately he’d run over to tear you away from their grip, fingers coiling around your wrist to keep you right next to him. “What are you doing?” he’d demand, anger lacing his voice. He’s not the type to yell, but he is quite protective (especially over you) so he’d still manage to look threatening even with that pretty face of his. “Apologize to her. Now.” Once they apologize and scram off, he’d lead you away from the ocean and check to ensure you’re all right before gently wiping your tears away. “Hey, don’t cry. It’s over now; they’re gone. I’m here, baby…”

Jinyoung: Yeah, he’s not having this. He’d storm over to pry them away from you, holding you to the side closely to him. “Hey! Can’t you see she’s had enough?!” He’d cross his arms as his glare somehow manages to deepen. “You made my girlfriend cry. No one makes my girlfriend cry so apologize to her right now.” And as they murmur their apologizes he’d give them one last look before dragging you away from the ocean; then he’d be all over you. “Are you okay?! They didn’t hurt you, did they? Oh god, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t see them. They won’t bother you any more, okay? So no more tears…”

Good morning and Happy Friday beautifuls. This morning I am getting all wrapped up in color, lace, beauty, and a powerful set love. My picks are from the VS Very Sexy collection and are the push up bra and v-string panty. Feeling incredible, maybe even strutting a bit, I am ready to face the day ahead. With a clear mind and open heart, I am thankful for all the love in my life and all of the people who have helped me out along the way. For helping me understand that loving yourself first, makes life so much easier and infinitely more rewarding. So let your self love truly seed itself and then nurture it and watch it grow into something more beautiful than you ever imagined. Be the good you want to see in the world, endlessly pursue your passions, and live your life to the best of your ability. Be kind, let your love ring true to those who surround you, and have an incredible time rocking your day! xoxo MML <3