The Dark Tower, Cometary Globule in Scorpius

Bright rimmed globules and their more evolved cousin the cometary globule represent fascinating dynamic structures formed by the interplay of cold molecular clouds and hot ionizing stars. Typically the head of the globule faces a hot O-type star. Intense radiation from the star boils away lower density gas from the head. The evaporated rim of gas becomes ionized by the stars ultraviolet flux forming a bright glowing rim we associate with many of these globules including CG4. Intense stellar winds from the ionizing star evaporate gas and dust away from the head forming the “tail” and completing the cometary shape. The globules are known to be the birthplace of low mass stars. Stars form within the globules by the mechanism known as “radiation driven implosion”. This process occurs when ultraviolet flux from a hot star compresses surviving clumps of cold molecular gas eventually causing collapse and core formation within the dense compact clouds. Lower and intermediate mass stars ultimately form from the compact gas and dust within the globules.

Copyright: Robert Gendler

CG4: A Ruptured Cometary Globule

The “claw” of this odd looking “creature” in the above photo is a gas cloud known as a cometary globule. This globule, however, has ruptured. Cometary globules are typically characterized by dusty heads and elongated tails. These features cause cometary globules to have visual similarities to comets, but in reality they are very much different. Globules are frequently the birthplaces of stars, and many show very young stars in their heads. The reason for the rupture in the head of this object is not completely known. The galaxy to the left of the globule is huge, very far in the distance, and only placed near CG4 by chance superposition.

Image Credit & Copyright: Jason Jennings (cosmicphotos)

I got all dressed up for prom in my swankiest clothes and had some time to kill before it started so I decided to walk around the cemetery. I read headstones and put coins on the war veterans graves out of respect. There’s always been something about cemeteries that fascinate me. There’s so much history in one place, but unless you knew the person you’ll never know the entire story. I love the mystery of it.
All in all though I guess you could say I had a good night.

watching Scre4m with my little sister
  • Her:Who's that?
  • Her:What's stab?
  • Her:I thought she died already?
  • Her:Is Sydney the killer?
  • Her:This is confusing.
  • Her:Is it the Sheriff guy?
  • Her:It was probably the blonde cop
  • Her:Was it the guy with the video camera?
  • Her:No, cause he's drunk.
  • Her:There are rules? What rules?
  • Her:OMG. that was scary.
  • Her:I don't get it.
  • Her:OMG she was wearing a vest! She had to be in on it!
  • Her:oh, she wasn't.... awks.
  • Me:You talk too much. Now shut the fuck up and watch the movie.
  • Her:what..

whatever you do, do NOT read any cometary on social sites about Ferguson. it seems 95% of the comments are coming from old racist white people that are in full support of the disgusting cops. It’s making my fucking blood boil how fucking stupid these racist cunts are god damn it

After filming the music video, I sat through about an hour of traffic for my first day back at Walters. It was some metal show, not too bad though. However it didn’t end til after midnight and as I was leaving a friend called And asked me how to get to the cometary Travis is buried at. I didn’t realize until then that it’s now been 2 years since he died. Instead of driving home I drove by the cemetery to see if they were still there; they were. We sat and talked about Travis for a little while but quickly the topics would change around and it would just be like hanging out, without ignoring the giant white elephant that hangs out around most of my friendships. We didn’t leave anything at the grave or clean it or really anything. In fact, our reasoning for being there so late wasn’t even a devoted act of being there as soon as the day changed but more of the selfish mentality that we don’t feel like coming by later in the day when more people are going to be there. After an hour or so it felt oddly ok. I didn’t feel like I was hanging out at a cemetery at 2AM on a Friday morning and it felt even less like hanging out by one of my best friend’s grave, it felt like hanging out and including Travis. I’ve never been one of the People who were deeply troubled by his death and I cope with it very well I believe, but it was nice to focus some effort toward it.


Finally a good feeling run in Toronto! And no I didn’t really run through the cometary there’s a main road that separates it into two sections.

It actually felt like a decent run. I missed enjoying to run and the last few have been really difficult to get through. This one was great. I had my goal of 5km and just went for it.

Any nervousness that I am feeling about being on my own (although I really am enjoying it) and being so far away from home is completely gone during a run. It’s just me thinking about getting in those next steps or that last km. It just feels so uncomplicated and like there’s only one thing for me to do - run!

That last picture is sad because my favourite pair (and only pair for that matter) of sunglasses broke yesterday but I didn’t notice it until I was about to go on my run. Unfortunately tape does not work very well and they were super annoying. I’ll stop at the mall today before I head to fan expo and pick up some new ones.

Runners club August: 85.6/100km! Completely on track to finish strong this month!!! Next month I’m thinking about not being quite as ambitious with my running goal as I start my MA and new yoga classes. I definitely want to keep up with running but am thinking of cutting it down to 3 times a week instead of 5-6 and supplementing with yoga and strength training as I’m starting to feel the impact that running is having on my body. I’m getting really strong in someways but unfortunately running can’t balance everything. Plus my hips are feeling the running and could use some more alternate exercise I think :)


Look at those two, falling off of Saturn’s rings like gravity’s in love with them.

They may be floating, maybe free falling. They may re-enter with a cometary heat and helix trails of fragmentary friction. They may turn and swoop, may pierce the atmosphere with howls of glee. They might even stop, but no. No, I doubt it. They’re going places only they can see.

The only thing I know is that if they land? They’ll land gently. Tenderly. Together.

They have an infinity of options and the option to decide. They look so happy, don’t they? That could be us, friend. It will be us. It should be.

We might be angels, after all. Just fall with me. Just take my hand.

Just promise to hold on.

Hold on.

Prompt: via thewordsofwinter 

They never lost control. 

(c) 2014 Lawerence Hawkins. They’ll make it, friend, and so will we.

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