I came out

So.. I just came out and told all my friends and family that I am bisexual. I finally feel so much better that all of the people I love now know. And not one person has said anything negative about it. I’m really happy :) Whoever is still stuck in the closet and too scared to come out. Please don’t be scared, if people can’t accept you for you, then FUCK THEM! You are perfect the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you different.
GOD LOVES EVERYONE. Fuck people who say “God hates homos” or “You’re going to hell for being bisexual or homosexual” No you’re not. Don’t listen to them. BE WHO YOU ARE. I can’t stress it enough. You’re all beautifuuull <3

Ways to Come Out: State the Facts

We all have a straight friend of the opposite sex that our parents/friends think we’d be “sooooooo” cute with. Next time someone makes this suggestion respond with “(he/she) has a (boy/girl)friend….and so do I!” And then proceed to show this person a ton of cute pictures of your significant other.