The Thrilling Adventure Hour Announces Down Under & US Tour Dates!

Full details on the TAH Website for the Down Under Tour!  US Dates can be found here!

Sydney, Australia

  • Friday, May 15, 9PM: Concourse at Chatswood
  • Saturday, May 16, 9:30PM: Enmore Theatre 
  • Presented as part of The Sydney Comedy Festival
  • Tickets on sale at noon PST on Monday, March 2 

New Zealand - Wellington

  • Wellington – Friday, May 22, 8PM: Opera House
  • Wellington – Saturday, May 23, 8PM: Opera House
  • Tickets on sale at noon PST on Monday, March 2 

New Zealand - Auckland

  • TAH show - Wednesday, May 20, 8PM: Logan Campbell Center
  • Tickets on sale at noon PST on Monday, March 2


  • Auckland, New Zealand – Tuesday, May 19, 7PM: Comedy Classic
  • Auckland, New Zealand – Tuesday, May 19, 9PM: Comedy Classic
  • Presented as part of The New Zealand Comedy Festival
  • Tickets on sale at noon PST on Monday, March 2 

HAY BETCHES. It’s Coachella y’all, aka Christmas for Hot People. Time to get pumped, tan, and fucked. Leggo.

The 25 Things You Seriously MUST Do at Coachella

1. Inherit a large sum of money from your sweet dead grandfather who cared about your well-being

2. Shit liquid for a week to fit in those jean shorts

3. Post on Facebook that you’re going (or else it doesn’t count)

4. Download the Hype Machine app and pick a random DJ to try to make out with

5. Buy a tent to Instagram pictures of, then book a driver to take you back to the Embassy Suites

6. Arrive with a gaggle of fringe-topped friends, each of whom you constantly fantasize about murdering and/or publicly shaming in the most vitriolic and malicious way conceivable lol

7. Get a fuckin’ flower crown, congrats

8. Insta that shit

9. Prance around with duck lips for six hours

10. Do Molly with Mischa Barton or whoever the fuck

11. Buy a twelve-dollar lemonade and try not to spill it while seated on the shoulders of some six-packed dim shirtless fuck you met in line for gyros

12. Insta that shit

13. Make out with his barely conscious, balding, WAY too tan friend who’s in sales

14. Oh yeah, see a band I guess idk maybe the Outkasts? Or Hame? When’s Calvin Harris?

15. Shove hundreds of people out of the way in order to take eighty blurry pictures of a DJ on a laptop — just to get that one perfect Instagram pic in sepia with a frame and blurred edges like you’re Annie Fuckin’ Leibowitz

16. Go on the ferris wheel and puke up designer drugs and warm seltzer

17. Make out with stumbling sales guy’s sun-chapped lips again during Skrillex

18. Give your mom’s AmEx to a bearded guy in a leather vest who says he books shows for Lana Del Rey

19. Pass out in Jonah Hill’s arms

20. Insta that shit

21. Spend a day and a half in the medic tent, shitting off heat stroke and six different kinds of poisoning

22. Go home (don’t tip the driver)

23. Post an edited pic on Facebook thanking your friends for the best weekend of your life and how you can’t wait till next year with inside joke hashtags and cropping out your fat friend who pissed you off all weekend

24. Tell your mom to order a new AmEx then sleep for four days

25. Mourn your dead grandfather


It took Dan Deacon a few minutes to set up his gear, so welcomed a special guest to the stage to cover the time: The Manhattan Goats. Which, as you can see, is just John Darnielle playing a weird setting on the cruise ship keyboard.

Festivals and How To Approach Them Like Less of a Dummy

Disclaimer ***Yes I know it’s a long comedy blog. I wrote it cause I have severe insomnia and I feel that I am not wrong. If you think I am wrong, I don’t care. Do not try to start some debate about this shit. Just my 2 cents and you can take it or leave it. I don’t claim to be an expert or hot shit in any way. I just see a lot of hemming and hawing about festivals from what I believe to be a false sense of reality. If you think I’m an idiot, just ignore it and keep being your awesome self.***

I dunno if a lotta comics feel they are being bullshitted by festivals because they have to pay to submit, or maybe because a lot of fests kinda vaguely hint that the industry is there to find you, the savior of comedy…i understand having a bad taste in yer mouth if those are the expectations. As a person who has done the majority of festivals out there at one time or another, maybe I can help to explain why they can be a great experience if you understand what they actually do for you. To do that, I feel it’s necessary to explain what they don’t do for you.

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Last fall I had the opportunity to perform with some friends in NYC’s Sketch Comedy Festival - and despite the fact that I spent twelve hours on bus to get there, slept on a floor next to three dudes, and had a budget of about twenty dollars a day, the trip was magical. I was able to do an extra show with some of the city’s best improvisors, stumbled across a gorgeous antique market in Brooklyn, and ate a helluva lot of pizza. But most importantly, the experience taught me that sometimes you have to pull all-nighters, talk to strangers, and risk being broke, because that’s how adventures begin.


On the eighth day of Christmas my corgi gave to me…

Eight merry Milkbones,

seven toys a-swimming,

six ways of laying,

five golden wreaths,

four calling phones,

three French fries,

two turtle friends,

and a puppy in a pine tree!

  • Michael Ian Black:Who is the cast member you most enjoyed working with on SNL?
  • Seth Meyers:Amy Poehler is the one I most enjoyed working with. She was talking a lot about confidence today, which I think is a big thing for comedians, like either performing with it, or the lack of it off-camera. She's one of the most confident people I've ever met, in all aspects of her life. It was really contagious, and to work with her, to start with her, and to watch as she, I think, passed that along to everybody at this current era of SNL -- she was really the captain of this group.
  • Michael Ian Black:She is one of the few people in show business that I do know, and I will say, I think it's worth clarifying that she is extremely confident, but it's never arrogant in any way. It's just about, "I believe in what I'm doing and I'm pursuing it," which I agree with you, it's a great quality to have and very rare, especially among comedians.
  • Seth Meyers:And she's also at the table read [on SNL] -- she was a huge laugher for other people's things, which is the greatest gift. She has a great contagious laugh, a big laugh, like from a little person.

13 Things to Know About this Year’s Burning Man Festival

A strict business-casual dress code is just the beginning

  • Warning: There might be drugs there.
  • Remember to bring Sunscreen to Burning Man! Sunscreen is the name of a dude who lives in a teepee on Redondo Beach and still needs a ride to the festival.
  • Burning Man is the nation’s top destination for people to creatively express their trust funds.
  • The festival culminates in the burning of a structure called The Temple, followed by the crowning of that year’s Burning Man King and Queen.
  • Little known fact: The manlike effigy that’s burned each year and gives the festival its name is actually a likeness of America’s Funniest Home Videos host Tom Bergeron.


Tenacious D just announced the lineup for their inaugural musical comedy festival, Festival Supreme, set to take place on October 19th in Santa Monica. Tenacious D will top the bill, naturally, and they will be joined by such comedic heavy hitters as Zach Galifianakis, Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, Fred Armisen, Eric Idle, Hannibal Buress, Will Forte, Demetri Martin, Tim and Eric and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Jack Black and Kyle Gass called us to give us all the details.


On the seventh day of Christmas my corgi gave to me…

Seven toys a-swimming,

six ways of laying,

five golden wreaths,

four calling phones,

three French fries,

two turtle friends,

and a puppy in a pine tree!