Maria Bamford is one of the top comedians in the country, but like many other people she suffers from bipolar disorder. Maria has discovered a website that helps her cope with the stigma of treating mental illness by using humor and community. 

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GeekGirlCon will take place on the weekend of October 10 and 11, 2014 at the the Conference Center at the WSCC in downtown Seattle. Our special night time events, such as our annual GeekGirlCONcert on Saturday, and our Closing Celebration on Sunday, always bring the best of music and comedy to you. In recent years, these stellar lineups of geeky entertainment have normally sold out and been one of the most popular attractions of the con. Past GeekGirlCon  performers have included Marian Call,The DoubleclicksMolly Lewis, and Unwoman.

This year we want YOU to be a part of it! GeekGirlCon is looking for musicians, stand-up comedians, performers, improvisation actors, slam poets, and entertainers of all kinds to take part in our GeekGirlCONcert, our closing celebration Sunday night, and potentially other events throughout the con.

We are looking to diversify our performances and musical genres from previous years, so don’t be afraid to apply, even if it is not something we have seen or heard at GeekGirlCon before. We’re especially looking for talent that reflects and appreciates the mission of our convention – to promote, celebrate, educate, mentor, encourage, and empower the female geek. Not a performer but know someone who is? Please pass along this form to them!

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Robin Williams is the guy who inspired me to learn different accents and character impressions. Aside from being the most versatile comedic force in the biz, he was also a big fan of elusive, high-end streetwear. I thought it’d be a fitting tribute to sketch him in a jacket from one of his favorite brands, Acronym. Thanks for making it OK to stay a kid forever, Robin. Rest in Peace.

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10 Questions for Robin Williams

Published Apr 18, 2011 via TIME

The actor and comedian talks about playing a tiger in his first Broadway role, the war in Iraq and why being funny isn’t always a good thing.

It’s a curious, saddening thing; the death of a comedian. They spend their whole lives making people laugh and, at least for 24 hours in the wake of their death, all that laughter is undone and instead people mourn. It’s especially sad when they take their own lives, because it’s quite heart breaking that someone can give so much happiness to the world and never find happiness themselves. 

Robin Williams Standing Ovation

Hi Everyone
At 1PM Pacific Time on August 18th there will be a collective standing ovation for Robin Williams. Just stand wherever you are at that moment and clap for him and all that he has given us. Please reblog this like a million times so the word gets out. This event is on Facebook as well so please share with friends.