(Top two photos courtesy Sijia Qiu Photography)

This is what has been keeping me away from Tumblr for so long. This, and trying to get a piercing apprenticeship, and phenagling things for going back to university (barring a national disaster I’ll be starting classes in the fall).

Mostly, though, it’s been swing dance. Which I do with this group of losers 3-6 days a week, often for hours on end. I’ve recently been appointed the official photographer, too, so that’s been fun.

Then when summer goes into full swing (or, really, just starting in May), I’ll be busy with SCA stuff again (which is currently the reason I don’t spend 7 days a week swinging).

TL;DR Blame swing.

(And as a PS - this may not change any time soon. It might be about time interested parties ask for my Skype, or my number to text. Either way, be well out there <3)

anonymous asked:

personally i think its fine to cosplay anyone regardless of gender, body type, or race. the only thing is when cosplaying a character with a different skin color than yours is dont change your own skin color with makeup or anything, thats offensive. just keep yr regular skin color for the cosplay!

nah bc if yr trying to cosplay a character like garnet and aren’t outright trying to look black for it (ahem black face ahem) then, while not quite outright blatantly racist its still shitty bc then its like you’re racebending the character. like “look its an au where garnet is white”

like do i even gotta explain to u why thats shitty? let poc have their things. quite tryna force ur faces onto every little thing