Jaeger Crew of the Dúnedain Evenstar: Aragorn & Arwen | +SERIES

Based on this marvellous Middle Earth Pacific Rim AU called  ’I Sang In My Chains Like The Sea’ by Laura


I swear to god the man spends half his time daydreaming about wedding china patterns…


Marvel Cinematic Universe appreciation - captured in gifs

The Incredible Hulk - yet another proof that Marvel always leaves the best scenes on the cutting room floor




Peter Jackson Wins Best Director for ROTK (2004)

Peter Jackson: There is a weird feeling just as they open the envelope that you hope your name isn’t going to be read out. Then when it is, it’s like one of those weird sound-effects moments when all of a sudden all of the sound seems to be a million miles away. You can’t think of anything but hoping you are not going to trip over.
Elijah Wood: It was particularly wonderful to see Peter Jackson up there for Best Director. That was the one we felt was the most profound and we wanted most to win. It’s him, it’s his vision, it took thousands of artists and passion and love to make it come together, but it was his vision we were all following.