You know, February wasn't too bad.
  • Lost ~7.5# of the holiday/apathy gain.  
  • Lost 2” around the waist.
  • Gained 10# on deadlift.
  • Gained 10# on squats.
  • Logged 44 miles (the highest mileage month since August).
  • Crossfitted.
  • Cooked most of my own meals.
  • Saved some money.
  • Paid off one credit card and made a dent in another.
  • Got accepted into a Ph.D. program.
  • Fixed my bathroom sink by myself (with a little guidance from Michael & Youtube).
  • Had faith.
  • (Kind of) put myself out there by doing uncomfortable things. 
  • Talked to some strangers. 
  • Hosted some Canadian jerks.

To March.

anonymous asked:

You find missing games in the darndest of places. I bought A Link Between Worlds when it came out and managed to loss it within the week. I took it to work to play since we had about an hour of down time till we actually had to do anything, and it was gone. Poof, right out of my bros 3DS. I just found it in the glovebox of my mothers car. No clue how it got there as there is way too much stuff in there to fit a 3DS usually. Any odd places you've found missing games?

Best one ever for me.  I was coming back from my Christmas trip to Canada to visit family and I was playing Mario Kart Super Circuit.  Somehow in going from the car to the house, I dropped MKSC into the snow and didn’t realize it.  Of course I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.  Come spring time and I am to cut the grass, what do my eyes spy in the grass but my MKSC cartridge.  Of course I stopped cutting the grass, ran upstairs, put it into my GBA and voila, it worked after 3 months in snow and another 2-3 weeks just baking in the sun.

One month already, I miss you so much. Come back to me. ❤️👭 cant wait to go to brazil. Volta para o canada, eu amo você. Meu irmã🙆❄️

hook-come-back-to-me asked:

I would assume you can get it in Canada, but don't quote me on that. UGH. Yes, vitamin c is just awful. In fact, vitamins in general are awful! ICKY. I'm not even a fan of orange juice. I only drink it when I'm desperate.

yeah they really are!! i usually love orange juice though. but ugh, i really don’t want to get up and go to the store, AGAIN.